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  1. rcfd34


    All of our trucks have been converted to breakers over fuses off the battery. Not saying either one is better just easier and better for our applications
  2. rcfd34


    We've found that the circuit breaks are better then a fuse off the battery
  3. rcfd34


    Looking for a programming cable for the xts5000 please let me know what you have kinda need it asap
  4. rcfd34

    For Sale MICROMAN MicroStar XP bars

    Man I wish they were blue i use to have a 6 head one that I sold and wish I wouldn't have they are stupid bright
  5. rcfd34

    For Sale NOS 911EP TD-WL24A

    Any one no where to get the brackets for these I have one but need brackets
  6. rcfd34

    Wanted Ulb28

    Looking for the universal bracket for the ulb28 part number is 274-ULB21-U1
  7. rcfd34

    For Sale Motorola Xpr7550e Vhf

    this was sold please lock
  8. rcfd34

    Need wiring help

    Hey guys im gonna be tangling an adventure of putting lights into my car its a 2012 hyundai sonata. I'm not really sure how to go about it. I've done an install in my old truck but this car seems to be alot more difficult and not as much room. Trying to run a power wire is gonna be my biggest...
  9. rcfd34

    Making Weather/Water Proof Light Housing...?

    Couldn't you just use some plastic rectangle housing or even aluminum and some dremel work and make your own dont think it would be to hard
  10. rcfd34

    Wanted Interior lightbar

    Pm sent
  11. rcfd34

    Wanted Interior lightbar

    Looking for an interior light bar must be blue or blue white lovely old illinois. Looking for something used sense im sure it will be cheaper. Currently have a Hyundai sonta so I know there will be no vehicle made one and ill have to do some of my own fab work to make one fit but let me know...
  12. rcfd34


    I agree with shipping cost I had a bar I was gonna sell on ebay but now with shipping it would cost just as much to ship it as its worth.. most people on ebay put it has clear lens for led that way it shouldn't get deleted
  13. rcfd34

    2011 Dodge Durango Citadel - ***NEW INSTALL***

    Any chances of a full night time video
  14. rcfd34

    For Sale Motorola Xpr7550e Vhf

    have a Motorola xpr 7550e for sale comes with battery antenna charger programming cable and cd Housing is a little scratched up but I also have the replacement oem Looking to get 550 obo plus shipping
  15. rcfd34

    Hello from IL, (I know)

    Welcome from 3 hours north of Springfield still in Illinois tho just barely
  16. rcfd34

    New controller has a name... Feniex 5200 / Feniex One

    Oh i bet them are gonna be really expensive
  17. rcfd34

    Howdy to y'all from Ill-annoys

    Welcome from northern Illinois
  18. rcfd34

    Wanted Whelen M4’s Blue

    Pm sent
  19. rcfd34

    Wanted Whelen M4’s Blue

    I have 2 i would be willing to sell
  20. rcfd34

    Gotta love postal service lol.......NOT!!!!

    Having same issues no wonder why they are running out of money I've stopped letting stuff get shipped usps and pay extra for ups
  21. rcfd34

    Wanted Apollo bracket

    Ok I will message them sense I dont have Facebook
  22. rcfd34

    Wanted Apollo bracket

    looking for an apollo license plate bracket if any one has one please let me know thanks
  23. rcfd34

    Wanted Looking for a trade

    I've got 2 whelen m4s clear lens blue in color and a power arc dash light in blue with blue lens looking to trade for a passenger side interior light bar just passenger side in all blue or blue/white mixed I live in Illinois I may also be able to throw in some other stuff to trade if need be...
  24. rcfd34

    FDNY, CFD labeled Vision SLRs

    Super lucky I would love to have that cfd
  25. rcfd34

    2013 POV ford explorer completion

    Damn dude I really dig that such a clean simple power packing setup... any chance of a night time video?
  26. rcfd34

    2016 Ford Explorer XLT

    Bahaha I'm in northern Illinois also and we got like 3 more days of rain
  27. rcfd34

    New Custom LED beacon I'm marketing to JDI Inc. !!

    So let's actual video of this in action that is awesome lol
  28. rcfd34

    2012 Ford F-150 SuperCab - Ideas needed

    Sparky hit it right in the head

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