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  1. ff168577

    Whelen inner edge issue.

    I have an inner edge in my car, and used it yesterday for about 30 minutes on a hot day. I went outside last evening to put stuff away, and noticed a red light on. I checked it out, and it was behind the light head itself. All switches were off. I’ve had intermittent issues with half of this...
  2. ff168577

    Dodge Charger inner edge- Takedown issue

    Good afternoon, I am kind of baffled by this, I acquired an older Whelen inner edge (2008 dodge charger), that had all red modules. I tried hooking up the takedown function because I was looking to convert the takedown modules from red to white, and I can not get the takedowns to...
  3. ff168577

    Western Berks interceptor SUV

    Found this on Policecarwebsite. The edge actually looks pretty good on top of there.
  4. ff168577

    Circuit board repairs

    Anyone repair circuit boards? I have a fried capacitor on a board, and wonder if someone had experienced fixing them. Thanks
  5. ff168577

    Whelen freedom modules

    Does anyone know if older freedom modules will fit in a new style freedom.
  6. ff168577

    Inner edge for 2010 Ford Edge

    I acquired a Whelen iz35ufz( Its labeled for a charger), but does anyone know if a Ford set of brackets would work for this? I currently slants to the middle. This is it currently installed.
  7. ff168577

    Wanted Whelen cencom hand held controller

    I have a whelen 18 switch controller. I'm looking to trade for the hand held controller.
  8. ff168577

    Federal signal smart siren - SOLD

    Federal signal smart siren Lightly used Federal smart siren. Harness and control cable included. List Date: 12/3/2016 For more info, click here to view the original listing: Federal signal smart siren -------------------------------------- SOLD...
  9. ff168577

    Wanted Whelen Tir3 traffic directional black plastic spacer

    In need of 2, Whelen Tir3 traffic directional black plastic spacer
  10. ff168577

    Nice Sync job. Pierce did a decent job syncing the new Kentland Rig.
  11. ff168577

    Wanted Federal Signal Firebeam mirror

    I'm looking for a federal signal firebeam Morrow or flash shield.
  12. ff168577

    Wanted Whelen mini Justice

    Looking for a Whelen Justice. Blue in color. Thank you.
  13. ff168577

    Gall's Street Thunder siren

    Gall's street Thunder Siren St160. No wiring harness. $50. Plus shipping.
  14. ff168577

    For Sale Code 3 X heads. Red/Blue

    1 Red Code 3 X-head. 1 Blue Code 3 X-head. $25 each. $40 for the pair. Plus shipping.
  15. ff168577

    Whelen Tir3-used-blue

    Whelen Tir3. Used. Black bezel. $25 each
  16. ff168577

    For Sale Whelen Liberty heads-Blue

    Whelen Liberty heads from an Sx bar. Blue in color. 4- Extended corner Liberty heads. $45 each. O.b.o. Plus shipping.
  17. ff168577

    SOLD - Code 3 hide-a-blast- Pair-Blue. $65.

    Code 3 hide-a-blast blue in color. $65 for the pair, plus flat rate shipping through usps. PayPal.
  18. ff168577

    For Sale Whelen Vertex's- Clear. $65 for the pair.

    A pair of clear Vertex's. 8ft cords or so. $65 for the pair plus flat rate shipping. Prefer PayPal.
  19. ff168577

    Strobesnmore sync with Whelen

    Will the Strobesnmore Tiger series sync with Whelen vertex a or are they different flasher types.  Thank you in advance. 
  20. ff168577

    Wanted Whelen Cencom Gold backlight harness

    Looking for a Whelen Cencom Gold backlight harness.
  21. ff168577

    For Sale Whelen Remote Dashmiser.

    Selling a very clean Whelen remote Dual Dashmiser. Blue/Amber lenses. Flawless. Never used. $65 shipped.
  22. ff168577

    For Sale LP6000- Clear with Red filters

    Selling a LP6000 with clear lenses and Red filters.  No siren speaker.  Has Alley lights. Very clean. 47"  $100 w/ shipping.  
  23. ff168577

    Finally got one- G.E. Powercall- PPD

    After nearly 10 years of looking, and watching, almost spending, I finally found a deal on an G.E. Powercall siren from the Philadelphia Police Department.  My chief at my part-time organization said he had a G.E. Powercall.  I offered him $250 on the spot without even looking at it.  He took...
  24. ff168577


    SpitFire- Blue $50 plus shipping. OBO. All are in great working order.   Prefer Paypal. 
  25. ff168577

    Holy Grail- Craigslist
  26. ff168577

    New Ambulance for my work.

    Here is our brand new Horton for my full time job. 2014 E-450 Gas Horton. All Whelen M-Series lighting. We wanted to stick with a full lightbar for better intersection coverage. Flash patterns were specified by the company. I wanted a single flash set-up, the ambulance captain liked the double...
  27. ff168577

    Cencom Sapphire/Two wire traffic advisor

    What wire, input output should I used for a 2 wire traffic advisor. I am having an issue figuring out the wiring for it. Thank you in advance.
  28. ff168577

    Cencom sapphire wire size help

    I am going to hook up my Cencom Sapphire tomorrow, and I have 12 gauge wire running to a multi fused distribution block, powering a Liberty Sx bar. I was wondering if the 12 gauge at 8-9 foot is good enough to power my Cencom and the Liberty Sx?
  29. ff168577

    Opinion's on switch set up

    Looking for opinion's on a switch set up. It is controlling a Sx Liberty with a 2- wire T/A, alley's take downs. I have a Whelen 295HFSA5 (siren won't be used, I have no speaker), or a FS-SW300, or a standard 7 head switch panel with carling switches. Advantages to Whelen 295HFSA5: Able to...
  30. ff168577

    Chicago FD going Red and Blue?

    Chicago Fd going Red and Blue instead of Red and Green? Anyone have any info on this?

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