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  1. Kevin1989

    Wanted Havis 02-05 Ford Explorer Console C-VS-700-EXPL

    In search of a new or used 2002-2005 Ford Explorer 7" console. Model C-VS-700-EXPL
  2. Kevin1989

    Wanted Whelen IONSMM Surface Mount Split Blue/Amber

    I am in need of (1) surface mount Whelen ION with black flange clear lense (non-smoked) in split Blue/Amber. Model #: IONSMM Thanks!
  3. Kevin1989

    Wanted Havis/Troy 2002-2005 Ford Explorer 12" Console C-VS-1200-EXPL

    I am in search of a reasonably priced Havis OR Troy Console for a 2002-2005 Ford Explorer. Can be new or lightly used. By lightly I mean I prefer it not have any or excessive drill/mounting holes on the sides and that the mounting rails not have excessive mounting holes. Can be Havis or Troy...
  4. Kevin1989

    Motorola WPLN4197A IMPRESS Six Slot Rapid Portable Radio Charger

    Motorola WPLN4197A (6) bay multi unit portable radio charger. Capable of charging standard and Impress batteries. Includes power cord. Works flawlessly! Can charge just the battery or with the battery attached to the radio. Compatible with: HT750 series HT1250 series XTS2500 EX500/600 series...
  5. Kevin1989

    Motorola MotoTrbo XPR6550 UHF (450-512MHz) Analog & Digital DMR Portable

    Motorola MotoTrbo Digital DMR & Analog UHF portable radio covering 450-512MHz. 1,000 Channels. 4 Watts. Includes Capacity Plus! Works great! Model #: AAH55TDH9LA1AN. Auction Includes: (1) Motorola XPR6550 UHF Radio (1) Motorola Used PMNN4077C Battery (1) Motorola OEM Whip Antenna (1) Motorola...
  6. Kevin1989

    For Sale SoundOff Signal Ghosts Red/Red (pair)

    Pair of SoundOff Signal Ghost. Red/Red. Universal Mount. 33 flash patterns. Can be synced together. Work great, super bright! No mounting hardware is included, come as shown. $150 shipped via USPS Priority Mail. No trades. Message me directly to purchase.
  7. Kevin1989

    Sound Off Signal Ghost Universal Mount

    Pair of SoundOff Signal Ghost. Universal Mount. Red/Red. 33 flash patterns. Can be synced together. Work great, super bright! No mounting hardware is included, come as shown. Message me directly to purchase, payment via PayPal only. $165 shipped via USPS Priority Mail.
  8. Kevin1989

    Wanted SoundOff Signal Ghost Blue/Blue (pair)

    In search of a PAIR of Universal Mount SOS Ghosts in Blue/Blue. Must be genuine SOS no knockoffs! Must be B/B in color and must be Universal mount! Can be new or used, if used they cannot be all scratched up or have yellowed lenses. No short cords either.
  9. Kevin1989

    Whelen Dominator D4 Blue Super LED - No Longer Available

    Whelen Dominator D4 Blue Super LED Whelen Dominator D4 Super LED. Works great! Interior/exterior mountable. Multiple flash patterns. Comes with rear slide bolts for mounting, standard. Labels says B/C but it has been modified to all BLUE. $125 Shipped! Message me to purchase! Do not...
  10. Kevin1989

    Motorola MTX8000 800MHz Portables ($50 shipped each) and 800MHz Maxtrac - No Longer Available

    Motorola MTX8000 800MHz Portables ($50 shipped each) and 800MHz Maxtrac I have (3) Motorola MTX8000 portable radios model #: H01UCC6DB3AN NX. They cover 806-870MHz. 3 Watt. 16 Channels. Batteries seem to hold an okay charge but are not guaranteed. I have (3) chargers, two standard rate and...
  11. Kevin1989

    Wanted Whelen IONS or SoundOff Signal Ghosts in split Blue/Amber

    In search of a pair of Whelen IONS OR SoundOff Signal Ghost in split Blue/Amber. Must be surface mount with black flanges. Can be new or used but not looking to spend much. Message me regardless and we will talk. Im rarely on here so please contact me via text for a much faster response. Kevin...
  12. Kevin1989


    I have a pair of brand new unused Tomar RECT14-LS surface mount LED warning lights. Both are BLUE. They come in the original manufacturers box with instructions and mounting hardware. These are left overs not used from an install. Would like to sell as a pair. Made of optical Lexan and...
  13. Kevin1989

