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  1. jph2

    How much are these twin Sonic's worth?

    $20 apiece is a great score! And they look like they should clean up nicely.
  2. jph2

    Noob in Maryland.

    Welcome to eLB! Great group here with a lot of knowledge. Someone here knows the answer to just about any question you might have. :)
  3. jph2

    Twinsonic 12X to 12 Conversion...

    Like tsquale said. Your projects are cool and the videos are fun to watch.
  4. jph2

    Sireno Condor II

    Nice addition, tsquale. And great cleanup as per your usual. Thanks for the vid; that's a quite bar!
  5. jph2

    New Member From Arizona

    Welcome to eLB! Great group here and we'll appreciate your sharing. :)
  6. jph2

    Oldie sort of

    Nice find. :)
  7. jph2

    Hello from Eastern Colorado... New Member

    Welcome to eLB! As already said, great group here with a lot of knowledge and some off the wall humor. :)
  8. jph2

    Југославија Сирен

    Nice find. Can't beat 10 bucks.
  9. jph2

    One step further

    Enjoy, Jazz! :)
  10. jph2

    New Texas Member

    Welcome to eLB. Great group here where everyone knows the answer to why? Because it's cool!
  11. jph2

    Most Rebadged Rotating Light

    Nice post and very cool you have this variety of the same light in your collection. :)
  12. jph2

    For Sale NYPD Aero on Ebay?

    $32 shipping is like just putting it in an envelope without even bubblewrap. I hope he packages it correctly so it arrives in one piece.
  13. jph2

    Another Ebay steal

    Nice grab! :D
  14. jph2

    1 nice clean old holmes tow bar

    Nice bonus to that wrecker find. Glad it's cleaning right up for ya! :)
  15. jph2

    New member from maine

    Welcome to eLB and congrats on the promotion. Great group here with lots of good advice and knowledge and experience to back it up.
  16. jph2

    For Sale NYPD Aero on Ebay?

    He is including the feet--they'll be bubble-wrapped separate. Perhaps he realizes these are tricky to package. But the price is a little steep (at $425 when I looked) and there are still 5 days to go.
  17. jph2

    Aerodynic 24 RVF-1Z Full Size NYPD bar rebuild thread.

    Per usual, another fantastic restoration and build out. I love your bar project posts! And thanks for the vids, too. :)
  18. jph2

    NOS dome haul, mostly signal stat

    Nice haul right there. Gotta be the most DualCom domes in one place since they stopped making the bar. Plus clear!
  19. jph2

    Twinsonic with green beacon

    From the research I've done, the Philly bars ran the Sireno beacon. Don't know about where the bar in the OP came from, but Philly PD definitely ran that setup in the mid-70s.
  20. jph2

    Call the coroner.....

    May only be amber, but every dome deserves better than this.
  21. jph2

    Dietz 7-40

    Nice addition to your collection. It looks good. :)
  22. jph2

    AeroDynic 24 SEH full restoration/rebuild work in progess.

    And another great restoration, right there. That bar is cool. :)
  23. jph2

    Twinsonic with green beacon

    Dang! Wished I'd gotten that. I've been wanting a Philly PD red Twin with the blue Sireno beacon on them like they ran in the mid-70s when I went to college there. Hope he can find a less faded Sireno dome.
  24. jph2

    Aerodynic SEAH

    A nice bar. Vids are always welcome. :)
  25. jph2

    Back from Purgatory

    Welcome back. :)
  26. jph2

    New Grote Tag Created

    Looks fantastic.
  27. jph2

    Norwegian newbie

    Welcome to eLB! :)
  28. jph2

    Grumpy has returned

    Welcome back! Always nice to have long-time experience in the community. :)
  29. jph2

    Found a clear dome for my SVP-1166 teardrop... finally

    That light looks cool with the clear lens. Cool story on how it came to be yours. Great price and nice you've got the last manufacturer stock clear lens on the planet. :)
  30. jph2

    Big Bertha

    Cool light. Glad it arrived in good shape. That thing wants to be a Stem-Lite when it grows up. lol

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