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  1. Omegaman78

    Wanted Decatur mv-715

    Hello all, Trying to find A Decatur mv-715 with antenna. Anyone out there that can help it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Matt
  2. Omegaman78

    Wanted Motorola mdt 9100

    Wanted to see if anybody has an old Motorola mdt 9100. Thanks Matt
  3. Omegaman78

    Wanted Decatur antenna

    Hello all I recently purchased from this site a Decatur rangemaster Radar set 715 which came with the larger antenna. I’m lookong for the smaller one that attaches to this unit pictured below (the one attached to the rear window) Anyone can help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Matt
  4. Omegaman78

    Wanted Decatur Rangemaster Radar

    Looking for a vintage Decatur Rangemaster Radar stationary not moving Radar.
  5. Omegaman78

    Wanted Vintage vehicle shotgun locks

    Looking for vehicle shotgun locks used 80s and 90s please include pics if possible thank you. Matt
  6. Omegaman78

    Wanted MDI 9031 Vintage Police car MDT

    In desperate search for older style MDT MDI 9031 anyone out there that has one or know someone that does please contact me. Matt
  7. Omegaman78

    Wanted Mark 7 PA Mic

    Looking for the mark 7 PA mic. It has a 4 pin connector in the back. Thanks.
  8. Omegaman78

    Wanted Vintage mdt

    looking for this older style mdt its an MDI 9031 anyone with information please contact me thank you. Matt
  9. Omegaman78

    Wanted Vintage Police MDTs

    looking for older style Mdt’s
  10. Omegaman78

    Wanted Nypd mark 7 siren

    i know these are hard to come by I actually had one w no harness. Sent it out to be serviced and disappeared in the wind. If anyone has one even w no harness id appreciate it. Thanks Matt
  11. Omegaman78

    Wanted Vintage police mdts

    Looking to see if anybody has any old mdts for my restored 89 caprice. Any pictures would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Matt
  12. Omegaman78

    Wanted Decatur rangemaster rm-715

    Looking for this old rangemaster stationary radar unit. Doesn't have to include the antenna. Thanks. Matt
  13. Omegaman78

    Wanted Motorola MDI 9031

    This is just a shot in the dark I am restoring an 89 caprice and looking for this earlier style mdt. Anyone out there have one or maybe point me in the right direction? Thanks. Matt
  14. Omegaman78

    Wanted Decatur Range Master

    Restoring an 89 unmarked caprice looking to purchase a Decatur Rangemaster radar set. Please include pics if possible. Thank you. Matt

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