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  1. Tony P

    Kent's (non-mechanical) Siren Repair Shop

    Side hobby
  2. Tony P

    Code 3 Optix Hide-A-Way System Manual

    Feel free to upload the PDF here!
  3. Tony P

    Looking For 1975-1985 Catalogs: Yankee, Warn, Peterson, Tripp Lite, Arrow, North American

    Yankee: Some others here: Both threads have some missing files. You possibly can find those via the Waybach Machine website
  4. Tony P

    Kent's (non-mechanical) Siren Repair Shop

    He is still around, but exceptionally busy. I have a handful of sirens to send him myself and was told it will be a while be fore he will have room on his work bench.
  5. Tony P

    RESOLVED Moderator approval

    This should be resolved. Shoot me a PM if you encounter any further issues with this in particular
  6. Tony P

    RESOLVED Moderator approval

    This happened with a recent change to correct editing sale ads. It will be corrected ASAP. Dave F and I are doing our best to approve posts that get kicked to the queue.
  7. Tony P

    Is eLightbars dying out?

    Thanks Nic...
  8. Tony P

    Support Intermittent site not available

    These issues should all be resolved now. A system upgrade was pushed through by Jman. If you experience further issues, please let us know what specific issues you are having.
  9. Tony P

    Open Dispute.

    He's alive and has been in contact with another member.
  10. Tony P

    Is eLightbars dying out?

    If it was possible for this to be taken over and fixed, Dave and I would have. Even Nathan R. with admin privileges does not have the access to right the ship. We have exhausted our options at this point.
  11. Tony P

    Trying to 3D print a new Aero gear! Help

    It's Christmas. Many people are out of town days in advance and after. Nonetheless, I have messaged him on Facebook.
  12. Tony P

    Support Intermittent site not available

    Site staff is aware that there are now issues posting images. There is no need to report this.
  13. Tony P

    Is eLightbars dying out?

    Yup. It will unfortunately stay this way until Jman decides to come back, if he does.
  14. Tony P

    Open Dispute.

    Jman has been owner since 2018 if not longer. I can't remember the specific date. Might be closer to 2016
  15. Tony P

    Open Dispute.

    From what I know it has run at a loss the majority of the time
  16. Tony P

    Dietz 7-11 looking for replacement motor

    @Skulldigger has rebuilt motors for several members here
  17. Tony P

    And with this post i bequeath 11K

    And they are all quality posts, not spam... Usually. Sometimes.
  18. Tony P

    Hello from Illinois!

    Welcome to the site! There are several knowledgeable members here who likely know how to help or may have the documents you need. Feel free to post photos in the appropriate forum section requesting help and someone will be along, I am sure of it!
  19. Tony P

    Another 8000 question?

    @Usmc69187 has a lot of these bars. Shoot him a message and maybe he will know someone with parts
  20. Tony P

    2015 Chevy 2500HD Install

    Please only comment if you have something pertinent to the add to the discussion.
  21. Tony P

    What will $10 buy you?VIDEO ADDED!

    Those were also "dead linked" behind the scenes during the software swap. Sometimes members have had luck finding them via the Wayback Machine online. The member who posted them has not been on here in over a year so its unlikely they will return to post them
  22. Tony P

    Need help - Dietz Omni-Chief Lightbar.

    When the site switched from vBulletin to Xenforo for forum software, some of the links "died". If you google the following " texttexttext" with the texttexttext replaced by the title of the thread (the end of the dead link typically) you will usually be able to find it. We...
  23. Tony P

    Hello from Mexico!

    Welcome to the site!
  24. Tony P

    Support Intermittent site not available

    Thread locked. We are aware of the numerous issues. Only Jman has the ability to rectify them. Dave and I are just as frustrated by this as you are and are working as hard as we can to remove duplicate posts.
  25. Tony P

    Support Intermittent site not available

    Yes that is part of the technical issue. None of this can get fixed without jman returning
  26. Tony P

    Is eLightbars dying out?

    That had been discussed and he was slowly removing some subsections, but then he vanished. I have someone who knows him personally that has told him we could use some of his time.
  27. Tony P

    Support Intermittent site not available

    @OSP959(R) and @Nolines yes, that is part of the tech issue that only Jman will be able to fix
  28. Tony P

    Support Intermittent site not available

    As do I! Or a certain new thread on here may end up a reality...

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