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  1. MtnMan

    Whelen responder flasher question

    The Responder flasher was designed for one LIN6 head (1 amp max) on each of the six outputs, and I wouldn't exceed that. As I recall, it's also a negative-switched flasher, so keep that in mind when you set up your wiring. Really, you'd probably be best off looking for a cheap used ULF or...
  2. MtnMan

    RMS DS-100 The Traffic Stopper / Duosonic Siren! photo ad and patent added!

    Thanks, now I don’t feel so bad about my attempted dual tone PA-15 project.
  3. MtnMan

    Arjent (or knockoff?) Shoots clear of truck after explosion.

    Quote of the day: “they maybe underestimated how explosive that would be.” Very grateful no one was injured.
  4. MtnMan

    Noob 4200 Mini Question

    ^^^ this guy knows more about Feniex products than anyone at Feniex.
  5. MtnMan

    Noob 4200 Mini Question

    The mode wire for the Fusion 600 is a low current trigger. You shouldn’t need a relay.
  6. MtnMan

    295SLSA6 Question

    Speaker wire should be 18 AWG, but you’d still get sound with smaller wire, so that’s not the main issue. Do you hear any sound from the siren amp when the air horn is activated?
  7. MtnMan

    Code 3 440-L6

    L1 through L3 are rated 40A combined and each rocker switch is 15A. Should be plenty for an LED setup without additional relays.
  8. MtnMan

    Wiring Issue

    When separate circuits interact, it's almost certainly a ground problem. The fix might be as easy as tightening connections in the electric cabinet, or it might require more extensive tracing. Start by pulling the BTT lights and checking whether they're grounded to the body, to a common bus, or...
  9. MtnMan

    Strobe Wire for LED Retrofit

    As long as the insulation isn't brittle, the existing wire is fine to use.
  10. MtnMan

    Vintage CHP Lights Help

    The pics above are from Here's another, showing the setup on a 69 Polara
  11. MtnMan

    Code 3 420 Beacon Questions

    The negative power wire goes to one of the rotator bases, and a jumper (visible in your pic above) connects to the other rotator.
  12. MtnMan

    Vintage CHP Lights Help

    The CC1 dates to 1982, per this document: Earlier CHP cars used a toggle switch panel.
  13. MtnMan

    Help Wiring a PA mic into a Unitrol 80K for unmarked installation

    This should be the correct connection for a low impedance (e.g., carbon or amplified) mic:
  14. MtnMan

    Code 3 420 Beacon Questions

    My question is, what were they smoking when the called it “420?”
  15. MtnMan

    Interior light mount

    If you're thinking of a self-leveling gimbal mount, I haven't seen anything like that. You could probably come up with some kind of pivoting mount that would allow for manual adjustment when the hatch is open.
  16. MtnMan

    Vintage CHP Lights Help

    The CHP rear light setup for many years was was two PAR46 lamps on a shop-made (some refer to it as “prison labor”) bracket. Switching was set for either flashing amber (caution) or flashing red (stop), not both. An alternating blue lamp was added to some vehicles beginning in the 80s. There’s...
  17. MtnMan

    Whelen Cencom powers one or two speakers from the same terminals. How?

    I'm not aware of any siren that will drive 200 W into an 11 Ohm load.
  18. MtnMan

    STL Light Flicker using Feniex Module

    You can use diodes to bypass the flasher for steady burn. Your installer should know how to do that.
  19. MtnMan

    Kent's (non-mechanical) Siren Repair Shop

    I'm currently in the process of relocation and restructuring my operations. Please feel free to refer to my Facebook page, for future updates.
  20. MtnMan

    Whelen Cencom powers one or two speakers from the same terminals. How?

    Because physics, lol. The siren amp doesn't need to detect or change anything. The output of the amp (whether it's 100 or 200 W) is a constant square wave of about 33 Vrms. Driving one 11 Ohm speaker, this produces 100 W output, per the equation above. A second speaker, wired in parallel to the...
  21. MtnMan

    Touchmaster Delta Issues

    Check the internal 20A fuse and I replied to your message.
  22. MtnMan

    Is eLightbars dying out?

    As far as I can tell, there isn't an actual error, but if you "try again" you get duplicate posts.
  23. MtnMan

    Federal Signal PA300 Mods

    Based on the the available documentation and my experience, the FDNY PA300 is a 200W version, with variable resistor R57 set for a higher pitch range (1,800 Hz peak instead of 1,575 Hz) and no connection at the Hi-Lo position of the function switch. That's all, folks!
  24. MtnMan


    What makes you think they're "better?"
  25. MtnMan


    The actual current draw of your equipment is 6 A each for the front and rear bars and 0.75 A for each T3, so your total will be around 18 to 20 A. Install a 30 A main fuse (not circuit breaker) close to the battery and run a 10 gauge feed to the fuse block or controller.

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