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    For Sale Setina partitions

    I have for sale 2 setina partitions for 2013-2019 interceptor utility all parts included except b pillar weldment plates 2 pro guard rear partitions for 2013-2019 interceptor utility have the arms to mount but no hardware and 2 setina partitions for 2013-2018 interceptor sedan 1 is complete...
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    For Sale Code 3 21 TR

    I have for sell 2 Code 3 21 TR Bars in all blue with take down and alley lights. Looking to get 200 OBO a bar plus shipping.
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    For Sale Setina partition transfer

    Setina transfer kit for flat Setina cage 11+ Dodge Charger 50$ buyer pays shipping
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    For Sale Jotto Partition for 2013-2019 explorer

    I have a partition for a 2013-2019 Ford interceptor utility asking $150 obo perfer local pickup
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    Fusion spoiler mounts

    I am installing fusion spoiler mounts on a 2016 police interceptor utility. I was wondering how everyone was running the wires to get them inside the cab area.
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    Wanted Whelen justice lens

    I want to buy a justice lens I do not care the condition had one fly off a cruiser.
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    Wanted Ford version of cen com software

    I need software to program an early model interceptor utility. I need the ford version the Whelen version for the sapphire will not work. Let me know what you have and a price
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    Havis part

    i need the following part number if any havis dealer can help Part # C-B69
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    Wanted Unity police interceptor sedan handle

    need handle for unity spotlight for interceptor sedan prefer new pm me
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    For Sale Whelen IONS (red) pair ford plugs

    I have for sale two whelen ions red with under 2 hours of runtime removed from police interceptor utility  Looking to get 175 shipped obo Also willing to accept trades
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    Wanted Wanted led hide a ways and Whelen 700

    wtb led hideaways split Amber and white need a total of four  Wtb Whelen 700 led in red need one 
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    For Sale Red sound off intersection lights pair

    Brand new all red intersection lights never been out of packing comes in original box asking 275 shipped obo.  Pm me 
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    Wanted Whelen 700

    Looking to buy a red 700 led let me know what's out there.
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    Whelen 900

    Need 6 Whelen 900 series replacement lenses in blue
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    WTT or WTB Blue Ion

    Need blue Whelen ions for mount on ford interceptor utility currently have red I could trade need at least 2
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    Whelen justice

    Need a red Whelen justice new or almost new in all red with take down and alleys have around 1200 to spend
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    Whelen justice

    I have one Whelen justice all blue fully populated with take down and alley lights asking 450 plus shipping Obo was pulled from a cruiser in full working condition lenses are a 6 out of 10   I also have a code 3 2100 led x in red has no corner lights just front and rear of bar asking 100...
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    Red Whelen justice modules

    Will trade blue for red or pay for the right deal pm me
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    Wtb led traffic advisor

    Wtb traffic advisor to mount to read of fire truck
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    Leather glove straps

    I have several glove straps that were custom made out of leather to attach to a jacket I have black and natural leather. These can have a Maltese cross or just plain. Pricing is 20 shipped within us for the ones with a cross. $15 non Maltese cross. I will try to get pictures up asap in the...
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    Motorola dealer needed

    I need a motorola dealer to purchase radios and parts off of at a discount

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