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    whelen ion install on headliner

    I have the universal ions
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    whelen ion install on headliner

    Hi all, I am trying to figure out a way to install a pair of whelen ions on the front headliner of a 2011 ford f150. I would like to stay away from a custom bracket if at all possible. I'm open to any and all ideas, Thanks in advance for any help! -Mike
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    federal smart siren 2013 ford utility

    Hello all, I am currently working on a 2013 ford interceptor utility and am attempting to install a federal signal smart siren ss2000sm. What I am trying to do is get it to turn on then I turn the vehicle on, this is my first time working on this vehicle, so sorry if this seems like a dumb...
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    Wanted federal signal cp25/100 speaker

    Need a cp25/100 speaker for an Adam-12 reproduction unit.
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    trio t-2 can lights

    FOUND! thanks tsquale!
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    1971 satellite Adam-12 replica

    just the control head and microphone
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    1971 satellite Adam-12 replica

    sorry about the late responses y'all i've been really busy the last couple of days and haven't had the time to respond. it's a 318 yes, it came with the car. yup, you sure do, its a PA200
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    trio t-2 can lights

    I'm in need of a set of trio t2 can lights. either original or reproduction. even if you don't have them if you know anyone please contact me.
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    Wanted federal signal PA20 siren

    wanted federal signal PA20 siren unit for an adam-12 unit
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    1971 satellite Adam-12 replica

    I hopefully fixed it now.
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    1971 satellite Adam-12 replica

    Hey y’all, Just bought a 1971 Plymouth satellite yesterday and my ultimate plan is to make it into an Adam-12 unit. I am in need of some assistance to find some equipment. -Trio T-2 can lights (reproduction) -Hot sheet desk -cp25 siren speaker -shotgun rack - Motorola motrac radio
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    Wanted code 3 LEDX dash or deck light

    I am also in need of the following: R/B code 3 LEDX dash light for the Crown Victoria B/A code 3 LEDX deck light I will accept different colors and just have colors changed.
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    Wanted whelen talon multiple variants

    I am in need of the following: r/b dual talon (a headliner bracket would be best) r/b or b/a talon third brake light
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    For Sale Another Code 3 XL

    Yes, thank you that is what I am talking about sorry I should've been more clear.
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    Wanted CA spec AeroDynic

    hello all, I am looking for a CA spec AeroDynic for my collection. I had a ad up earlier and said that I found one but that sale sell through.
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    Wanted Cats eye can lights

    hello all, I am in need of two Cats eye model 160DF can lights I need red/amber. thanks
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    Wanted federal visibar

    Thanks for the response but I am in need of the whole bar.
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    Wanted federal visibar

    hello all, I am looking for a federal signal visibar red/red. if you have a red/blue that is ok too I will just change out the dome.
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    Wanted CAM model 104 siren

    hello all, I am looking for a CAM model 104 siren.
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    CA spec AeroDynic

    found one.
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    CTS Twinsonic

    found one.
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    CA spec AeroDynic

    I am doing a reproduction and am in need of a CA spec AeroDynic with the speaker. If you know of anyone who has one please let me know.
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    CTS Twinsonic

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    For Sale Another Code 3 XL

    Is this CA spec compatible?
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    For Sale Federal Signal Twinsonic 12X amber

    is the inner flasher one similar to the CA spec? is there a possibility that I can modify to fit CA spec?
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    CA spec lights

    hello all, I am starting a thread for all us guys in California but others can chime in. I am starting this thread so anybody who knows of any lights that are CA spec ie. the CTS twinsonic. I have done 3 installs and trying to find a bar or interior lightbar that allows CA spec is sometimes...

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