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    AWL linear ILB

    Is there any way/where to check vehicles it should fit? What is the wiring set up like/could it be connected to external switch? I have an 07 Expedition SSV
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    For Sale INFINIMODE INFINIMUX G-4 Radio Interop Gateway

    Wow, now that's a cool box. Just out of curiosity can I ask what you used it for?
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    Whelen Siren

    What's the model #? Whelen 295HFS_1? TIA
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    SOLD Used Whelen Fog lights

    I have an '07 expedition do you know what year or at least roughly why year they came off of? Do they have a regular white driving mode as well or just the colors? Thanks again
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    SOLD Used Whelen Fog lights

    Do you know if these are for a specific vehicle? Tia
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    For Sale BRAND NEW, Code 3, 6-Pack Hide-A-Blast - White LEDs - $40.00

    So the light head has 6 LED's and therefore is called a 6 pack I guess? The name of the product makes it sound like there are 6 of the pictured products being sold for $40
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    Whelen TACTLD1

    All yours feel free to use the buy button, will ship in the AM Eastern
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    Whelen TACTLD1

    Great. Thanks very much.
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    Whelen TACTLD1

    Excellent condition, this is the controller needed for Whelen Traffic Advisors that use negative switching, i.e. the ones that do NOT have built-in flash patterns. Please know the difference between this box (the TACTLD1) and the controller for the Dominators which is the TADCTL1. I purchased...
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    Led fog lights/back up/work lights - No Longer Available

    You have any photos of them in use at night?
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    Whelen 295HFSM1 Mic

    The mic is one of the old ones, believe part # 43-0145664-0. wants $157 for a new one, doesn't look like they sell the back. Any chance you could point me in the right direction? I wouldn't mind replacing the mic completely if it's easy to do. $157 for a mic is a bit...
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    Whelen 295HFSM1 Mic

    Beyond mad at myself, my Toughbook slipped out of my hand and landed right on my PA mic that was in the HUB and tore the hang up button off the back of the mic. What is the fix here? Can the mic be removed from the siren (easily) and replaced? Can a new back be ordered for the mic body? Only...
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    Question about the Whelen Dominator

    The TACTLD1 will work with the traffic advisor model (TAM) while the TADCTL1 will work with the dominators. Negative switching vs positive switching. They can't be interchanged. Someone will correct me if I'm wrong but I believe this is the case.
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    Strobes n more eflood?

    Ordered some stuff, for the first time, yesterday, haven't gotten a shipped notification, product doesn't say out of stock (tadctl1), emailed them today no reply. I ordered two day air for $25 in shipping, any other site and I'd have it tomorrow. Didn't know about free shipping code. The...
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    Strobes n more eflood?

    Does anyone know of any other alternatives that are similar? Saw the able 2, but doesn't sound promising either. I was planning on putting the snm 7200 on my front push bumper, but don't think I would if there's radio interference.
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    Wanted TADCTL1

    Bump, console arrives Monday, I have a tactld1 I can add to $
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    Mike's house of blues!! Please give offers i need $$$

    Item 004 the BROOKING blue heads are LED, right? Do you know what gen led? Are they split head?
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    Huge lot -SOLD

    Interested in the 4 NOS AMBER TIR6 PAR28 lightheads.Smart/sync clear lenses $$60/pr shipped or all 4 for $100 SHIPPED! Are these for like the fog light area?
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    Anyone else try these lights from Amazon.

    Essentially knock-off Axixtech/Brooking ST6, even using "super-thin" terminology haha. May grab a couple to try.
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    For Sale Cradlepoint IBR600LE-VZ For anyone looking to put a Verizon WiFi hotspot in their vehicle. I bought two, don't need two.
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    Whelen Interior Lightbar Red/Red w/ Takedowns - No Longer Available

    Do you still have the expedition brackets? Would 06 fit an 07 expedition?
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    Wanted TADCTL1

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    Code 3 Supervisor Mounts

    Not sure if you ever found this but I'd like some expedition mounts as well..
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    Whelen, SoundOff, D&R

    Pm sent
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    Whelen, SoundOff, D&R

    Thanks. Do you know if it has white take-downs on the supervisor? Can hook it up to my own switches, right? Thanks

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