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  1. Muxlow

    Wanted WHELEN 500

    Looking for a set of either amber or amber/white (A/W would be best) LIN6 500 series. Dont need to have a flasher in them. Want to mount them in some mirror beams on a vic and use the amber for signal and white for highbeam. Little random project. As long as they turn on and work thats good...
  2. Muxlow

    Wanted FS Aerodynic Motor

    Looking for the motor Z8422B111-25-01 and the housing for it Only thing missing from a nice condition aerodynic i picked up. Couldnt figure out why they lights would come on and not spin.. then looking in the manual saw the motor was missing from it. Just has the pegs it would mount to and the...
  3. Muxlow

    Wanted Feniex 6/800 + Front bar

    Looking for a 6 or 8 pod feniex directional all amber or dual colour amber white Also looking for a front interior split bar with a 2013+ ford explorer (or universal mount). Either Green white. Green amber, amber white, amber red/amber blue For the split colour as long as it can do amber as...
  4. Muxlow


    Have a question about these things.. I got 2 brand new sealed in the bag units. Figured it would be easy to wire up 4 rear lights to 1 box, and 2 front lights to another.. all halogen. Seems simple. Red power wires to 12v and 2 black wires to ground, connect the + - of the lights to the...
  5. Muxlow

    Auto Start?

    For the life of me i cant think of what these things are called Device that connects to the vehicle battery so when the vehicle is off and 2 way radios, flashy lights or whatever are left on and the battery voltage drops the vehicle will automatically start up and charge the battery These...
  6. Muxlow

    Wanted Old Dominion Auto Bracket

    Looking for 4 dominion auto lamp mounting brackets and the support brackets that would fit a 86 diplomat.
  7. Muxlow

    Wanted WTB PAR46 RED

    Looking for 4 PAR46 lights with black housing and red lens Similar to these dominion auto lamp's. Dont HAVE to be the DAL just as long as they are all the same brand and housings match will do
  8. Muxlow

    Wanted WTF Old Lightbar

    Looking to source either an entire bar.. or parts to build an entire bar. No idea what it is tho.. Just have these few photos. Also after whatever radar this is and siren too. The light switch box im having remade so thats no worry
  9. Muxlow

    Federal Q 66-G

    Have a FS Qsiren model 66-G Is there brake option on this model? Or a way to devise one? Doing a restore of a 86 tanker and owner is asking if this is an option that could be done
  10. Muxlow

    Wanted Motorola ML900 Battery

    Looking for a Motorola ML900/910 laptop battery
  11. Muxlow

    Wanted BLUE Dome Wanted

    Looking for the following lens in BLUE Whelen RB6P X1 Whelen J1318 X2 Federal Signal AeroDynamic Dome X1 Federal Signal Vector Single Dome X3 Federal Signal SY12S X1 Federal Signal Fireray X2 Weldon PST76 X1 Code 3 PSE553X X2
  12. Muxlow

    D&R Intimidator with Feniex 4200

    Iv got a ole D&R electronics intimidator that the control head was smashed up forever ago.. Anyway to get the siren tones to work without the control head? Iv got a feniex 4200 controller and has alot of outputs.. Kinda hoping there is some type of way to mode the siren to make it work for the...
  13. Muxlow

    Wanted Traffic advisor module cencom gold

    Looking for the traffic advisor module add on for a cencom gold.
  14. Muxlow

    Wanted Cencom Stickers

    Looking for a sheet of cencom stickers. I had a user on here mail me out 3 sets but were lost in the mail sadly and never got them Sooo back searching for a sheet :)
  15. Muxlow

    For Sale Federal Signal / D&R / Code 3 Items

    Up for sale is a lot of random gear removed from service few years ago from a local police agency. All items are halogen and prices are plus shipping. All items located in Chatham Ontario Canada 1 - Code 3 Grille/Deck light - $30 3 - Code 3 filters. Unknown for what lightbar - $15 each or $50...
  16. Muxlow

    For Sale Code 3 MX7000

    Have 5 Code 3 MX7000's for sale. Came from a police agency that has been disbanded. The mounting feet are for the crown vic's All have plenty of cable on them. 10 feet or more I removed the domes and cleaned them and each light pod and everything is working. One of the bars was missing a far...
  17. Muxlow

