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  1. lightman401979

    Positive Trade with guns 4 hire03

    Traded a red F2 lens for a blue one, great communication and fast shipment, will work with again
  2. lightman401979

    Wanted Wanted blue FS model 11 dome

    Wanted: hi everyone I just acquired a FS VIS-A-BAR, with the chain driven model 11 beacon rays I am in the market for a blue dome, and have a red dome to trade, hit me up with a price with Shipping please Thanks Hi everyone, im looking for a blue model 11/14 dome I have a red one to trade...
  3. lightman401979

    Looking for some info on the power supply number # on a tomar 930n

    Hey everyone, I have a question regarding my tomar 930n, I'm wondering what the power supply # is for the supply that has the arrow function any help would be great Thanks
  4. lightman401979

    Wanted Tomar 940 control panel

    Hey all I'm looking for a tomar I believe it's the 940 series controller for a tomar 930n strobe bar. My budget is around 150 or less. Let me know what's out there Thanks
  5. lightman401979

    Wanted Tomar 930 n parts

    Hello everyone I just recently recieved a tomar 930N strobe unit and was looking for a drivers side end cap mine was damaged during shipping (mounting bolt holes broke on the back side of housing) and I am also looking for some red strobe heads also. ( 4 heads 2 front 2rear, 1 red corner strobe...

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