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    Ideas for a leased Fusion - Michigan Red Light/Siren

    Had a Lacrosse I never did anything with, never thought I would have it long and didn't. So it has been two years since I was lit up. I now have a Fusion Titanium but it is leased for three years and in Michigan we have that whole lightbar & siren requirement. Is it do able? With a siren...
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    Novi, MI - Choose your Ride

    I thought this was creative.. Half the car is all LEO other half is all Cab.. Targeted at drunk drivers.. Drunken driving crackdown features 'cruiser-cab' - WNEM TV 5 Choose Your Ride Program, City of Novi, Michigan (MI) [Broken External...
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    Miami Grow House Shooting

    Real Life Shooting: It ain’t Dancing With The Stars (Graphic Content) | Gun Free Zone Usual "this is graphic" warning... Video shows detectives walking up to a grow house and ending up in a shoot out with one of the suspects. Impeccable timing or what as to why they didn't clear the cars...
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    2 MSP cars hit

    Raw video showing the damage on 2 chargers from a chase running into them. Officers OK. Bubble and stop fin held strong! LOL 2 MSP troopers receive minor injuries during traffic pursuit - WNEM TV 5
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    Replacing faxed/printed "rip and run" sheets?

    Just wondering if any departments out there have replaced the standard print or faxed rip and run sheets with some other (advanced?) technology? If so, what did you replace it with and why did you replace it? Thank you!
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    Motorola CPS Cost?

    I signed up on the business site - what is the process for getting approval? How much is the software? Does Motorola just charge per-license (not per radio right?)? Does it matter if the radios are P25? Thanks!
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    Mini-Lightbar & Preventing scratching

    Hello! Not sure if this is the right spot, but last time I used a mini-lightbar my roof was scratched up pretty bad along with the rust ring stains. Has anyone found a way to prevent this? I was thinking with my next mini-bar I might have someone line-x any exposed metal on the bottom along...
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    Detroit I-75 pile up with FD Audio

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    MSP in NJ during Sandy Aftermath

    Some of our Troopers had been sent to NJ for the week. There are some pictures on the MSP Facebook but I thought this one was cool, might not see the "fin" on a coast again ;) Hurricane Sandy #1 -...
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    Saginaw, MI - PD Shot Milton Hall over 30 times...

    Justice Department joins Michigan shooting probe - Made National News after a local sold the video to CNN... Ohhh boy... I seen some math on another site, 6 officers @ 10 ea = 60, 6 officers @ 5ea = 30....
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    SoundOff Pinnacle Mini-Lightbar EPL7000 vs LED3 Mini-Lightbar vs EPL7200

    Aside from the price difference (LED3 being higher) has anyone seen both of these bars in action? Is there a better choice? In red...
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    Buick LaCrosse

    Anyone have any experience upfitting a 2010 (2010-2013) LaCrosse? I got to start planning everything.. Looking for someone who has ripped into one to find the access points, etc.... If this is in the wrong section - sorry!
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    Two plates? One NY, another Ontario?

    I saw a bus today with two rear plates, one New York and one Ontario side by side. The bus was even designed for it with two physical impressions in the molding and separate plate lights. I have never seen this before, what is this all about?
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    Anyone know what the L on an XTL-2500 means?
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    Michigan State Trooper - Jeffrey Werda, 43 | 04/06/2011

    From: Michigan State Trooper Dies After Rollover Crash - News Story - WNEM Saginaw Multiple links can be found here: Michigan State Police trooper killed en route to assist police in Chesaning |
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    Ford Interceptor Test Videos... Go Get Em Ford!!!!!! lol
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    POC or Combo FD - Logging in Payroll

    Question for any POC or Combo Fire Department Members, how does your department log in hours for Payroll? We are paid a flat fee for the first hour of any run, then additional hours are paid at a different wage and can be paid in quarters (I think). Then we have yet another classification for...
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    "Taken from a drug dealer"

    First it was a Mustang, now a local Sheriff has "taken" a Cadillac CTS to be used in the PD fleet. I am not sure why, but some people do have a problem with it.
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    Shutup + LEO = Ass kickin!!

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    Hey, we got an open mic, HEY OPEN MIC!! ... e_left.php :lol:

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