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  1. Da-Sarge

    Adding arrow heads on traffic arrow

    Does anyone know how hard it would be to add the arrows to a normal traffic advisor? I've got an 8 head traffic adviser but looking to add the additional heads for traffic arrow
  2. Da-Sarge

    FS legend rebuild questions

    Hello all I got a tow truck with a towmans federal signal legend lightbar that is dim as all heck and very minimal in population has anyone ever put whelen 500s into the legend chassis before they look like they will fit inside the bar but not sure ide like to find out if it's possible or not...
  3. Da-Sarge

    Wanted White nforce light heads

    Hello all I'm looking for 2 white nforce light heads surface mounts or deck mount as long as it's waterproof for outside use I'm good Let me know if you got a pair for a reasonable price and just to be advised I'm located in canada so if anyone in canada got anything it would be great but open...
  4. Da-Sarge

    Ford/whelen PTW flasher pinout

    Does anyone out there know the pinout for the ford/whelen PTW flasher I have one that ide like to use on my PTWs (retrofitted to another vehicle) I had a ULF22 wired to them that has one channel now dead and I got this ford flasher sitting here it's a 6 pin connector like the ULF22 could it be...
  5. Da-Sarge

    Wanted Purple dash lights or minibar

    Hello everyone I've recently started working with my local funeral homes to get them setup with some purple lighting does anyone have anything preferably LED but strobe or halogen will work
  6. Da-Sarge

    Wanted Whelen 8 head traffic adviser harness

    Hello everyone I'm looking for a Whelen 8 head traffic adviser harness with the connector for the cencom sappire TA port or TACTLD1 (I think that's rite lol) TA controller if anyone happens to have one PM me or reply here Be advised I'm in canada
  7. Da-Sarge

    Soundoff signal intersector duo 5 wire questions

    Hello everyone I have a set of soundoff signal intersectors that are duo I'm trying to set the intersectors to steady burn color 1 (amber) on the red white wire it will steady burn white that's fine for what I want to do but the red wire will not let me steady burn amber (I have an external...
  8. Da-Sarge

    Cencom sapphire output 7 question

    Hello everyone In setting up a concom sapphire I noticed that Output 7 has 3 wires for it and I'm not sure what it could be used for does any upfitters out there know? It's a 10A dry contact relay so my guess is it's a switch for an external power scorce and device?
  9. Da-Sarge

    Liberty 1 duo wiring question

    Hello everyone I'm about to upgrade my liberty 1 to full duo I have all the needed parts to do the build but my issue is what connector on the duo boards harnesses go to what head? Each head of corse has 2 connectors one per color I've never done anything with the full duo liberty 1 bars before...
  10. Da-Sarge

    Wanted 48" duo lightbar

    Hello all I'm in search of a 48" duo lightbar or trio front duo rear color specs below Duo: Amber/blue in the back and amber white in front with allys and takedowns Trio: Amber/blue/white front and rear amber blue Let me know what you might have I'm located in canada just so your aware send...
  11. Da-Sarge

    Custom build with liberty frame and soundoff nforce parts

    Has anyone ever took the I/O board from an Nforce lightbar and/or light heads from an Nforce bar and put it in a liberty 1 bar? I've been looking at a new bar but it's a bit of a steep price tag for a new bar I need trio in front and duo in back with allys and take downs rite now I have a...
  12. Da-Sarge

    Wanted Soundoff signal nforce traffic controller 4 head duo

    Hello everyone im looking for 2 soundoff signal nforce traffic controller 4 head bars with breakout boxes in duo amber blue or amber blue split (2 head amber 2 head blue) or amber only is fine if you have one or two please let me know located in canada Also looking for dual nforce dash lights...
  13. Da-Sarge

    Wanted Whelen/Ford PTW modules qnd flasher

    Hello everyone im in need of a set of the ford PTW modules (tall version I believe the taurus version) and the ford flasher and its plug in harness Any help would be greatly appreciated
  14. Da-Sarge

