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  1. bobcoop06

    Wanted Amber mini bar

    I need a good, preferably used, amber or A/W mini bar. Magnet mount and cigar plug preferred. Brand doesn't matter, just no junk. Shipping to 46511 zip. Thanks! Edited to add that a full size LED bar would be acceptable too for the right price!
  2. bobcoop06

    For Sale WTT Feniex 600 blue for red

    I have a Feniex 600 lightstick with 40* optics. Color is all blue, wire is about 14 inches long. Wanting to trade for the same thing in red. Thanks!
  3. bobcoop06

    Wanted Blue Slimlighter

    Looking for a good used Whelen Slimlighter, blue or blue/white in color. Needs to be complete with good suction cups and cigar plug. Let's see what you have! Thanks
  4. bobcoop06

    Wanted Amber lightbar and pair of surface mounts

    As the title states, I'm looking for something amber that goes on a roof. I'm not picky, as it's going on a dirt track utility vehicle. The only stipulations are: cheaper, working, and must fit on a 95 Blazer roof. Strobe or rotator mini bars are okay, as are short full size lightbars. LED...
  5. bobcoop06

    Wanted 4 head light stick, amber

    Like the title says, I need an exterior mount four head light stick in all amber. I'm not picky about brands, but no complete junk (STL). Needs to have an internal flasher and some mounting brackets. I'm not looking to spend a ton, so used is preferred unless you have a great deal on a new one...
  6. bobcoop06

    For Sale Code 3 Hideaway LED's

    bobcoop06 submitted a new listing: Code 3 Hideaway LED's - 2 sets, R/B, $35 shipped each Read more about this listing...
  7. bobcoop06

    Did we get hosed? F250 Freedom Questions

    Hey all, I'm looking for a little insight on an install that my VFD just got done. It's on a 2008 Ford F250 XL utility truck. Up until recently it only had a mini bar and four corner strobes. We sent it off to the local fire service equipment dealer to get a light package that matches our...
  8. bobcoop06

    SOLD SoundOff Ghost pair B/B - No Longer Available

    SOLD SoundOff Ghost pair B/B SOLD to mcpd2025. Thanks ELB! For sale is a pair of Sound Off ghost lights, both blue. Looking for $80 shipped for the pair. Paypal only. Please use PM to buy, do not use Panjo. Thanks List Date: 3/11/2017 For more info, click here to view the...
  9. bobcoop06

    Wanted Feniex Fusion 100 dual R/B pair

    Looking for prices on a pair of dual color Feniex Fusion 100's in R/B with 40* optics and rotating brackets. Shipping to zip code 46511. Thanks!
  10. bobcoop06

    Wanted Feniex Fusions B

    I need a pair of blue Feniex Fusions with the 40* TIR optics. I also need a pair of the rotating brackets. Shipping will be to 46511. Bonus: anyone willing to take in a pair of blue SOS ghosts in as trade will get first preference. Thanks!
  11. bobcoop06

    Wanted Ghost and Intersector mounts

    I need a pair of the adjustable brackets for SOS Ghosts. I believe the one I am looking for is the "rock light" style brackets. I also need a pair of SOS Intersector mounts for a Durango. The part number is #PNT1CRV06. Thanks!
  12. bobcoop06

    Can SOS inline flasher be removed?

    I am specifically asking about Soundoff LED HAW's and Intersectors. They will be wired to an external flasher. Can I cut out the inline flasher and wire them directly to my flasher, or will this fry the heads? I know they can be set to steady burn and flashed that way, but the wires between...
  13. bobcoop06

    Flasher help?

    I'm trying to find a flasher that has individual activation wires for each pair of lights. I will have 6 or 8 pairs that I want to be able to control, but also have them synced. All I can find is the Whelen UFM8, but am not overly impressed with the limited pattern choices. Any other options...
  14. bobcoop06

    SOLD - Feniex Pegasus universal split, all blue $250 shipped

    Feniex Pegasus, split with universal brackets, in excellent condition. All blue with long wire. Purchased a few years ago and was mounted interior with very little use. $250 shipped, paypal only.
  15. bobcoop06

    SOLD 911ep TD/WL36 blue like new $150 shipped

    911ep TDWL36 all blue. I purchased a few years ago and was mounted interior, very little use. It's in like new shape, except for L brackets are bent. Long cord. Has lots of TA and warning patterns. $150 shipped, paypal only. Will trade for blue Ghosts or Intersectors, or clear Feniex Cannons.
  16. bobcoop06

    For Sale StrobeNMore DLX6 dash light green $50

    Like new DLX6 dash light in green. Comes with bracket and suction cups, full cord with cig plug with pattern change switch. $50 shipped, paypal only.
  17. bobcoop06

    SOLD - 2 single Whelen Talons amber

    I have 2 single Talons, genuine Whelen, both amber. Short cords, come with bracket but no suction cups or shroud. $30 shipped each, or $55 for shipped for the pair.
  18. bobcoop06

    Wanted Need a new amber mini bar by Christmas

    Like the title says, I need a new LED mini bar by Christmas. I would like it to be a reputable brand (Whelen, FedSig, Feniex, etc) and need magnetic mount, but prefer vac/magnet mount. The more affordable the better, but would like to keep it in the $200 ballpark. Please also include shipping...
  19. bobcoop06

    Does anybody here sell Phenix helmets?

    I'm looking to order a TL-2 leather helmet sometime soon and am looking to find the best price I can. Is anyone here a dealer that can give me a quote? Or does anyone know where to go to find the best price? And does anyone know what their current lead time is on a leather? For those of you...
  20. bobcoop06

    Blue dash lights, maybe a mini bar

    Some of the guys on my VFD are looking for some blue lights for their POV's. None of them are looking to spend a boatload. I am looking for led dash lights. Must be a reliable, known brand, have full cord with cig plug and switch, and suction cup mount. I won't even consider anything without...
  21. bobcoop06

    SnM E6 Mini vs Feniex Cobra T6

    Thinking about adding/upgrading some lights on my POV. Whatever I get, I will probably order 6 of. Two blue behind the front grille, two blue on a front 10-75 LP bracket, and two amber on a rear LP bracket. The two I am considering right now are the Strobes N More E6 Super Mini and the Feniex...
  22. bobcoop06

    Green/Amber dual color anywhere? And where to find green mini bar?

    Christmas is coming and I'm looking to get my Dad an LED mini-bar for his truck. He works construction by day and does volunteer EMS (green in IN) by night, and plows in the winter. A green and amber dual color bar would be awesome. If I could find somewhere that makes a mini bar with a dual...
  23. bobcoop06

    !!! PAY IT FORWARD !!!

    Okay, so here's the concept... give something without the expectation of something in return. How it works: You list an item you want to get rid of. Can be emergency related, or not. The first person to reply with an "I'll take it" gets it. Send your shipping information via PM. The giver...

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