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    Wanted 911EP LS15 all red

    OK. It's that "Next Iteration" that I'm looking for.
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    Wanted 911EP LS15 all red

    OK. I don't think ours have screws on the front, but I don't remember off the top of my head. I'll check it out when I see the engine this weekend.
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    Wanted 911EP LS15 all red

    Looking for one or two 911EP LS15 lamps in all red. The outdoor mountable type (non-switched?). Should be a 15" long thing with 4 LED modules fixed to a silver mounting base. We have one on our fire engine and I want to put a couple on the brush rig. They are very effective. Please PM. Thanks!
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    For Sale Federal Signal Vision SLR & SSP3000A

    Bar was sold some time ago. Mods please lock.
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    Wanted CANtrol Gen 2 USED wiring harness

    Anyone have a USED wiring harness for a Gen 2 CANtrol they'd let go cheap? Really need the main power, LED output cables (2) and input cable. Dont care if they are short so long as I can splice onto them! Any help? I'm aware of aftermarket replacements. Trying to keep costs down.
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    Liberty WECAN Wiring Question

    Mine was a two-pin Molex male connector, red and white. You are correct, thats the center takedown.
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    CANtrol Gen1/2/3 differences?

    Can anyone explain the differences between the three generations of Whelen CANtrol units?
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    Liberty WECAN Wiring Question

    I figured this out - needed a specific file for a bar with those outputs enabled. If anyone has a copy of WECAD that still has the Liberty 1 in it, SAVE IT. You can't get it anymore.
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    What to do

    I agree with Dave.
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    For Sale FedSig SSP3000A COMPLETE WITH BOX - Look!

    For sale is my personal SSP3000A that I purchased brand new from Federal Signal several years ago. It is complete and includes the amplifier/relay module with the plastic protective cover, SSP Smart Controller, all wiring harnesses, controller brackets, microphone (which is BRAND NEW, I didn't...
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    Cantrol Programmer Registration

    So if you want to program an original CANtrol 1, how do you register the software if it isn't supported anymore? I can download it from Whelen's site, but once installed it asks for a product key and user information. I give it some nonsense, and it says that an HTTP request couldn't be...
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    Wanted Whelen light heads and parts (LINZ6, SXTLED, etc.)

    Still looking for amber LINZ6 modules! Two wire steady burn is fine. Found the rest of what I needed.
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    Wanted LINZ6 Amber

    I would like to buy an amber LINZ6 if anyone has any available. 2 wire steady burn is just fine. No housing/shroud needed, just the light itself. Please PM. Thanks!
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    Liberty WECAN Wiring Question

    Curious. I have a 48" Liberty WECAN with the DUO TA. I'm doing a bit of a custom configuration on it, and I'm curious about something. In the bar are two connectors labeled "L7F" and "L7R". I can't seem to address light-head 7 in the Command software. I tried programming the bar with everything...
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    Radio interference on lights when TX'ing

    Usually these are "Part 15" devices that are licensed by rule, rather than individually. Looking up the operating frequency (which is probably 315MHz or 433MHz) really isn't going to do anything to mitigate the interference. I'm sure he will have success with the ferrites, I'm certain the...
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    Radio interference on lights when TX'ing

    Correct. And of course, remember that not all ferrites are created equal, so if at first you don't succeed, experiment with not only placement of the ferrites, but also different types of ferrites. Usually you just wrap the affected cable through the ferrite a couple of times and clamp it on...
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    Radio interference on lights when TX'ing

    Hams don't understand the concept of not having a VFO, let alone having to use a computer to program things. They also don't understand the ruggedness of a commercial radio vs. an amateur radio, be it Kenwood, Icom, Yaesu or Barfalong. And yes, I'm a ham. A real ham, not an appliance operator...
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    Radio interference on lights when TX'ing

    Nice one, Jarred. Get some various ferrite beads and put the cables for the key fob interface and all lighting related cables through the ferrites. Do some homework on how to install them. This will strip (most) of the RF off of those cables and likely solve your problem. We've had issues with...
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    Wanted Whelen light heads and parts (LINZ6, SXTLED, etc.)

    Looking for the following Whelen equipment: (4) LINZ6 Amber, don't need brackets or anything just the lamps. Two-wire steady burn units please, not the sync units. (2) LR11 Single lamps with brackets for Liberty (1) SXTLED Super High Intensity takedown with bracket for Liberty (1) Liberty...
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    Wanted Whelen CANCTL7

    Found an NOS unit from a dealer, so no longer looking. Thanks!
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    Strap Kit for 1991 F150?

    What exactly do you mean? I suppose I should run a "test fit" this weekend.
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    Strap Kit for 1991 F150?

    I know I'm asking for a stretch here, but does anyone have any old Whelen documentation indicating which strap kit is correct for mounting a 52" EDGE on a 1991 F150? I know it is a gutter mount kit, I just wonder if anyone has a drawing number or part number for the kit or individual straps...
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    For Sale Federal Signal Vision SLR & SSP3000A

    Will sell lightbar alone for $1500 + shipping, not wanting to sell SSP3000A separately until lightbar is sold, that way it is still usable if it doesn't sell.
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    What was your first?

    Only three horsepower though. Seriously - that picture is pretty incredible, take a moment and just look at it in detail. My how far we've come.
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    I've got one. $1800. The SSP3000A and Vision SLR are included free.
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    Wanted Whelen CANCTL7

    @srulir whatcha got?
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    Do LAPD still use vehicles from the 2000s?

    It has been my observation that LAPD uses whatever still runs and hasn't become a maintenance headache. I can remember 1997 Crown Victorias still operating in 2008, so don't be surprised what you see in Los Angeles. It's all about the budget, baby.
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    Wanted Whelen CANCTL7

    Looking for a working Whelen CANCTL7 control head. This is the 21-button + Slide Switch unit. Please PM. Thank you!

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