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    Converting Justice WC from CON3 to LIN

    It won't cause any programing issues changing the CON3's to linears. Changing the LTR3's to takedowns shouldn't cause any problem either although you'll have to change their programing to come on as takedowns if that's what you want
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    Using mpower with carbide

    In my experience everything but the low power or cruise features will work
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    Whelen Liberty- when & what types of diodes over the years?

    So whelen isn’t using the super-bright yellow anymore?
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    Whelen date codes?

    Are they YEAR/MONTH or MONTH/YEAR?
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    2018 Ford PIU headlight question

    Hmmm that’s unique, not the normal ions I’ve seen in there
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    All LED cruise light steady burn - Liberty

    If you have a we can bar it can be programmed, if you have an LC bar then only the corners will cruise
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    Can all Whelen lightheads cruise mode?

    Yeah I’m a big fan of cruise... I don’t know if the soundoff nlines can cruise but soundoff does put cruise in most of their products. In my experience TIR-3s don’t like any low power or cruise and just don’t power on at all. The ions I have won’t power up on cruise but they will power up for a...
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    Can all Whelen lightheads cruise mode?

    Ions/Tir6/Tir3/Talon will all steady burn. In my experience only the tir6 and talon will cruise properly from an external flasher
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    FS FireRay LED as bright as whelen M?

    Has anyone seen the fireray LED series in person and if so are they as bright as the whelen M series?
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    Liberty SX flash pattern question

    if you disconnect the lightheads within the bar I’m fairly sure the patterns will still change. You need to ensure the activation wires for those lightheads aren’t connected to +12V to ensure the pattern doesn’t change
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    Whelen Liberty, one alley will not flash

    What type of Liberty is it?
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    Federal Signal ILS issue...

    This. Almost all our legends have a board or two out. If you’re good with soldering you can probably fix it, but it’s no simple task
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    Cruise lights on ULF 44

    Set all the light heads to steady burn, wire them to the ulf, change the ulf pattern to cruise.
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    SmartLogic Flasher

    Should be able to do that I imagine. Although I’ve found the cruise modes from whelen flashers don’t work with sound off products so I would keep that in mind. Everything else should work though
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    Whelen Liberty Question

    The IO board for the freedom and liberty are the same, freedom heads are 12 led... so theoretically i think it should work, but I haven’t seen anyone do it so I can’t say for sure
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    Whelen flashers

    I guess I was thinking in terms of being able to sync multiple flashers together or sync with other Whelen products
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    Cencom wiring help?

    Any Whelen dealer should be able to find the harness part numbers for you
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    Whelen Inner Edge patter help. This install guide should explain the wiring for that inner edge
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    Whelen flashers

    I don’t think The ULF-44 really has anything comparable, that’s why it’s so often recommended
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    Please help ID this light

    Looks like a knock off or Chinese something, probably be hard to ID
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    Whelen Edge 9000 controller

    I don’t think the movies show what controller is in the car do they? You can probably use whatever you wabt
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    Can I.?? Liberty LIN6 modules to inner edge modules...

    They are totally different modules
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    Is there a good link for over the top chief vehicles, etc?
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    Sync Whelen tracer with the traffic advisor.

    I’m not terribly familiar with the tracer but it doesn’t sync with TA control heads I don’t believe
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    Chevy Tahoe SSV separate high beam/reverse flasher

    I think they could be separated but it seem to recall it was not at all intuitive to get them to activate separately
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    Whelen F- Series Lightheads

    Very odd... no idea
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    Carbide Troubles

    Could be a bad USB cable, bad USB port on his computer, or the USB connection on the carbide
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    Whelen ( WeCan® software download )

    It does not
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    Dual Color Flash Patterns

    Some of the CTScan and Duo Scan patterns might be close to that, there’s so many I haven’t sat through them all but it’s worth a look
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    Carbide Working with Soundoff M Power And Other Questions

    I’ve used an mPower 3” duo Red/White and it works fine except in low power or cruise. Otherwise works great

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