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    Whelen date codes?

    Are they YEAR/MONTH or MONTH/YEAR?
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    FS FireRay LED as bright as whelen M?

    Has anyone seen the fireray LED series in person and if so are they as bright as the whelen M series?
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    9M halogen/led flasher wiring

    does anyone know how the four input pins should be wired? Wondering what the function of the top three pins are (fourth pin is scan lock from the install guide)
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    LINV2 external flashers compatibility?

    does anyone know if the LINV2 plays nice with external flashers (Carbide)? I know the LINZ6/LIN3/TIR3 all can't do cruise/low power/steadyflash patterns, has anyone tried these with the LINV2? I'd like the ability to display a cruise pattern from carbide.
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    Ion Duo - Colour Override Choice?

    Hello, Does anyone have any experience with the Ion Duo setting both colours to steady (for use with a carbide), which colour will be displayed when both inputs are on steady? For example if one had a red/blue Ion duo and set both red and blue to steady then powered both red and blue at the...
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    Wecan IO - what year for steadyflash

    does anyone know what year Wecan IO boards in libertys started to be able to run the steadyflash pattern? I have a 2009 and 2010 that can't run it and a 2012 that can. I'm looking at a getting a 2011 IO but I like to be able to run steadyflash.
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    PAR-28 housings?

    does anyone make a housing for a PAR 28 lamp (Whelen's par-28's)?
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    Steady Flicker 75 pattern

    anyone have a video of this or seen it? Is it similar to whelen's steady flash?
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    Whelen duo traffic advisor pattern program

    Does anyone know how to program the Whelen duo traffic advisor to flash two cycles of "sequence on - sequence off" in Amber, then flash two cycles of Red/Blue like in their liberty 2 demo video: (2:45) I'm certain I've seen another video somewhere where this feature was enabled but I can't...
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    Wanted Cantrol (Non-WC) Software

    I'm looking for a copy of the original Cantrol Software (Non-WC Version). I have obtained an activation code from the local Whelen master distributor however they keep sending me the CantrolWC program instead of the original Cantrol software, and they can't seem to find a copy of the original...
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    CenCom Sapphire Backlighting

    Does anyone know if it is possible to set a custom backlight intensity for the Sapphire control head? I've tried configuring one of the buttons as the "Backlight Switch" which cycles the backlighting between off-low-medium-high, however after I turn the vehicle off it seems to forget what...
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    Wanted Liberty DUO internal harness

    Hello, I need to replace the melted/hacked up harnesses for a Whelen Liberty Duo I/O Board that was sold to me. The part numbers I need are either: 46-0786873-00 and 46-0786873-01 or 46-0786873-02 and 46-0786873-03 Whichever one of those have the white ground wires instead of the black...
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    911ep TDWL 24

    I think this qualifies as collectible now since they've been out of business for several years. I bought this NOS 911ep TDWL off of the forum here and made a flash pattern video. I still think 911ep had some of the best flash patterns in the industry... if only they had a reliable product to...
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    Oklahoma - 911ep surplus?

    With Oklahoma highway patrol changing to sound off bars, anyone know what'll happen to all their old 911ep bars?
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    Ripped Off by MEVS06

    I purchased a Wecan Duo I/O board from MEVS06 over messaging from this website, and sent $380 USD on April 21. As the item had not been shipped and MEVS06 didn't reply to any of the messages I sent on this site, I opened a paypal dispute. MEVS06 shipped the board on May 13, and asked that I...
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    Whelen Wecan Duo Wiring Harnesses

    Hello everyone, Since MEVS06 sold me a damaged wecan board with melted and cut harnesses and now won't reply to my PM's, I'm looking to replace the damaged harnesses on this Wecan Duo I/O from 2012. The harnesses I need are labelled "J10" "J11" and "J12" I've attached a photo for reference...
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    Fedsig PA-15A - collectable?

    Saw this in the garbage bin at our garage, looked old so I scoped it up just in case it's collectable... Are things things of any interest to collectors?
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    I purchased a Wecan Duo I/O board from MEVS06 over messaging from this website, and sent $380 USD on April 21. As the item had not been shipped and MEVS06 didn't reply to any of the messages I sent on this site, I opened a paypal dispute. MEVS06 shipped the board on May 13, and I closed the...
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    Changing two Red/Blue Avenger to Red/Red & Blue/Blue?

    I've switched a few old talons around and they are pretty easy to move the modules, but has anyone done this with avengers? They're out of warranty so I'm not worried about voiding that. Do the actual lightheads slide into four pins like the talons?
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    Pa500 - does it have airhorn?

    As the title states, does the pa 500 have an airhorn tone? Or only siren?
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    9M into mini-freedom for our boat

    Cut down an old strobe / halogen 9M and turned it into a freedom mini bar, got the corner modules on ebay for cheap. Wired it to a ULF-44 flasher. Nothing fancy but will be way better than the single flash able strobe beacon that is on there right now. I turned the second half of the bar into a...
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    Playing with patterns on a Whelen Legacy

    Got to try out a demo legacy. Was hoping to compare it to a demo integrity at the same time but the integrity never got mounted up in time. I didn't have a choice for night vs day for the videos, I usually arrived at dusk and by the time I finished playing with the programming the sun was...
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    9M strobe power supply - help

    Does anyone know what each of the 6 wires does going into a 9M supply? I'm guessing black is ground, Red is power? Then are the rest positive triggers for front/rear, scan lock, and ??? I'm trying to make my own mini bar and I don't want to use the power distribution board from the 9M, just...
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    2015 Tahoe Winch Bumper?

    Anyone know of a heavy duty winch bumper available for 2015 Tahoe's yet?
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    Steady Flash - Not Working on 2010 Wecan Board?

    Does anyone know how I can get steady flash to work on a Wecan board from 2010 or is this just not possible? I bought an updated wecan control point from 2012 but I still can't seem to get my wecan bar to properly display steadyflash :(
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    From the scrap heap this week... Whelen find

    Came off a motorcycle I think, thought it was kind of cool and may be of interest to someone here. If anyone wants it for their collection let me know, I don't have enough room to store it.
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    2013 Chevrolet 2500HD

    Our latest addition to the fleet, I spec'd the equipment:
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    Old fire rig - Still in service

    Not even sure if it qualifies as vintage if it's still in frontline service... but I figured you might want to see it anyway: OldTwin1 by C-GCLL, on Flickr OldTwin2 by C-GCLL, on Flickr
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    My custom wecan dominator / liberty duo

    Let me know what you think. Skip to 40s for the patterns that show off the dominator. Rear: Amber Flash Rear: Traffic Arrow
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    TIR-3's added to gaps in 54" Liberty

    Added some TIR-3's to the gaps in my 54" Liberty SX. Untitled by C-GCLL, on Flickr Untitled by C-GCLL, on Flickr by C-GCLL, on Flickr by C-GCLL, on Flickr

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