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  1. kitn1mcc

    Wanted whelen 700series grill mount OBS ford 93-00 body

    I am looking for the mounting brackets that they made for the those years ford trucks also a part number will do
  2. kitn1mcc

    Whelen grill mounts OBS 93-00 ford truck 700 series

    anyone know the part number of these
  3. kitn1mcc

    Pattern changer programming

    a friend of mine has some sound off light heads his patterns keep resetting also he says they need to be programmed am i missing anything
  4. kitn1mcc

    Signal Stat Cyclostat NOS Mini Platter build

    Last year i picked up a Fairmont m19 track car. i have been slowly getting it back going not a complete rebuild just cleaned rust painted and mechanical sound. I am not using any LEDS except for the beacon. This is my intersection light and marker light/stop light for running reverse. I...
  5. kitn1mcc

    Dodge/Ram upfitter switches

    One of my customers just picked up a 5500 masons dump. I found some info on line how they do the up fitter swiches Any pointers info. also what is the pass thru wire to the rear
  6. kitn1mcc

    Whelen Gurdian Clear Lens Clear inner Lens Amber L22 guts

    Was a Salesman or a engineering Sample . Could not find the old clear lens thread so stared a new thread
  7. kitn1mcc

    Wanted Acari mount for 2000-2008 Super duty

    any one have a used one they want to get ride of
  8. kitn1mcc

    Support E-mail notifications

    I am not longer getting my e-mail notifications
  9. kitn1mcc

    1994 Chevorlet 3500HD Bucket truck

    1994 3500hd  Bucket Truck All whelen front 700 series Lin 3 L32 on the boom Side Microns  and 0S marker lights Rear Whelen 500V series lower ,   Lin V2 upper ,Round tir6 (red)  Whelen Marker lights and turn signals The red round tir are on a slow single flash pattern Havis...
  10. kitn1mcc

    Support Not getting e-mails to thread replies

    I am not getting any e-mail from threads replied to
  11. kitn1mcc

    Green 900 Series Clear Lens

    have a box full of new green 900Series .   if any one needs some big green lights.     they do need an external flasher
  12. kitn1mcc

    End of an Era Whelen Super Strobe End of Life 4/29/2015

    Nots sure if this belong in vintage.   But the End of the Super Strobe is here .   it had a good run Ohh and yes i did say i want to the last one if it has not been shipped
  13. kitn1mcc

    Whelen L10 Mag mount plus Responder LED

    I have some lights up on the Bay for sale.  new full warranty
  14. kitn1mcc

    Jotta Console or Havis Under dash for Silveradio

    has any one used any of these Consoles yet and does any one have pictures
  15. kitn1mcc

    2012 Kubita BX2360 Tractor Updated 1/14/2014

    got some work done on the tractor Gonna have all Whelen Pioneer Slim Series R410 LED Beacon Ion V Facing rear and to the side some more pics An oldy but a goody for a Switch box i still have 2 Ion V for the fenders to do .
  16. kitn1mcc

    Whelen 295SDA1 Horn Ring

    I recently just hooked one up and went to use the horn Ring and the siren did nothing. The siren is going to be set just as an Airhorn and a PA so i do not need the siren tones. But when i went to use it right from the box the HF would not Work. am i missing something in the instructions
  17. kitn1mcc

    Easy Swap Federal Highliters for Whelen Reponder HD on Digger Derrick

    The old Federal High lighters that were here seen a rough life smashed lenses and bases replaced with the HD responder hoping with the Solid aluminum base if they damage lenes/rotars will be an easy fix then
  18. kitn1mcc

    whelen strap kit 1998 international truck

    any one know the strap kit part number for the 1998 to roof mount a bar and not drill holez
  19. kitn1mcc

    connecticut cable construction and maintenance (CCCM) Truck 129 Telco install Bucket

    This is new to CCCM 129 it is an old Verizon Bucket with an Altec Telco bucket/Cable pulling rig all Whelen from M2 Wide Angle L31 up Top 4inch round super led to rear
  20. kitn1mcc

    FS Highliter fixup (how to )

    one of my customers picked up a Digger derrick and it has 2 high lighters mounted on it and they look good. But they are a little tired (the guys cracked the lens on one) i have a parets unit coming to rebuild the other 2 do the rotars need to be Lubricated on the them also any other things...
  21. kitn1mcc

    2007 International 4300 Dump/Sander/Plow

    This is a new old truck. It used to be a rack bod. But the frame was Shortened and a new Dump Body,Sander,and plow were installed. i did the warning and work lights 2 Whelen L31 Beacons with Whelen Brackets 2 500 Series TIR6 2 500 Series S/T/T 2 500 Series Reverse a Maximma...
  22. kitn1mcc

    Little Tikes Cozy Truck update 12/30

    the nephews 2 and 5 are getting this for christmas here is the start The tool Box is were i put 2 6volt lantern batteries in the rear are 2 NOS 500 Series gen 1 LEDS and the roof is an older whelen 2 watt strobe
  23. kitn1mcc

    VHF Trbo Repeter

    i have been in the process of putting up a TRBO single site (for now) repeater in Middlefield ct. it is on vhf call WPUH662 157.56 in 152.300 out. i have 2 customers right now (one whos land it is on ) and the other is an electrcian friend. i am looking for some more customers in central...
  24. kitn1mcc

    it's Fire beam Time

    got these in today FB3 the top is two speed
  25. kitn1mcc

    Metro-North Employees Honored as Heroes by Red Cross

    Metro-North Employees Honored as Heroes by Red Cross - Fire Engineering Metro-North Employees Honored as Heroes by Red Cross Social Media Tools More Sharing ServicesShare Print Email Save 04/13/2012 The New York State Metropolitan Transportation Authority issued the...
  26. kitn1mcc

    Conn Cable CCCM Truck 119 2000 F450 pierce correl Ladder Truck

    this is Conn Cable AKA CCCM Truck 119 a Former SNET/att 2000 F450 with a pierce correl Ladder type lift. we got the Trucks with no Beacons on them. (they had Whelen 800 Series) I installed new Whelen L10 Beacons were the 800 were and added 2 5inch round tir6 to the rear
  27. kitn1mcc

    my fixeruper pa5200

    this is the one with a twin 180 modules. the power supply works but needs a new filter cap and some clean up of cold/bod solder joints. the dome is cracked
  28. kitn1mcc

    1995 International with a PICO Bucket/cable Pulling truck

    This is Conn Cable truck 125 it is for pole work and for doing all types of cable pulls. it had a Federal Sentry and just incandecent flashers on the boom i replaced the beacon with a whelen L31 and mounted a Lin 3 under the the L31. i replaced the Flashers mounted on the boom with 500...
  29. kitn1mcc

    2002 Chevy 3500 mason Dump new image 0218

    This is a mason dump i just finished up. i started on it back in the spring when they got the truck. i had to remove the old Roll cover and do some Rust/Cancer repair on the body. this truck is green the rest of the fleet with White with Purple. So we added some purple and yes the rings around...
  30. kitn1mcc

    KD Lamp Company Fireball

    picked up this gem at the nearfest (deerfield) hamfest this weekend also picked up a signal master the lens on the firebaLL is messed up may try and polish it or replace it. it was only 5 dollars

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