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  1. MtnMan

    Kent's (non-mechanical) Siren Repair Shop

    I'm currently in the process of relocation and restructuring my operations. Please feel free to refer to my Facebook page, for future updates.
  2. MtnMan

    Whelen Cencom powers one or two speakers from the same terminals. How?

    Because physics, lol. The siren amp doesn't need to detect or change anything. The output of the amp (whether it's 100 or 200 W) is a constant square wave of about 33 Vrms. Driving one 11 Ohm speaker, this produces 100 W output, per the equation above. A second speaker, wired in parallel to the...
  3. MtnMan

    Touchmaster Delta Issues

    Check the internal 20A fuse and I replied to your message.
  4. MtnMan

    Is eLightbars dying out?

    As far as I can tell, there isn't an actual error, but if you "try again" you get duplicate posts.
  5. MtnMan

    Federal Signal PA300 Mods

    Based on the the available documentation and my experience, the FDNY PA300 is a 200W version, with variable resistor R57 set for a higher pitch range (1,800 Hz peak instead of 1,575 Hz) and no connection at the Hi-Lo position of the function switch. That's all, folks!
  6. MtnMan


    What makes you think they're "better?"
  7. MtnMan


    The actual current draw of your equipment is 6 A each for the front and rear bars and 0.75 A for each T3, so your total will be around 18 to 20 A. Install a 30 A main fuse (not circuit breaker) close to the battery and run a 10 gauge feed to the fuse block or controller.
  8. MtnMan

    Are Two Speakers Better than One?

    Another way to think about it is that a 6 dB increase produces double the acoustic range (assuming an unobstructed path). E.g., a 200 W siren 200 ft away produces the same sound level as a 100 W siren at 100 ft. Of course, driver attention and reaction and are still the limiting factors in...
  9. MtnMan

    Vintage NYPD Signal Stat Question

    I wonder... what their logic was in using an extension base for the beacon, and then mounting the speaker off-center, blocking the passenger side flasher?
  10. MtnMan

    Is eLightbars dying out?

    No. Don't look. Cannot be unseen. :oops:
  11. MtnMan

    Is eLightbars dying out?

    I enjoy this community of good people and their expertise, but traffic has slowed to the point that I visit less often. Unfortunately, I think the loss of archive files hurt, and it seems like there's been an increase in transient members who drop in to ask a question or reply to an ad and then...
  12. MtnMan

    Federal SS2000 output transistors.

    The output voltage should be 32 VAC, measured across the blue and brown speaker wires. Try checking it again with both speakers disconnected. It might be a bad output transistor, but they usually fail with a short or open. It would be an unusual failure mode to produce low output. Replacement...
  13. MtnMan

    Galls Traffic Backer - Not for Ford Use?

    I don’t know where you got that idea. According to the article, the officer engaged drive while mistakenly pressing the accelerator, an error that would have been prevented by a working park interlock.
  14. MtnMan

    Speaker popping issue with Whelen 295HFSB1

    A short in the speaker would be my first guess. Are the diagnostic indicators are showing anything? Does the siren amp produce any sound with the speaker disconnected?
  15. MtnMan


    These guys ruined it for everyone
  16. MtnMan

    Dietz 9-50 Vs. 9-51 Vs. Grote

    I have a new 64011 that I'll probably never use. Msg me if you're interested.
  17. MtnMan


    Will, if I get to play with it and get it running, that;s a win-win. PM replied.
  18. MtnMan

    Sireno Condors in action

    Cool catch on the Condors! Gotta love those late 70s chase scenes... big, heavy cars with emission-choked V8s that could barely gasp out 150 HP on a good day. It took a lot of brake slides, dubbed sound effects, and gratuitous crashing to try to create the illusion that they're actually going...
  19. MtnMan

    SS200SM Configurator

    It's 200W total either way. However, the dual tones will produce a subjectively more noticeable signal. Of course, it's always possible the SS2000 isn't producing full output. Check it with a meter to be sure.
  20. MtnMan

    SS200SM Configurator

    You’re completely right. I typoed above, now corrected.
  21. MtnMan

    Old NYPD electronic sirens

    Here’s where the magic happens:
  22. MtnMan

    Old NYPD electronic sirens

    Yes, I finally figured out the modification.
  23. MtnMan

    Old NYPD electronic sirens

    Just gonna drop this here:
  24. MtnMan

    SS200SM Configurator

    200W vs 100W is a 3 decibel difference, which is noticeable but not dramatic. Don't expect it to sound twice as loud, because that would require 10x the power.
  25. MtnMan

    10 Output Customizable Sequence Flasher UPDATE 12/10/13

    Reuploaded: Still have some units available. The original requester bailed on me and I haven't done anything with this project since I started getting busy with repair work.
  26. MtnMan

    10 Output Customizable Sequence Flasher UPDATE 12/10/13

    I’ll look into that. Where on FB?
  27. MtnMan

    SS200SM Configurator

    Nope, still 33 VAC. The speakers are in parallel, so the voltage is the same as for one speaker.
  28. MtnMan

    SS200SM Configurator

    Are you referring to my patented Shriekometer testing technique? Seriously, the siren output is about 33 VAC. While not recommended for anyone with a pacemaker or other implanted device, that's fairly mild. Now, bear in mind, I hardly feel 120 VAC anymore, so maybe I'm not the best reference.
  29. MtnMan

    SS200SM Configurator

    Good to hear that worked ot. Yes, the SS2000 will drive two speakers for a total of 200 W. The siren doesn't "know" anything about the connected speakers, it just puts out voltage.
  30. MtnMan

    Signalmaster with a Code 3 Arrowstik?

    The two red wires are positive. The control wires are negative switched. Rewiring involves cutting circuit a few board traces to isolate the modules and adding three new wires. I think its pretty much self-explanatory when you look at the circuit board layout.

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