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  1. Tony P

    Wanted Looking For: Code 3 Lightbar

    OP Hasn't been back since August 25th. Due to the entire tire kicker nature of this thread with multiple offers sent to OP this thread is being locked.
  2. Tony P

    We lost a great friend.

    Very sorry to hear that. May he rest in peace
  3. Tony P

    For Sale Strobes n' More R/W Dual Color ILB

    OP Has not been online since June 16th
  4. Tony P

    AWL dead?

    @Tom can you confirm or deny?
  5. Tony P

    Needing some help with Pseled06 wiring

    Does this image from an ebay ad help?
  6. Tony P

    Support RESOLVED Issue uploading images.

    This has been resolved.
  7. Tony P

    Support RESOLVED: Email Alerts Not Working

    I am guessing that it is related to the database issue. @Jman423 will be on it ASAP.
  8. Tony P

    My $4 Fleabay Find!!!
  9. Tony P

    Support RESOLVED Issue uploading images.

    Issue uploading images. Currently you may receive the following error The upload failed because the temporary directory was missing. The site administrator will need to resolve this before any files can be uploaded. We are aware and working on it.
  10. Tony P

    Vintage Catalogs:Federal Signal

    You can attempt the Internet Archive website. Many photos were lost when we migrated platforms years ago.
  11. Tony P

    Positive Bought Positive from Tuckerm

    All feedback posts must include what was bought/sold. Please update your post or it will be removed.
  12. Tony P

    Positive Bought from Stampeed Valkyrie

    @Guns4hire03 all feedback posts must include what was bought/sold. Please update your post or it will be removed.
  13. Tony P

    Wanted Wanted blue FS model 11 dome

    Please take continued communication about this deal to private message. Thank you
  14. Tony P

    Wanted H1 Bulb Retention Clip for Dashlight reflector

    In the interest of keeping this thread on track with it's original intent, please take any further discussion about this to private message, open a "dispute thread", post feedback, or utilize the channel you purchased through for possible recourse. Thank you!
  15. Tony P

    Discount Code

    They are a member here, though they haven't been active for 2 years. Their post here has a code for free shipping, not sure if still active though :
  16. Tony P

    The Original Federal Enterprises FB-1

    Video added to OP!
  17. Tony P

    The Original Federal Enterprises FB-1

    First of all.... HOLY SMOKES! I have never heard of these before. Second, I sent you an email so we can get a video to folks :) GREAT piece to share.
  18. Tony P

    MN DNR Conservation Officer Sarah Grell EOW 5/24/2021

    From the MN DNR Facebook page: Our heartfelt condolences are with the family of Conservation Officer Sarah Grell, who died today in the line of duty. Officer Grell, who died in a two-vehicle crash today near Grand Rapids, leaves behind a husband and three children. She served as a conservation...
  19. Tony P

    Wanted Need this bracket...

    @empire5150 Do you have any still?
  20. Tony P

    Installed ERM flasher on 2017 Charger

    The founder and creator passed away. If you find one, it would be from a used source. Please create a wanted ad in the appropriate section vs bumping multiple threads that have been dormant for years.
  21. Tony P

    Whelen X-ecutor Manual wanted

    This what you need?
  22. Tony P

    Posting to guage anyone's interest in a collection in Oklahoma

    Thread locked by staff due to no price / pictures, which are required for classifieds. We are allowing the post to remain in the vintage discussion area to help this member. As he stated, PM him if you are interested.
  23. Tony P

    Vintage Catalogs: 911ep

    2001 catalog provided by @ropersupplyco
  24. Tony P

    Wanted Street hawk Decals

    @ryan was reproducing them I believe
  25. Tony P

    New Member Arkansas

    Welcome to the forum! Lots of knowledgeable folks here
  26. Tony P

    Travel Scrabble

    I'd like a chicken WING about now
  27. Tony P

    Selling Amber Lighting

    Be sure to list them in our classifieds section and not on this thread. Good luck with the sales! Looks like you have a lot of interested parties
  28. Tony P

    Hello from the Uk

    Welcome to the forums! We have a few other European members that have done some detailed restorations.
  29. Tony P

    New member, old lurker...

    Welcome to the site! Don't hesitate to ask questions or join a discussion

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