    Wanted 49" liberty clear lense kit

    Hello all im looking for a lense kit for a 49" liberty with the updated end caps for a reasonable price and in new or close to new condition im located in canada so would prefer to get from someone here vs the US if possible I know this seems like a tall order but shipping from the US to...
  15. Da-Sarge

    Wanted Cencom sapphire wecan connector

    Hello all as the title says I'm in search of the green connector for the wecan port on the cencom sapphire if you know of one or ware to get one it would be very much appreciated
  16. Da-Sarge

    Nforce interior visor bar fitment question

    Are the nforce interior visor lightbars universal fitment and the brackets just change for the vehicle or are the bars vehicle specific?
  17. Da-Sarge

    Power draw when off for lighting

    Hello all I know this might be a long shot but I have the fallowing lights that I need to find out how much current they draw when not on (standby current) I have the fallowing Whelen liberty 1 duo wecan Whelen inner edge linz6 (solo low current) 6 head soundoff signal interior lightbar solo...
  18. Da-Sarge

    Conversion of inner edge linz6

    Can an inner edge 2 piece be converted to a one piece or be converted to a newer inner edges light heads?
  19. Da-Sarge

    Does anybody know what LED this is

    Hello all im wondering if anyone on here knows what led is in the attached picture its the LED in a whelen inner edge light head im looking to find out what led it is so I can order the correct replacements
  20. Da-Sarge

    LR11 as DRL question

    Hello everyone im wondering if anyone knows if an LR11 ally or takedown could be used as a DRL (on all the time when headlights are off) my day time running lights died (required here in canada especially for the roadside assistants jobs) any insight would be appreciated or any suggestions on...
  21. Da-Sarge

    Positive Another great purchase from Zach A

    Purchased a set of feniex cannons and star trio light heads from Zach A arrived well packed and all work very well will definitely buy from you again Thanks again
  22. Da-Sarge

    stand alone intersection sweeps

    i wonder has anyone ever mounted intersection sweeps in some clear dome beacons or any thing to have the sweeps on their modern led setups? i know whelen has the sweep function added to their new remote spot light system called argius (probibly spelled it wrong lol) but i really cant see...
  23. Da-Sarge

    Wanted Code 3 dtech dichroic filter rotators

    Hello all im looking for a few of the code 3 dtech rotators for a code 360 bar need 3 rotators and the dichroic filters for them one blue one red or 2 red/blue and one amber or amber/blue or amber/red these are for my town department trying to restore an older police vehicle for parades and such...
  24. Da-Sarge

    Equipment tray/box ideas

    What do you use to mount your light and siren controller and electrical equipment ive seen those roll out trays in police cars but those tend to be hard to find and/or get used so I'm trying to find a good solution for my vehicle thats a good option any reccamendations would be much appreciated...
  25. Da-Sarge

    Wanted Liberty 2 duo I/O board

    Hello all im looking for the harnesses and wecan I/O board from a liberty 2 bar if you have one available please let me know im in canada but don't mind Shipping Post here or pm if you have these items
  26. Da-Sarge

    Positive Positive purchase from zack A

    Purchased a set of feniex pucklights from zack A lights and mounting heardware arrived safe and sound well packed, shipped promptly, great communication will be more then happy to buy from zack A again in the future
  27. Da-Sarge

    Recommendations for power distribution

    Hello all im wondering what you all use for power distribution in your setups looking for ideas for power and ground for fusing and cable management type deals Any recommendations and insight would be greatly appreciated pictures are welcome as well
  28. Da-Sarge

    Whelen inner edge LP shroud questions

    Hello all to the inner edge users out there im wondering if anyone has issues seeing traffic signals due to the shrouds and is there some way to help remedy it its not that bad but I would like to figure out how to get the visibility but not get flashback from the lights any insight is greatly...
  29. Da-Sarge

    Wanted Amber white duo 500 for liberty 1

    Hello all im looking for 2 liberty 1 500 heads with white and amber duo leds if anyone has any please let me know
  30. Da-Sarge

    Wanted Inner edge brackets

    Hello all im looking for a set of ford taurus police interceptor front split inner edge mounting brackets doesn't matter the generation of inner edge if you happen to have a set kicking around please let me know

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