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    Tomar strobecom 3060 emitter programming

    Depends if your system is encrypted. The administrator of the system, possibly the agency that maintains the street lights, will be able to tell you what is needed to acknowledge your emitter.
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    My new Project ( LACoFD Flash Platter )

    Great project
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    When were wig-wag flashers first used for headlights and taillights?

    First say HLF in the late 70's in CA. CHP experimented with flashing both headlights together and wig way.
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    Whats the brightest light bar available today?

    Whelen Freedom, then Liberty II, then Valor
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    Premium Vision documentation?

    Is this what your looking for?
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    JetSonic JC1 and JS1

    Loved the front cutoff feature of the early Jets.
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    Mustang SSP Spotlight Size/Dimensions vs. Other Vehicle Spotlights

    Unity made specific handles for different model vehicles. The angle of the A pillar, distance from A pillar to steering wheel, etc were the reasons. The Mustangs used the 6 inch spotlight, in CA anyway.
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    Look what I found at the city shop

    That's a great find. As Mars said, the blue domes are getting hard to find (in good condition anyway). There should be a tag on the motor, that will be very close to the build date. On my San Diego FD CTS, it took a little bit of break clean to get the rotators to spin due to the dust and...
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    restored Firehawk FHL

    Love it.
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    First Areodyinc Lightbar

    Most of the time you will find a tag on the motor with the build date. That will give you a pretty good idea of when it was made.
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    2nd haul for this month!

    Any TwinSonic that is free is a good TwinSonic. Amazed to see a CTS on that engine, hopefully it went to a good home and they kept the CTS on it, or at least saved it.
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    Whelen Commander help needed

    I'm not familiar with Commanders, but I do know that strobe tubes require a strobe power supply. Strobe tubes require the 3 wires you have, but I'm only familiar with the later versions with the red/black/white strobe wires. I'm sure somebody with more knowledge of the Commanders will chime in.
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    Got a Fed Sig package today.

    Very nice. Love opening a box of new FedSig domes.
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    First haul of 2018 :-)

    Very glad that they got saved from the dumpster. Makes me wonder how many old lights get pitched by guys that don't know the value of them?
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    Aerodynic Model 25 CL find

    Love the flash pattern
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    Rare Twinsonic sighting

    Green domes are some of the rarest, I think the only TwinSonic dome that is rarer is the blue Oregon dome with the rear amber insert.
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    Walked into a second hand shop today...

    very nice find.
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    Aerodynic ADX 5273

    Have never seen anything from FedSig's brochures of a strobe version (or one in person).
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    Aerodynic Score

    Also liked the solo right side takedown, back in the day all the ones on my cars had the CA red on the left side.
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    Checked another bar off my want list

    And a great price.
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    Code 3 mx 7000 "whitepaint edition" restore

    Very nice work
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    Does the WeCan Inner Edge Plug directly to the Cencom Carbide?

    Does your CenCom have the WeCan port on the back? if so yes. If not then you will have to wire the control point to the CenCom.
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    Federal Signal Jetsonic JC-1 (and info needed)

    Is the passenger side mirror the polished style or the frosted diffused style? IIRC the diffused style was for CA spec or steady burn and the polished was for TD. Someone else may have more details...those are kinda fuzzy....
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    California Spec discussion / Question

    Agree with Crownfire, as I was starting my LE career, CHP would field test an idea (IE high beam flash, both simo and alternate) then put it into production. I just happen to remember the HLF field test, because our field office was testing them when I was in high school. Then other agencies...
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    California Spec discussion / Question

    As dcb said Title XIII are more complicated but if we go to just the requirements of CVC (Cal Vehicle Code) the only requirement from CVC was for a steady red 25252 CVC. Blue is restricted to law enforcement only 25258 CVC. Amber is allowed to front rear and sides 25259 CVC but is not required...
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    The first ''Rear-only warning’’ AeroDynic 24 MEAH-T

    Wow, that is over the top. Hats off to you. I would have love to have one of those on my patrol car back in the days I was a road dog.
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    CTS Twin Sonic

    Rear flasher should be on it's own wire to the terminal block inside the drivers side of the lightbar just behind the drivers side 2 step mirror. I'll try to get a picture today for you.
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    Updated Pics Of My Collection

    Very nice.
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    Chicago Items

    Wow, very nice haul. Love the green, but most of all the eQ2b's especially since they look like the 2nd gen ones.

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