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    Michigan State Police Beacons Are Awesome

    I really do love the effectiveness and simplicity of them. There a few F-bombs in the video if you are at work or have little ones.
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    I've just discovered the ULTIMATE copy-cop

    We had similar clowns locally that were finally shut down, and I've seen many videos of some really REALLY bad ones. But this guy has to top them all... Serial Police Impersonator Caught by His Own Body Camera
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    Wanted Federal SLR Beacon

    I’ve seen the red ones and thought they were pretty ho-hum. But a neighboring FD picked up a new squad with a pair of ambers on the rear and I thought they were actually pretty effective in that color. Would like to pick up at least one to try out on one of new Frontiers I’m getting. PM me...
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    Wanted FedSig Highlighter (halogen) or Model 100 (halogen)

    Last year a couple of my guys complained about their led mini-bars getting snowed over repeatedly, so Im looking for at least one Highlighter halogen bar in amber. Would prefer new, would prefer suction-magnet mount, must be standard/low speed. As a backup I may consider model 100's, also...
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    Local LE POTUS escort running with green lights

    Buddy of mine sent these taken during POTUS motorcade leaving KAFB. Towards the end a slick top prowler came flying out running the usual R/B lights, but also had four green-LED heads on dash. Couldn't tell what agency but it had state government plates so it was local and not federal. Thought...
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    Recognize this vintage strobe? (1973)

    I'm sure someone here will recognize it, I do not ever recall seeing one shaped like this Footage is from 1973,in New Orleans Can be seen at 3:38 in video below (also some nice apparatus during the last ~20 seconds)
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    Running code 3.... São Paulo style!

    Running code 3.... São Paulo style!
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    Can you top this 'action shot'?

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    Tokyo POTUS Motorcade = Interesting Lighting

    Dig that Nissan 370Z Prowler :cool:
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    1993 Ford Mustang SSP - Still Nailing Speeders

    "For those mourning their past glory days, know this: There is always a second chance. Just ask this 1993 Ford Mustang SSP unit still owned by the Nebraska State Patrol, which turned back the hands of time to assist in a traffic stop along one of the state's famously-flat highways on Monday...
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    Slowing down Responder rotators

    I managed to dig up a new Responder DX this week Still in the box with red lense and a spare blue one :cool: The only down side is it has the fast rotators.....(barf) Does anyone know if the high speed was obtained with gearing or motor speed? Does anyone know how to reduce the speed to...
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    3/29 Live PD

    Broke my foot....(ouch) Stuck on the couch watching Live PD.....(bored) Boy some of these departments have crappy lighting set-ups, in my opinion anyway Slidel_LA PD have such a random mish-mash of lights Who comes up with these? :rolleyes:
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    So you like blue lights......

    Some interesting patterns and shades of blue in this video. I still love the effectiveness of the simple alternating pattern bars.
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    Federal Signal Pro LED Beacon - Any Reviews?

    Curious if anyone has seen them first hand and how they would rate. Assuming the Whelen L31 is still the standard to beat, how do these compare?
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    Often, simple is better.....

    At least in my opinion anyway. Personally I think this bar not only looks better, but is actually more effective than many of the patrol UFO's I see here in the U.S. Police escort for a 6th month old child that swallowed an open safety pin. Policjanci eskortowali (police escort) Krotoszyn to...
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    Wanted Code 3 Stinger - Grill/Cab Flush Mount

    WANTED - Cash or I have some trade items
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    Help Me Pick A Siren

    So I'm putting together the Code 3 XL sealed beam bar and can't decide which siren I want to use. I have a number of 'thoughts' but not sure what I really want. If Im reading the dates correctly this was an early 80's bar so I guess something from that timeframe would be cool, but on the other...
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    Wanted Whelen Dashmiser - Fed Signal Master - Other

    Looking for directional dash and deck lights Dashmiser, Signal Master, or similar As well as sealed beam Basically anything pre LED, directional, interior Have cash or trades
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    For Sale WTT: NIB DashLaser Clear/Red

    LineSpotter submitted a new listing: WTT: NIB DashLaser Clear/Red - WTT: NIB DashLaser Clear/Red Read more about this listing...
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    Code 3 XL 9k (some assembly required)

    Well my project finally made it home, a brand new still in the box XL 9000....completely gutted :eek: Not entirely gutted but close enough anyway, 49 incher with solid red domes. I'm starting to scrounge parts and thought I would try to document my progress here. It has the 8.5 inch, 10 row...
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    Wanted Code 3 XL 9000 - Parts Wanted

    Recently picked up a NIB all red bar that had been gutted for parts many years ago. Im looking for: -Mounting feet -Rotators -Motors -Mirrors -Etc Thanks :)
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    Why did Code 3.......

    .....make their SD (& xl) lightbar with the 120 degree offset inner rotators? They have the normal 180 bulbs typically on the outside rotator, then the 120's with usually only two bulbs (although I have seen some that had 3 bulbs on the 120 rotator. So what was the purpose of this? It seems...
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    The new presidential 'Beast' in motorcade

    The new presidential 'Beast' in motorcade
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    Wanted Whelen Guardian G7 (strobe)

    Whelen Guardian G7 (strobe) Permanent mount Prefer NOS
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    Am I crazy?

    So my employees new trucks are dribbling in on the transports and Ive been considering light options for them. During this process I keep toying with the idea of putting a sealed beam beacon on my truck. (stop laughing) ;) But seriously, Ill go with something modern for their trucks as they...
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    Code 3 SB48 -vs- Whelen L31

    We've been using L31's on a small fleet for a number of years and have been very happy with them While getting ready to set up some new trucks I saw the new SB48 and was wondering how they compare with the L31's Has anyone seen them in person and is there any improvement over the L31? Thanks :)
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    Found a new Commander II and have a question

    Saw a Whelen 5200 Commander Strobe II sitting on a back shelf at a local up-fitters shop. Snagged it for $40. It was in the original Whelen box but no paperwork. Black - Red + Purple to - for low power Easy peasy.... But how is the cruise light wired? There are two white wires exiting the base...
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    Wanted Whelen Avenger Single Split Red/Red

    Whelen Avenger Single Split Red/Red Dash light with switched cig-plug Prefer NIB
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    FREE: Two Blue Whelen Responder Domes

    I have two blue Responder domes, neither are cracked but the 'chrome' rings are trashed. One was repainted a sort of silver/grey and actually doesn't look too terribly bad, the other looks as if someone tried to scrape the 'chrome' off and it is pretty ugly. I got them for free in a big box of...
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    WTT: LNIB Whelen Responder Split Red/Blue

    SOLD As best as I can tell this was never actually used, the magnet and pads on the base are spotless and the chrome/dome only shows a few box scuffs. Included is the box, half cover, and paperwork. The seam is tight with no gaps or splitting, cig-cord is about 6ft long. Ive run it twice, once...

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