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  1. Strobesnmore

    Strobes N More Black Friday Sale

    For those members who have been asking Sale starts at midnight. Monday Whelen will be on sale all day as well.
  2. Strobesnmore

    Strobes N More Free Shipping Code

    Just want to let everyone we have made 1 change to our free shipping policy and that is going forward it will exclude Havis and Setina. This is due to the extra charges we incur on these items. They are heavy! Anyway code is still ELB and any questions let me know. Thanks for your...
  3. Strobesnmore

    Strobes N More Black Friday Sale 2015

    Lots of good things happening this year!  We have some new lightheads, mini bar, and some awesome dual color flood/warning bars coming out! Whelen goes on Sale Cyber Monday as well. 
  4. Strobesnmore

    Stolen Credit Card used by John Bozzone

    I am posting this here because he used an Elightbars free shipping code.  Maybe someone knows him.  He had it shipped to 1 Bridge Plaza, in Fort Lee NJ where he works security.  We are going after him but wanted to warn the other dealers in case they see an order under this guys name.   He's...
  5. Strobesnmore

    Strobes N More Black Friday Sale!

    This year we will run our Sale from 5AM-5PM EST.   However, due to Whelens MAP policy we can't discount pricing on our web site site.  Call with any questions.  And don't forget to check out the new Lion and Tiger Series LEDs.  They are awesome!  Louis
  6. Strobesnmore

    Strobes N More Facebook Garage Sale!

    Starting Monday, September 15th we will be holding a Facebook Garage Sale!  Daily we will be posting pic after pic of discounted, discountinued, demos/samples, old stock, etc....  Almost all items are brand new.  [Broken External...
  7. Strobesnmore

    Strobes N More EFlood Combo Warning/Flood Bars

    Well after months of waiting we can finally introduce our combos warning/flood bars.  We have taken our EFLOOD 4200 and 7200 and added built in warning modules.  Take a look at the video and you will see how they work.  They require a customer supplied 12 volt flasher and best of all they are...
  8. Strobesnmore

    Strobes N More Facebook giva a way!

    Check it out on facebook!
  9. Strobesnmore

    Strobes N More Black Friday Sale

    Only about a week to go before our Annual Sale. Stop by and check out our brand new dash light, 360 degree beacon with some incredible flash patterns, and our new E66 Mini stick.
  10. Strobesnmore

    Whelen Legacy Solo Super LED Lightbar

    The Legacy Solo has most all the same features are the regular Legacy with a few less diodes. However, still brighter than the Liberty and available in single colors only. For the price its an awesome bar.
  11. Strobesnmore

    Strobes N More Ebeacon Class 1 LED Beacon

    In the next few weeks we will have some new items coming out and one that's on the way is our New Ebeacon. This is a Class 1 beacon available in Amber to start and then other colors will follow. We will have both a high and low dome as well as permanent and magnetic with the flash pattern...
  12. Strobesnmore

    Sound Off Signal Stingray LED Grill / Deck Lights

    We are very excited to be the first to offer the newest addition to the Sound Off line. The Stingray is an all self contained LED grill / deck light in an all aluminum housing with all stainless mounting hardware. Sound Off will be making some changes to these lights down the road prior to...
  13. Strobesnmore

    Name our new Interior Bar contest!

    Check out our facebook page and enter your suggestion for the name of our new interior lightbar. If we use your name you will win a passenger side bar in your choice of available colors.
  14. Strobesnmore

    Strobes N More Interior Lightbar

    We are just weeks away from getting our first shipment of Interior Lightbars and I can't tell you how excited I am with the final product. The output is far above almost anything on the market today, the fit and finish came out better than expected, and the mounting system we went with should...
  15. Strobesnmore

    Strobes N More brand products using new diodes

    Since we are almost completely switched over to our new Next Generation™ LED as we are calling them are a brand new 3 watt diode that offer us almost twice the light output as our previous LEDs.
  16. Strobesnmore

    Who does the best reviews?

    Who does everything think does the best and fairest reviews of new products on this site? I have a few in mind that I have read their reviews but wondering what others think?
  17. Strobesnmore

    Strobes N More Dash Lights now available with Synch feature!

    We are now offering our D6 and D12 dash lights with a synch / hardwire feature plus they all have our brand new diodes in them which offer almost 50% increase in light output over our previous models. These lights are incredibly bright and now will synch with all the other strobes n more...
  18. Strobesnmore

    Strobes N More E91 and E92 Hide a way LEDs

    Received final run sample of our new E91 and E92 Kit today. These lights are really something with 9 LEDs per lighthead and a brand new diode. Will have all the same features are as other EHAW lights but over 150 lumen increase in light output. We will have them available in a couple weeks...
  19. Strobesnmore

    New backup lights ready to go!

    I'm ready for the snow and testing our new backup lights that will be available down the road. 3000 extra lumens of light should help nicely.
  20. Strobesnmore

    Strobes N More Black Friday Sale and Sneek Peek Video

    We will be showing what we hope to be the first Strobes N More branded lightbar.
  21. Strobesnmore

    New Strobes N More 35 degree LED Hide a way

    Here you go. I think the Video explains it all.
  22. Strobesnmore

    New brighter Strobes N More LED Hide a way

    We are very excited to introduce the first of 2 brand new hide a way LEDs. This LED utilizes a new LED diode that puts out more light than our previous, a new optic lens, and are sold individually with a built in flasher. I can honestly say after months of work we could not be more pleased...
  23. Strobesnmore

    Design our new Demo vehicle contest

    Many of you are newer to the board but one lucky gentleman from the UK won some free lights a few years back when we picked his design for one of our service vans. Well our new Ford Police Interceptor SUV just arrived and we figured we give it another try. This vehicle will have all Whelen...
  24. Strobesnmore

    Fascination with Chinese lights?

    I was talking with John a couple months back about how the site has really turned in a forum with mostly dealers of Chinese lights versus the old days where it was all name brand. Tonight I was reading about a new company on here going through some struggles dealing Chinese lights and although...
  25. Strobesnmore

    Strobes N More custom swtich for the E66 series nightsticks

    The E66 switch is a custom make plug and play switch designed specifically for our E66 series of warning sticks. These sticks give you warning and traffic arrow patterns all in one. What makes this switch so nice is that is also gives you and output to run other warning lights off the same...

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