    For Sale Red LED Dash/Deck Light (Similar to SoundOff Predator)

    I have an aftermarket red led dash/deck light. The optics are similar to the Sound Off Predator line. Super bright and works great. Has several flash patterns with a pattern switch on the side of the light. Includes two swivel brackets to mount the light as needed. Cigar plug has been cut off...
  14. Kevin1989

    Wanted Whelen Slimlighter Ultra (TIR6)

    I am in the market for a Whelen Slimlighter Ultra (or two if the price is right) ** Must be either BLUE/BLUE - BLUE/CLEAR or BLUE/AMBER ** Prefer them to have the adjustable swivel brackets but I could make due with the bail mount bracket. They don't have to be brand new but I don't want them...
  15. Kevin1989

    Wanted Havis Equipment Bracket Part#: C-EB20-106

    I am in search of Havis equipment bracket #: C-EB20-106 for use on a Code 3 440L6 switch box. This is the two piece bracket. Doesn't have to be brand new but I also don't want something that's all dinged up or bent. Let me know what you have and include pictures and asking price. Looking to...
  16. Kevin1989

    SoundOff Signal Predator RED LED Dashlight

    SoundOff Signal Predator (6) diode LED dash/deck light. EXTREMELY bright day and night! For Interior use only. Several flash patterns. Flash pattern button is on the side of the light. Includes a pair of swivel "L" brackets as shown in the pictures. Cigar plug is included but will need a fuse...
  17. Kevin1989

    Wanted Whelen Surface Mount IONS (pair) Blue/Amber Split

    I am in search of a pair of Whelen surface mount IONs. split Blue/Amber with black flanges and rubber grommets. Can be new or used, if used, must operate 100% and can't be severely scratched up and all lightheads must work. If you have a pair for sale, please message me with asking price and...
  18. Kevin1989

    For Sale Whelen PCC-S9R High Current Switch Box

    Whelen PCC-S9R High current switch box. Has built in relays and external replaceable 20 amp fuses. Box functions 100%. All back lighting, switches and legends work. Three position progressive slide switch, five on/off push button switches and one momentary +12v push button switch. Has...
  19. Kevin1989

    Whelen LINZ6 Blue/Clear Split (pair)

    I have a Pair of Whelen LINZ6 LED Surface Mount warning lights. Both are Blue/Clear split. Lights are fully operational and all diodes work. Manufactured: May 2012. Lights are very clean with very little to no scratches. 69 flash patterns. Lights include flanges and rubber grommets. Four wire...
  20. Kevin1989

    Whelen ION Surface Mount Blue/Amber w/Black Flanges

    I am in the market for a PAIR of Whelen Surface Mount ION's in split Blue/Amber with Black flanges. Can be new or used. I am not looking for any other color combinations! Must be that specific lighthead in that color color combination! I am prepared to purchase immediately via PayPal. Please...
  21. Kevin1989

    6 Position Switch Box

    I have a very nice and extremely clean SIX (6) position switch box. I believe it's a Code 3 but am unsure as there are no labels on it. I have used this for roughly 5-6 months and have never had any issues! Has six (6) lighted on/off rocker switches (switch led lights up red when powered on)...
  22. Kevin1989

    SOLD - Motorola HT1000 VHF (136-174MHz)

  23. Kevin1989

    Sound Off Signal Predator Red

    FOR SALE: Sound Off Signal Predator: Red. Single color, six diode light. Has several flash patterns which can be changed via a red push button on the side of the light. Has a decent amount of cord left with a 12v plug (with lighted on/off switch) plug will need a fuse! It's a great little...
  24. Kevin1989

    Whlen Slimlighter Ultra Super LED

    I have a lightly used Whelen Slimlighter Ultra available for sale. This is the newer TIR6 style. Only has about 24 hours of use on it. Very bright and noticable day and night. Has roughly 22" of cord left on it. Cigar plug has been cut off since it has been hard wired. Includes Bail Mount...
  25. Kevin1989

    Wanted: Whelen IONS or SoundOff Signal Ghosts

    In desperate need of a PAIR of Whelen IONS or SoundOff Signal Ghosts in either Blue/Blue - Blue/Clear or Blue/Amber. Can be new or used! Must be SURFACE MOUNT with BLACK FLANGES!

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