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  1. Lyle

    Why did Code 3.......

    LOVE the SDs...... I own 2 XLs and give off a 'custom' type of flash pattern that sets the Code 3s apart from others.
  2. Lyle

    Positive Purchase from JazzDad

    Received package today with assorted (mostly) Jet parts, purchased from JazzDad. WELL pleased with transaction!
  3. Lyle

    For Sale SOLD - Stuff blind auction

    Update? :p
  4. Lyle

    Mystery (to me) beacon

    Added to the 'to do' list
  5. Lyle

    Mystery (to me) beacon

    Found it! TrippLite/Tri-Lite RF64 Now to find replacement parts.
  6. Lyle

    Mystery (to me) beacon

    NO markings, nameplates, part #s, origin........ nothing! The pan is 11 1/2" in diameter, 3 " from the pan to the bottom of the motor, and at least 5 1/2" from the pan to the top of the bulb mount. Bulbs are Wagner 4416 & Tung-Sol 4416. A Stratolite 80 dome does clear the bulb carriage. ANY...
  7. Lyle

    SignalStat Model 309 strobe info

    Thanks Dan! Dunno if I dare to attempt lighting it up. BTW, enjoying your new Griffin? :D
  8. Lyle

    SignalStat Model 309 strobe info

    Hi all, Acquired this today..... info, anyone?
  9. Lyle

    Wanted Dietz 9-50 and 9-51 Housings

    PM sent..........
  10. Lyle

    Anyone bidding on this Signal stat 374 beacon?

    Those 374s usually go for a fair piece more......
  11. Lyle

    Wanted Code 3 Force 4XL center dome

    When you can, tyvm. I honestly don’t know the difference between them.
  12. Lyle

    Code 3 XL9000 Lightbar

    I have one identical to yours. Worth EVERY penny - a lot of lightbar there
  13. Lyle

    Wanted Code 3 Force 4XL center dome

    L lmao !!! Do you have clear/clear center in good or better condition? I’ll have to check mine to see if they are plastic or metal banded. Also, do you have amber outers? I have a 2nd bar
  14. Lyle

    Wanted Code 3 Force 4XL center dome

    Looking for all Clear, all Amber, or 1/2 n 1/2............ to replace my center speaker cover. Thanks!
  15. Lyle

    Wanted Advantedge lenses

    Look forward to pics. Feel free to PM or email me when convenient.
  16. Lyle

    Wanted Advantedge lenses

    Amber and/or Clear wanted; ends also...... Thanks in advance.
  17. Lyle

    New to me 12FQ? +/-

    Strange brew indeed......... Agreed, so much bar, so few lights...........
  18. Lyle

    New to me 12FQ? +/-

    Thanks Michael! Tony, I agree, but they ruined an otherwise nice grill doing so. coop359, I have the grill (and a pair of clear domes). They actually drilled MULTIPLE holes in the back of it to allow little rays of light out through. The front of the grill remains untouched. Really is a cool...
  19. Lyle

    New to me 12FQ? +/-

    I got this TS this morning and not (quite) sure if its a frankenbar or not. Thinking the center pods are early SignalStat 350 rotators. ANY info is appreciated, as always....
  20. Lyle

    Aerodynic 24 RMVF

    VERY cool Aerotwin!!!
  21. Lyle

    Positive + Trade with TSQUALE

    Recent trade with Tony, Awesome!!!!
  22. Lyle

    Federal Signal Collector, please contact me.

    He used ALL KINDS OF excuses with me - I presume he found a way to read my frustration and anger ridden post towards him. I will never get a penny of that $175 back. I am paying 'stupid tax' (was talked into sending the funds via friends/family option so no fee AND no protection)... never again.
  23. Lyle

    Federal Signal Collector, please contact me.

    I didn't get my $175 back.............
  24. Lyle

    Wanted JetStrobe / JetStream CA Specs.

    How do I tell a CA spec JetStrobe?

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