    Wanted XPR5550 Head

    Looking for a Motorola XPR 5550 (or the XIR series) Got a radio that had a bad control head so looking for a replacement
  18. Muxlow

    Wanted Setina Pushbar 2013 Ford Utility

    Looking for a Setina pushbar for the 13 utility. I have the mounting hardware just need the bar itself. Had one from a vic someone said would fit and they were incorrect of course.
  19. Muxlow

    WTB Dash Strobe

    Looking for the housing for either a Whelen Dash-King or Federal Signal SM Just need a single light not the double with mounting bracket. No strobe tube/bulb needed  I have a project and need just the housing and flash shield. If you have either with fullset up of strobe, flash shield and...
  20. Muxlow

    Federal Signal Viper

    Ello ello! Im curious about the Federal Signal Viper S2. If i have say 3 of these with split colours, is there a way to sync them all together? When they are all on the same flash pattern and all lights come on at the same time, after a bit they are all out of sync. Sooo just wondering if...
  21. Muxlow

    Kenwood NXDN F/T

    I have a nice Kenwood Nexedge NX-800 400-470 UHF radio with mic id like to trade for a Kenwood NX-700 136-174mhz Everything in my area is VHF NXDN so this UHF radio is of very little use to me for digital mode. Its only been mounted inside on a base and as far as i know has never been mounted...
  22. Muxlow

    FedSig 501903 LED

    Iv got 3 Federal Signal hid a ways for the 501903 flasher im looking to trade for some red and amber ones. Got these in a trade, came with 4 blue and 2 white. I have a use for 1 blue and the whites but not the other 3 blue, soo id like to trade for some red or ambers :)
  23. Muxlow

    D&R Electronics

    Im sure this isnt really the place to ask this but... Does anyone have access to a D&R Electronics siren? I need a real nice audio recording of each siren tone and air horn. The unit i have is broken somehow and wont produce any siren tones Want to use these sounds for a project im doing and...
  24. Muxlow

    Radios For Sale

    Clearing out my radio room to fund new projects. Im able to post photos upon request if need be Motorola; Astro Spectra VHF J Split Remote mount with A7 head. Smartnet/Zone P25 +mic/speaker 500.00 Astro Spectra 800mhz Remote mount A9 control head Smartnet/Zone P25 450.00 XPR4550 VHF +mic...
  25. Muxlow

    Diplomat/Caravelle Cage/Partition

    Couple questions about the partitions for Dodge Diplomats/Plymouth Caravelle Anyone know of a place i could pick one up? Or maybe even build one? Iv got a proguard partition from a 98 crown vic but i doubt that could be "converted" to fit a Diplomat...could it? Also have a sentina partition...
  26. Muxlow

    Toronto and Vancouver Police

    Seems Toronto has some new fancy cars.. with reused lightbars. And about time Vancouver decided on what decals to use. I think at one point they have 4 or 5 different demo decal styles. I think these look good! Alot of intersection warning (Not my photos)
  27. Muxlow

    2003 Ford F-350 Tow Truck

    Well! My first "real" install. Tow truck company wanted me to upgrade their current... "lights" to something better. All they had was a Able 2 mini mag mount on the back rack that was on a solid flash, and about 8 little crap china soft lights in the front window. Front window has about 2...
  28. Muxlow

    Mattress Police...Yep. MATTRESS

    The original idea was to bring these to off site mattress sales and such but the local police didnt like the idea much since it has a red/blue light bar, 100 watt siren and a cage aswell. A friends dad who owns a mattress company had an idea to buy a old RCMP car and get different decals that...
  29. Muxlow

    Idaho Credit Union...Truck

    Sawtooth Emergency in Idaho did up this.. Credit? Truck... (If there is no video check out Federal Signal First Responces facebook page for the video) Guess this was their old...
  30. Muxlow

    Code 3 3000

    Ello ello Picked up a Code 3 3000 siren unit, wanted it ONLY for the air horn function. OOOOPS. Failed to read the user manual description all to well and turns out the 3000 is wail/yelp only. No air horn... But it does have the spot for one. Is there anyway to convert/mod the Code 3 3000...

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