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    who makes the led sign boards that say "police scene ahead"..
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    Old whelen strobe lights-is there a market for them?

    Instead of throwing things away, even if you think they have no value at all, first please consider offering them here for "free plus shipping." Because of this fantastic community, I have found homes for so many things that others were throwing out.
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    HELP - from our electronics gurus

    The symbol indicates a diode, Pete. If you were to solder in a bridge, you will likely have some kind of a problem. The manufacturer wouldn't install a diode if it weren't needed. Hopefully @MtnMan or someone else wiser than I can tell you more about the type of diode based on the colored...
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    Support "push" notifications... oddity?

    From what I read in the preferences sections of my settings, all you need to do to disable the push notifications is sign out of the site on PC. That leads me to believe that signing out disables push notifications. Then just sign back in to the site but don't reenable the notifications.
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    1985 Code 3 XL - Belt Tension too High, Seizes Motor - HELP!

    There is a thread on the topic, here:
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    Restored - Honolulu PD Super Beacon Ray 174

    The benefits of the oscillation of the model 174 have been discussed here before. To put it in a somewhat more modern context, consider the effectiveness of the Magnabeam versus the Firebeam. If I recall correctly, the 176 came out some years after the 174 for applications where the an...
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    whelen ion install on headliner

    If you find that the standard Universal Mount Ion brackets interface with your headliner in such a way that the Ions are aimed at an undesirable angle, you may be able to use Whelen's IONK1B swivel bracket:
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    whelen ion install on headliner

    Are your ions the Universal Mount type or the Surface Mount type?
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    Siren Troubleshooting

    I remember posting incorrect information in a thread on this topic some years back and soon learning that the correct resistance to expect from the voice coil of a 100-watt siren speaker is around 4 ohms. I believe it was @Henry455 who schooled me on the matter. Your resistance measurement of...
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    For Sale Amber dual dash light and amber/blue stl light 20$ea

    You can be certain your Viper is a knock-off because the flash pattern button is not recessed.
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    Wanted Whelen Edge 1985 Power Supply

    SMD (surface mount) components are so tiny they're generally picked and placed by robots. This technology was only in its infancy in the 1980s. The capacitors used in OP's power supply are through-hole mounted.
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    Whelen UB412 power supply info

    If I'm reading the second post correctly, you'll have to also apply +12v DC to the grey and/or white wires to activate the pairs of strobe outputs.
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    Help with Q1b

    The Pulsator cone definitely changes the sound. While I don't believe a video of Q with a Pulsator is known to exist, this video does a good job of demonstrating how a Pulsator works in general:
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    Wanted Whelen Edge 1985 Power Supply

    I don't think any of those variants existed until well after 1985. His is one of the earliest Edge bars. Notice the full-height lens optics and the j-tube corner strobes.
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    Fire Department Alerting System

    Yes, I have been able to use the Minitor II, Minitor III and IV, Minitor V, and Minitor VI amplified chargers interchangeably over the years. The accessory connector pinout doesn't seem to have changed. The alerting system I made uses pins 2, 3, 4, and 5. Pins 1 and 6 are not used in my system.
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    Decal Removal Question

    If I were in your shoes, I would try using lighter fluid. Something like Ronsonol: Photo credit: Etsy In my experience, lighter fluid will not harm the lens like acetone or MEK might.
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    Whelen 295SLSA6 wiring question.

    You could check to see if the wire colors your application match those in the police application:
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    Support retrieve old PM message

    I hope I'm not speaking out of turn, but you may have received an email with the contents of the PM. Check the email account you use with the site.
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    Wanted Unitrol Omega

    There is one on OfferUp, here:
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    For Sale For Sale: APX6000 VHF

    Be careful, your asking price is currently $1.95. I imagine you are actually asking $195.00.
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    Wanted Whelen 4500 led series for an ambulance

    This is good news! I'll send a PM.
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    Wanted Whelen 4500 led series for an ambulance

    What is currently installed on the ambulance? Is there an existing Edge bar of some kind that you could retrofit with LED lightheads?
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    eBay Listing TwinSonic 12EF

    I'm happy to have helped!
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    eBay Listing Twinsonic Model 12S

    That's quite the uncommon bar, especially because it's built for a 24-volt system!
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    Wanted Whelen Light Bulb

    If this is for display, and not going in service, then would a bulb like this one be suitable?
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    Did the code 3 XL light bars ever come with strobes

    @JohnMarcson uploaded a catalog scan that lists an Opticom emitter as an option, here: This leads me to believe that other strobe offerings could be had from the factory.
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    Got a few new things/lightbar head change question

    Your viper is a knock-off. The genuine article used a recessed flash pattern button.
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    Federal 175 question

    What the others have said is corroborated when you find that the motor is powered by the same wire as the horizontal lamps.
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    Wanted Whelen flatlighter lens

    I do not have what you need in either case, but do you need 52-series lenses or 500-series lenses?

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