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  1. 10-75_Da_Box

    Positive A+++

    Recently order some Edge Lens, items came as requested and prompt too. Communication was top notch too! Thanks!
  2. 10-75_Da_Box

    Whelen Edge 9000 Ultra Project Bar

    Recently picked up with of these 9000 Ultra's for free. Besides some minor stuff its in okay shape. Going to order some lenses and spacers, going to need to replace the take downs. The previous owner wired them up with the rear flashers not realizing that there were front flasher wires, or...
  3. 10-75_Da_Box

    10-75_Da_Box's Collection

    Just starting out with collecting. Been wanting to get into it for a while. First piece of my collection is the Federal Signal FireBeam 3. Picked this up off Facebook a about a year or so ago. Has a Chicago Police property tag. The Vista bar was a dumpster save from my FD, needs a little...
  4. 10-75_Da_Box

    FS Vista.

    So this is my first light bar of my collection. Had it for a while now. Saved it from the dumpster after my FD decommissioned one of the SUVs. The light needs a little work. The passenger side TCL kept blowing one of the fuses when it was inservice, and the main harness is cut short. I would...
  5. 10-75_Da_Box

    Federal Signal Model 15 Beacon Ray Junior

    My Beacon Ray Jr came in today. It does need a little work, I knew this when looking at this light. I bought it because of the fact it has a glass dome. This is my 3rd peice of my collection, and my first glass dome. The plate that is below the rotating seems a little loose, but the screws...
  6. 10-75_Da_Box

    Beacon Ray Jr. Question

    Came across this on eBay. Was wondering if it’s a decent price? I really don’t know much about these as I’m just starting off collecting.
  7. 10-75_Da_Box

    Beacon Ray Model 17

    Picked up a model 17 today. Seems to be in pretty fair shape. Internals are pretty clean. Plastic dome is ok. The skirt could use some love. I think I might of overpaid, paid 150 for it. it does spin without any issues and seems pretty quiet. Just need to get some bulbs. Currently there is a...
  8. 10-75_Da_Box

    For Trade Whelen LIN3 Red for LIN3 in Blue or Amber

    I have a Whelen LIN3 in red I'm looking to trade for a LIN 3 in either blue or Amber
  9. 10-75_Da_Box

    Federal Signal Firebeam 3

    So I recently picked up a Firebeam 3, not really sure how vintage, and collectible these are. What gives mine the cool factor is that this unit appears to have once belonged to the Chicago Police Department. I have attached a few photos showing some engraving, and inventory sticker. I...
  10. 10-75_Da_Box

    Where to start??

    How did some of you start your collection? What was the piece that started it all? I do not have much of a collection at the moment, but mine started with a Federal Signal Model 143 that I ended up selling to Zapp. Right now I have a Chicago Police Firebeam 3 on the way in.
  11. 10-75_Da_Box

    My small collection thus far.

    Here is my small collection, Hoping to making it bigger one day but this is a start. The receivers that I have are Federal Signal Voice Alerting Receiver(Plecton R-900) and two Motorola Alert Monitors And as for lights I have. Single Whelen Dash-Master Whelen responder unknown model...
  12. 10-75_Da_Box

    2001 Galant Radio install

    Here are a few pics of my install. I drive a 2001 Galant. The Radio is a Yeasu FT-8800R. I'm a Ham Radio Operator that's involved with Red Cross and ARES/RACES And here is a link of my previous set up. FT8800, DR235 In a Chevy Lumina - The Forums
  13. 10-75_Da_Box

    Need a little help with finding a console.

    I am trying to find a console that will work in a 98 Chevy Lumina. I have the bench seats in mine. I'm only looking to install three radios a FT-8800, GE Orion, and a GE MDX. Basically I'm looking for a console that will mount on the hump in front of the seats.

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