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  1. hawkspringsfire

    What's this worth?

    So I am attending the law enforcement academy once again and noticed this in their vehicle garage. I was going to see if I could acquire it. I'm just curious what's it worth in case they ask me a price or something. Also any information on it would be great.
  2. hawkspringsfire

    Look what I found at the city shop

    So I was at our city shop waiting for my cruiser to get done, when I stumbled on to this, a Federal Signal Twin Sonic 12. I asked the shop manager what the story was on it, and he said it's been collecting dust for over 20 years. I asked him if I could have it and he said sure. I took it home...
  3. hawkspringsfire

    Smart siren b series

    I have been assigned a patrol car, the only thing I don't like is on the keypad it's programmed for high low instead of priority tone. How do I change that? On the keypad or software. I've been out of the game for a while.
  4. hawkspringsfire

    2018 Dodge Chargers

    Ok I have been tasked with doing a fleet install on 11 Dodge Chargers for our department. First these are not police package so I have run into multiple issues with fitment and placement of equipment. Second yes the products are STL, not by my choice. Anyways here are some pictures of the first...
  5. hawkspringsfire

    Wanted 2018 Dodge Charger light bar straps

    I am in need of 6 sets of light bar mounting straps that will fit a 2018 Dodge charger. The brand does not matter.
  6. hawkspringsfire

    2018 Dodge Charger light bar brackets

    Ok so I am going to be starting to install on 7 new Dodge Charges. I have 4 Sound Off ETL5000 and 2 Code 3 LEDX 2100 to install. These are used light bars and came with light bar mouting brackets that come off of 2011 Chevy Tahoes. My question is will the brackets still work to mount them? I...
  7. hawkspringsfire

    D&R experts

    I have this controller that came in a box of stuff. I cannot find any information on the web about it, nor on their website. Anyone know anything about it?
  8. hawkspringsfire

    Wanted Whelen PAR28 Charger Brackets

    I am in search of a new pair of whelen par28 fog light brackets for a 2014 dodge charger. I just need the brackets.
  9. hawkspringsfire

    Twin Sonic

    Here is a light bar I took in on a trade today. Twin Sonic 12X. Below are the before pictures, I plan cleaning it up then I don't know. [Broken External Image]: [Broken External...
  10. hawkspringsfire

    Wanted Code 3 XF2300 Domes

    Looking for any and all domes for this light bar color or clear.
  11. hawkspringsfire

    Hhs2200 and radio

    Ok I have a secondary radio, motorola Astro spectra, that I've installed in my trunk. The head is installed in the truck as well. I ran the speaker up front under my seat, but want to be able to turn it off when I don't wanna hear the traffic. I was thinking either having a way to shut the radio...
  12. hawkspringsfire

    Wanted Code 3 3997 Remote siren head

    I am looking for a used but in great shape Code 3 RLS 3997 siren control head.
  13. hawkspringsfire

    Code 3 Siren 3995?

    I have this compact siren with a control head I've never seen before. I searched and cannot find any information on it. A picture is attached below.
  14. hawkspringsfire

    For Sale Motorola Astro Spectra and W3

    Up for sale is a used W3 HHCH, tested and works great. Asking $55 shipped for it.
  15. hawkspringsfire

    Wanted Motorola W3 interconnect board

    I am looking for a Motorola Astro spectra plus mid power interconnect board for the W3 HHCH.
  16. hawkspringsfire

    Wanted Whelen Red PAR28s

    I'm looking for a pair of red Whelen par28s red/red with clear lens and fog light brackets for a 2014 Dodge charger, new or used.
  17. hawkspringsfire

    2014 Dodge Charger Grille Mounting

    I'm looking for pictures or tips on how people have installed lights beind the grille. I'm running into some problems getting mine to fit perfect. 
  18. hawkspringsfire

    Wanted Sound Off nforce plastic flanges

    I am looking for 2 sound off nforce plastic flanges for the ENFSSS3D. Mine both got cracked. [Broken External Image]:
  19. hawkspringsfire

    Wanted IONs, Dominator

    I am also looking for a Whelen Dominator D8 in all red or amber or a Sound Off Ultralite 8 or 12.  Also looking for a pair of red Whelen Surface mount IONs. New or used is fine.
  20. hawkspringsfire

    Whelen, SoundOff, D&R

    D&R led haw set. There are 2 blue and 2 red led heads with 9 LEDs in each head. There is also a 4 channel flasher with then. Asking $100 shipped. Sound off led inserts in blue, red, and white. 2 Sound off intersector mirror lights, 2 in blue. Asking $150 shipped a pair. Sound off...
  21. hawkspringsfire

    Wanted Motorola HHCH

    Looking for a Motorola HHCH W3 with the Y cable, used is fine just needs to work great.
  22. hawkspringsfire

    2014 Dodge Charger SE

    So far all I have got done was installed the whelen ta and the whelen linz6. Soon to be installed is a pair of whelen m4s and whelen par36s. This will all be ran off a whelen hhs.
  23. hawkspringsfire

    2014 Dodge Charger Ideas

    Ok so I just bought a 2014 Dodge Charger and I am wanting to add some lights to it. I was thinking about putting in the Whelen PAR36s in the fog light area and Whelen M4s in the grille. These would be flashing the X pattern. I don't think I will be adding a light in the windshield. I may also be...
  24. hawkspringsfire

    2006 Ford F150 POV

    This is my second vehicle that is driven mainly by the wife, but will still have lights on it. It wont have as many as my explorer, but it will still look good. Currently installed is a Whelen D4, on each side is going to be 2 Whelen TIR3s. In the future maybe a dash light and HAWs.
  25. hawkspringsfire

    Scottsbluff, NE Sheriff's Office

    Officer Amanda Baker. Correctional Officer Amanda Baker, Scotts Bluff County Detention Center, Nebraska
  26. hawkspringsfire

    Scottsbluff,NE corrections officer killed by teen.

    This happened 30 miles from us. It's sad for the officer, it just gies tho show that evil has no age. WNCC mourning corrections officer's brutal death; teenage suspect isolated
  27. hawkspringsfire

    Whelen, Federal Signal, D&R, Galls

    New items added: 2 Blue Sound Off Predator 2s-  asking $100 shipped a pair. 2 Sound Off XP 63 LED Light, split red/blue. Mounted inside of vehicle and look brand new, they will come with the brackets pictured. Asking $100 shipped for them. D&R 4 LED HAW system. You will get 2 red and 2...
  28. hawkspringsfire

    Career Change

    Well after 7 years of working for the Goshen County Sheriff's Office I decided it was time for a change of pace. Starting Feb. 18,2013 I will start my new position of Port of Entry specialist for the Wyoming Highway Patrol. My plan is to work there for 3-4 years and get all of my commercial...
  29. hawkspringsfire

    Wiring Problem???

    Ok the other day I started my vehicle and went into work. I thought that I smelled something weird and didn't think much of it. Well after I got off work I started my vehicle to find that nothing in my console turned on. I opened the hood and found that my 100 amp circuit breaker was tripped...
  30. hawkspringsfire

    3 dead after attack at Wyo. community college

    This is a little close to home for me. Casper is only three hours from where I am at. 3 dead after attack at Wyo. community college - Yahoo! News

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