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  1. qball

    Wanted Whelen CS220 strobe power supply

    Hi! I am looking for (2) Whelen CS220 Competitor series strobe power supplies with or without strobe tubes. Let me know what you have. I also need the dimensions of the Whelen CS225 that I cannot seem to find on the install sheets. Thank you in advance! John
  2. qball

    Identify this dome

    Hello to the group!  Everyone has been helpful in identifying items before and I haven't been able to stump you so far.  So, I figured I would try my luck again!  I have a dome and I can't say that I can place the make or model.  It does not have any markings.  Any ideas? Thanks in advance! John
  3. qball

    Qball's Vintage Equipment - For Sale

    Welcome to my Antique and Vintage Warning Equipment Sales Thread! I generally ship USPS flat rate.  I will insure the items at your request and expense.  PayPal is accepted and the preferred method of payment.  I can also accept credit cards through my business at I...
  4. qball

    Unknown lense make - Help me identify

    I just received some antique FedSig parts and such from a now-defunct dealer in Charleston, SC.  I received some lenses that have no markings and I have never seen anything like them.  They look as though they may have been end caps for some sort of can light. Take a look at the photos and let...
  5. qball

    Lighthead Warning Equipment

  6. qball

    Thanks to ELB Community - 10% Discount at Lighthead Warning

    Lighthead Warning Equipment is off to a great start and I have to thank the members of the eLightbars community for that success.  To show my appreciation, I am offering a 10% discount on all Feniex Industries lighting products when you use the coupon code elb at checkout! Make us your #1 go-to...
  7. qball

    Free Shipping Easter Special - Lighthead Warning Equipment

    To all of our friends here on eLightbars: Lighthead Warning Equipment is offering FREE shipping to the US on any Feniex Industries purchase made through Sunday April 5th 2015!  No special code needed at checkout. Visit our website at and be sure to Like us on Facebook...
  8. qball

    Free Shipping thru April 5th - Lighthead Warning Equipment

    Free Shipping on all Feniex Industries products from Lighthead Warning Equipment on orders placed now through Sunday April 5th! Visit us at or Like us on Facebook!   We look forward to serving all of our friends on eLightbars! Contact us with any questions.
  9. qball

    Lighthead Warning Equipment

    I would first like to thank John Marcson and my many friends on ELB for giving me an opportunity to post my announcement on ELB. ELB is the premier emergency warning equipment the world! I have exciting news; Lighthead Warning Equipment is now open for business! We offer Feniex...
  10. qball

    Glass polishing/refinishing - F/S model 17 red glass dome

    I have a F/S Model 17 glass dome (red) that has some very light pitting or etching all over the thing. It looks like some sort of chemical was sprayed on it. I have used Google to search for someone or something that I could use to refinish it, but I haven't found anything satisfactory so...
  11. qball

    NOS - Newer Style F/S Model 17

    I finally have something worth showing to the group.... I bought this gem on eBay for a song a few months ago. I finally took it out of the original box and shined it up tonight. Now, it's time for the display in my office. Enjoy!!
  12. qball

    NOS Super Beacon Ray 174 on Craigslist - Who got it??

    So, who is the lucky fellow who got the NOS Super Beacon Ray from Las Vegas?? I worked out a deal with the guy, transferred the money, and never heard back. It was new...September 1966 date code, glass dome, original tags, and packing. It was SWEET!!! I have more pics that were sent to...
  13. qball

    Beacon Ray Model 17 dome compatibility

    Can anyone tell me whether the Beacon Ray Model 17 domes are the same as those used on the Models 173, 174, 175, 176? Thanks for any input!

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