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  1. gtpts27

    Recent Craigslist Score

    Great score. Dig the FireMaster Advantedges.
  2. gtpts27

    Who is Sk8tr1919 on eBay?

    I reached out on FB to guy I think it is. Asked him to reach out to you if he is on ELB or if not to send me his email to give to you.
  3. gtpts27

    Update Me on the Trade

    Tony's points are spot on. Your LAPD Aero's value has likely increased significantly. You'll also likely be pleased with the value of your Twins (especially blue domes) and other Aero. FireHawk depends on color of base (red is most desirable) and if any TCL or DynaRays present. Folks like to...
  4. gtpts27

    TOMAR traffic advisor

    Dig it. I have an empty frame but haven't done anything with it yet, in part bc I wasn't sure how it was setup/power supply/etc.
  5. gtpts27

    Twinsonic/Aerotwinsonic mod capability

    Yes on an Aero. Not sure on a Twin. I'd planned to do it, and got the parts, but have cooled to the idea of not stock/modded bars in my collection (mostly due to deciding to have a smaller collection that originally planned). Should be cool though.
  6. gtpts27

    Whelen Justice WeCan

    Definitely cool. At first I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me when I saw the colored LR11s and then later white alleys... missed the pic showing the added alleys. They look well integrated. And I agree that WeCan is fun to play around with.
  7. gtpts27

    FDNY, CFD labeled Vision SLRs

    In time I will. My garage walls are lined with K&V standards and brackets and have bars on them. Still in process of refurbing bars and getting them display ready. Mostly a mess at present. I am making progress though and will post pics once cleaned up.
  8. gtpts27

    eBay Listing Whelen Responder Mirror

    Was my impression but I wasn't familiar enough w value to say. Seller has some good NOS Whelen stuff (must've come upon a stash) but prices too high for my interest.
  9. gtpts27

    eBay Listing Whelen Responder Mirror

    No idea if this is a reasonable price or not, but a new mirror for a responder beacon popped up on eBay:
  10. gtpts27

    PowerArc PA58 and XT76 NFPA Light Bars

    Thanks. Definitely a favorite of mine.
  11. gtpts27

    FDNY, CFD labeled Vision SLRs

    Thanks to YouTube, I learned above CFD set likely came from Ambulance 10 or 82. I hadn't been able to find any pics online of CFD apparatus w 6-pod sets w colored domes. The squads have 6-pods but with clear domes and O'Hare units have colored domes but with 8-pods. Mystery solved!
  12. gtpts27

    StarBar frame

    Found. Thanks @tsquale
  13. gtpts27

    Positive + Purchase from tsquale

    Picked up a StarBar frame from Tony. Great as always. Frame will ultimately become a PowerArc PA47.
  14. gtpts27

    PowerArc PA58 and XT76 NFPA Light Bars

    I've always like PowerArc stuff. Just made updated videos of these two bars.
  15. gtpts27

    Wanted WTB AdvantEdge Amber endcap

    Here's another. Good price on it.
  16. gtpts27

    Whelen Advantedge OSCs

    Finally got around to cutting lenses and re-wiring two Advantedge OSCs in collection. After watching video, still need to tweek the flush mount mirrors for better effect.
  17. gtpts27

    Wanted Whelen Light Bulb

    Bulb can be found new on eBay by searching part number listed on label on reflector (may have to drop the "c" at the end). Basically a 27W halogen bulb with long metal wire leads. You will also need to find the terminal connectors that crimp onto the red/black feed wires and fit the metal wires...
  18. gtpts27

    eBay Listing Twinsonic Model 12S

    This bar is also on eBay
  19. gtpts27

    Mock-up of Whelen R316 and L31 cross bar style lights

    Yeah the L31 rotation patterns aren't worth much and I suspect were an afterthought, whereas the Rota-Beams were obviously designed to be simulated rotators. The RBs look great and have an undeniable cool factor, but I don't think that translates into more effectiveness. If it did - and I wish...
  20. gtpts27

    Mock-up of Whelen R316 and L31 cross bar style lights

    Out of curiousity, I threw a pair of R316 Rota-Beams and a pair of L31s on a crossbar I had. Not sure what I think, though figured I'd share. I say a bit more in the YouTube video descriptions and also include a link to a video showing several Saginaw County (MI) cars with their Arch beacon setups.
  21. gtpts27

    4500 Rota-Beam

    Thanks Pete (though credit is to Whelen not me). I don't know if the simulated LED rotator is necessarily more effective than a bar with just flashing LEDs, but it's certainly prettier. That's particularly the case with the patterns that roll the light back and forth like the geared AeroDynics...
  22. gtpts27

    StarBar frame

    Bump. Still need frame for 48" StarBar. Needs to not have any busted off or stuck screws.
  23. gtpts27

    Positive purchase Rescue 1

    Picked up a mini Edge from @Rescue 1. Good communication and good transaction. Thanks!
  24. gtpts27

    4500 Rota-Beam

    Another entry in my quest to establish LED lights as collectibles... A 4500 Rota-Beam I built from parts I purchased mostly used (ie at a significant discount to new) over a couple years.
  25. gtpts27

    CIE Blue StreetHawk and ViewPoints

    Thanks for all the info!
  26. gtpts27

    So I missed my Strobehawk

    Well now I feel bad... but glad you were able to grab another.
  27. gtpts27

    CIE Blue StreetHawk and ViewPoints

    It's an abbreviation of the French name of a color standardizing body.
  28. gtpts27

    CIE Blue StreetHawk and ViewPoints

    Two of the "European" C. I. E. Blue bars in my collection.
  29. gtpts27

    Lowmarked MN State Patrol SUV

    I know Georgia has a similar law. In Virginia, on the other hand, it seems like close to half the state police cars are unmarked (doubt it's actually half but it's a significant percentage).

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