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  1. CAPTAIN 58

    Help with an id on this lightbar

    Does anyone know what this is and how much its worth I dont want to pay too much if its not worth anything there are no plates labels or tags and I never seen one like it
  2. CAPTAIN 58

    Spring Melt in Allentown PA this saturday and sunday

    I took off work all week and now I'm Getting stuff ready for this Sunday I will be in spots 206 and 207 at the Allentown spring melt in PA anyone interested I will have a few twin Sonic's. Also that are not in the picture
  3. CAPTAIN 58

    Wanted ISO Beacon Ray

    I'm looking to add a beacon Ray to my collection I have many things to choose from as trade I have lightbar sirens vintage sirens siren speakers LED grill lights I even have code 3 oscillator lights if anybody has a beacon Ray they are willing to part with let me know what you will be willing...
  4. CAPTAIN 58

    For Sale $50.00 Red fire ball on flebay

    If anyone is interested I found a red Fireball on fleabay for 50 bucks
  5. CAPTAIN 58

    Wanted Star rear deck multi pattern red and blue

    Star model. ULB42-1 multi flash pattern red /blue rear deck LED light asking $250 shipped anywhere in the continental United States ONLY
  6. CAPTAIN 58

    For Sale Red LED whelen lightbar

    CAPTAIN 58 submitted a new listing: Red LED whelen lightbar - Whelen red led lightbar Read more about this listing...
  7. CAPTAIN 58

    Wanted Iso blue code 3 oscillator lenses

    Does anyone know where I could get ahold of 2 blue code 3 oscillator lenses part number. pse 553x
  8. CAPTAIN 58

    eBay Listing Red /Red twinsonic in pa 4/sale $50 !

    Check out this Lightbar for truck all red lights for $50 on OfferUp
  9. CAPTAIN 58

    For Sale $10 aerodynic lenses for sale Richmond Virginia area

    Anybody in the Richmond Virginia area I happen to come across this listing on let-go for aerodynic lenses for $10 go get 'em posted by G Willcox
  10. CAPTAIN 58

    For Sale Whelen responders on ebay 2 blue 2 green

    found on eBay 4 Whelen responder llights 2 blue 2 green currently going for $103 I would love to have just one of the green ones if anyone buys this let me know I'll buy one of the green ones off of you
  11. CAPTAIN 58

    For Sale $800 lightbar collection for sale on eBay

    Hey guys I was checking out some listings on eBay and came across this amazing score!
  12. CAPTAIN 58

    Positive Excellent transaction with soutthpaw

    Excellent communication and Flawless transaction with soutthpaw well packaged fast shipping of Amber domes for Excalibur lightbar
  13. CAPTAIN 58

    For Sale Star phantom rear deck red /blue led

    CAPTAIN 58 submitted a new listing: Star phantom rear deck red /blue led - Led deck light red /blue Read more about this listing...
  14. CAPTAIN 58

    my 2011 dodge dakoda Animal Control truck

    It's a 2011 dodge Dakota with FS vision light and siren unit with clear led strobe in reverse and fog lights. I will be upgrading to a led bar soon.
  15. CAPTAIN 58

    Blue blue federal twin beacon ray

    Okay guys and gals so I just picked up a vintage Blue/ blue Federal Signal twin light bar off of somebody on the sight OfferUp for..... wait for it .....wait for it...... $75 this is the second vintage light that I bought off of these for sale sites for pennies of what they're worth does...
  16. CAPTAIN 58

    For Sale 2 GE M-PA scan and 1 M-PA select. With charger

    I have 2 working 5 watt General Electric m -pa scan portable radios and 1 M-PA select and one charger units were tested with a battery from the company that programmed them they are currently programmed for Delaware County Pennsylvania Police and Fire with a transmitted identifier and must be...
  17. CAPTAIN 58

    Wanted I'm looking for 2 Clear twinsonic lenses will trade for red and blue ones

    Hi All I am looking to trade a set of red and blue twinsconic lenses for clear ones the ones I have are in pretty good condition so let me know if any are available
  18. CAPTAIN 58

    Wanted Blue twin sonic lense

    I'm looking for a blue lense for a twinsonic any body know where I can find one it doesn't have to look perfect the red lense I have is not the best but I'd like something half decent
  19. CAPTAIN 58

    Vision bar siren question

    Ok so I have a fed sig vision bar and I can't seem to get the siren programs to work, I have tried doing the level 4 program but the only thing that I can get to work is the manual yelp and air horn , when I start the truck the keypad beeps several times as to indicate a issue after pressing...
  20. CAPTAIN 58

    Hey guys

    Hey guys I'm new here and not quite sure how this all works, I guess you can say I'm a Wacker lol I'm a emt firefighter and work for the police as the county animal cruelty officer I have a big ass vision lightbar on my truck and a few different ones I collected I have 3 different style areo...

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