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  1. 2004p71

    Port Authority Of NY/NJ Wrecker Vision SLR

    that is super awsome :D
  2. 2004p71

    NOS Port Authority of NY/NJ Federal Signal Vision SL with viper signalmaster.

    wow glad for you that is a pretty awsome piece :)
  3. 2004p71

    2019 Product Release...

    cant wait to see the new controler !
  4. 2004p71

    Bunch of Mx7000 with weird configuration

    So I got over the time a few mx7000 and some of them got some weird configuration . Top one is the latest addition to the collection and was bought from a firefighter. All red with speaker but on the lower deck there is no lights at all other than the alley lights .It has red corner filter...
  5. 2004p71

    1990 crown vic LAPD resto/mod

    My friend in MA just got my domes not even a month betwen the order and when he got them ! Sound like excellent customer service
  6. 2004p71

    First Areodyinc Lightbar

    To crownvic 97 thank you so much for taking the time to make it clear about all the variation of the aerodynic :)
  7. 2004p71

    First Areodyinc Lightbar

    great find and it looks mint !
  8. 2004p71

    1990 crown vic LAPD resto/mod

    Just ordered brand new domes for the lapd bar and the mini :D Well if you want good service contact Jeremy at
  9. 2004p71

    Aerodynic Domes Still made?

    situation have changed and the car will no longer be on the road so I will stick to the full outfit with new domes :) as far as getting domes I pmed many people but nobody responded yet :(
  10. 2004p71

    1990 crown vic LAPD resto/mod

    The car is no longer a daily driver so I'm slowly starting to get things going on. put back the aero with the correct feet arrow stick and alley lights. found this little brother locally recently, I just could not pass it on !
  11. 2004p71

    For Sale $800 lightbar collection for sale on eBay

    oh my god . I'd jump on this anytime if I was local !
  12. 2004p71

    Aerodynic domes

    I have pmed him thank you
  13. 2004p71

    Aerodynic domes

    who would be the go too guy on this site to order some domes and ship them to canada ?
  14. 2004p71

    SAE Lighting Identification Codes

    pretty interesting :)
  15. 2004p71

    A few Aerodynic videos

    great vids , thank you for sharing
  16. 2004p71

    Good riddance to the Ford Taurus/PI?

    talk about some sad news for the fusion at least
  17. 2004p71

    Good riddance to the Ford Taurus/PI?

    heres a link below , it is not quite like if you were there but very interesting non the less. I even made it in the article with my car :D The panther platform has been organizing meeting and tour at the factory since the early 2000's and the last year we gather more than 50 cars for this EPIC...
  18. 2004p71

    2nd haul for this month!

    talk about luck :D
  19. 2004p71

    Good riddance to the Ford Taurus/PI?

    This is exactly it, I visited the plant 4 times before it's closure in 2011 and compared to let say the rouge plan where the f-150 are made , the st-thomas plant looked outdated even from the outside. the panther platform was the last of a kind and sooner or later they had to pull the plug on it .
  20. 2004p71

    Good riddance to the Ford Taurus/PI?

    I know I'm in canada and the impala isnt offered here but the dodge are more popular than the taurus and as far as the utility it's more popular with fire department and paramedic that law enforcement .
  21. 2004p71

    Good riddance to the Ford Taurus/PI?

    unibody and trans axle really sux from any mechanical point of view, that being said the rumor wants the taurus (for what is left) and explorer will be getting D6 platform wich gives more options of engine trans and axle . Pretty sure ford will pull the plug on the taurus just like they did for...
  22. 2004p71

    Good riddance to the Ford Taurus/PI?

    You tell me ! I know it's a personal choice but I have been driving crown vic for the last 17 years and planning on keeping my 04 for another 15 years at least . They are outdated,under powered,and pretty plain boring compared to todays car but man they are dead reliable and easy to fix for...
  23. 2004p71

    First haul of 2018 :-)

    Great haul ! I'm always amazed by what some of you guys can find !
  24. 2004p71

    Twist-Lock HAW's

    I do not have the answer but I would assume that they are, that being said I' m also interested to know aswell
  25. 2004p71

    My custom led rotator

    agree with the above :)
  26. 2004p71

    Multicolored Aerodynic 25

  27. 2004p71

    Aerodynic Model 25 CL find

    nice find, I wish I could find bars like that in my neck of the wood
  28. 2004p71

    Aerodynic Domes Still made?

    well I had someone selling me crappy domes at some point year ago here but they are now all broken and didnt came that good anyways with the paint .. I will see my options or maybe I will buy a wrecker bar and use the amber domes. Speaking of that you know how rare the aerodynic are in quebec...
  29. 2004p71

    Aerodynic Domes Still made?

    I would probably be interested into an all black config just so I can legally install the lightbar on the car and swap domes at the track or car show .

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