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    For Sale MX7000 Light bar PARTS ONLY

    Selling MX7000 parts I DO NOT have any full ones for sale nor will I build any, I am only interested in selling the parts END DOMES Amber Domes 25$ ea Clear Domes 25$ ea Red Domes 20$ ea Blue domes 20$ ea MIDDLE DOMES Black 20$ ea Clear 25$ ea Amber 25$ ea LOWER DOMES Amber 30$ Clear 25$...

    For Sale Purple lenses FOR edge 9000 light bars

    Purple Lenses for edge 9000 lightbars purple parts are here Listing more to the site as I make up different kits Looking for something specific? just ask! Ranger-Services Brand Purple Lenses

    For Sale Christmas siren/controller combo sale

    Christmas siren/controller combo sale. Prices are listed. And firm. No trades. All prices are SHIPPED Federal signal -ssp3000 350$ -ss2000 160$ -650001 200$ WHELEN -new old stock 2017 hhs2200 400$ -hhs2200 280$ -cencom red no traffic advisor 80$ -cencom red w/traffic advisor 100$ -cencom gold no...

    For Sale GREEN Whelen mini Freedom

    Green whelen freedom. 500$ shipped 8 heads total Cruise mode Multiple patterns 28” Not made to be magnet/temporarily mounted. (Backrack recommended or similar) Standard trigger wires for functions No controller needed. Required or included 1 year warranty from date of purchase 10’ cable...

    For Sale CUSTOM AMBER 12 strobe Whelen Patriot

    600$ shipped (located in warehouse 2 Katy Texas) 49” Whelen Patriot New lenses STROBE BAR 12 strobe Halogen takedowns and alleys and rear flashers Standard foot mount Power cables at about 10’ Takedows Have flash option  Cst td st st st st td cst A...

    For Sale 350$ Blue/Amber Mini freedom NEW LENSES

    350 shipped Blue amber whelen freedom 4 blue corners. 4 blue half inners Lower half is economy ambers Blue and amber flash on separate trigger wires Front and rear are same setup Will have standard foot mounts. New lenses 10’ cord basic 3 wire setup No special controller or switches required or...

    Breast Cancer Car Build PINK LIGHTS (yes there is a video)

    Here's a car that I got to help out with and make the PINK lighting for, ill try to find the finished wrapped result, but this is all I have on me

    For Sale Loaded Whelen 9M

    500$ plus shipping if needed 12 strobe 2 rear flashers Takedowns (with flashing option) Has pattern change. Multiple trigger wires for less lighting on at the same time New lenses (have other colors/combinations available just ask) 50” bar Standard foot mounts Make your plow truck seen! Tons of...

    For Sale Whelen edge 9000 any color

    48” whelen edge 9000 Any color 350$ plus shipping if needed. These are -4 strobe -4 flashers -alleys -takedows -new lenses Red green blue amber clear available in any configuration Does not need, require or come with any special switches or controller, uses any standard 12 Other bars built to...

    Whelen ripple edge 9000 bar

    Here’s an oddball for you guys. found a whelen ripple edge 9000 bar From what I can see it should be a woodway but has a whelen data tag. many other info? pics and video to follow

    For Sale used blue liberty/patriot lens kits 50$ shipped

    Blue liberty/patriot lens kits used Lenses only. 50$ shipped for a set. Will sell pieces individually for 49" bars Other parts always available, just ask


    Lens pieces starting at 1$ Shipping extra Lenses for edge 9000 9m 9u freedom liberty patriot Most colors available. Mostly blue red amber clear Minimal of green (for edge) Liberty only used in blue and clear Prices 1$-10$ a piece. Discounts in bulk. Give me a list of sizes. Not all bars have...

    For Sale Lenses and Lens Kits for Whelen edge 9000, 9M, 9U, Freedom, BL10000

    Lenses and Lens Kits for Whelen edge 9000, 9M, 9U, Freedom, BL10000 New Lenses Available We can either sell lenses in kits or as individual pieces We have (Lens sticks and Alley and No Alley endcaps) RED GREEN AMBER CLEAR BLUE Endcaps are all the 9000 9M style, We only have used in 9U or...

    For Sale Whelen edge strobe bars built to order

    Whelen edge strobe bars built to order. All bars are built with new lenses and a 1 year warranty. All are custom built to order. Message with what you are looking for and I’ll gladly get you a quote. Sizes 26-96” available in bar and surface mounts in 8-72” Strobes Alleys Takedowns...

    Whelen Pierce alert info needed

    I have some Whelen Pierce Alerts, 2 housings, one complete 2 clear/clear/clear 1 NOS amber/amber/amber I have yet to see another amber one for sale to be able to accurately price it nevermind it being new old stock We also havnt had these for sale in about 10 years to know what the current...

    For Sale Single head SPLIT Red Blue Whelen Avengers

    All are tested and working SPLIT heads, NOT duo Half Red Half Blue Non sync, only power ground and pattern Head and shroud included no mounts available, these were all mounted by the shrouds cables are 3" and longer 25$ per head plus shipping of 8-15$ depending on QTY

    For Sale Car Camera MISC Parts

    Another auction load in, All is untested and we have NOT found any cables misc brands and models, just point out which you are looking for cameras are 20$ ea plus shipping screens/storage are 35$ ea plus shipping

    For Sale GREEN Whelen Liberty

    650$ shipped (if needed) 49" Whelen Liberty all GREEN HALOGEN take downs and alleys Has cruise mode Has traffic advisor functions All new LED diodes which are warrantied for life of the bar 12' cable Has standard foot and a metal gutter mount NEW lenses Video...

    We are back in the ring

    Hey guys. After a few years of slow downs with the company. I have started a take over of and we are getting bigger again. I will try to be on here more often to give you all a hand with your whelen needs. we are constantly updating the online store with tons of new...

    Unitrol omega 8000? And 90 siren value?

    Did a few more crown Vic decommissions. And got this unit out of one. What you see is what I have. I can’t find much info aside from a few people willing to pay up to 800$ for one. anyone have some info and a value so I can sell this. thanks guys

    I have a factory green twin sonic!

    Just popping in. I guess I found something rare? Green twinsonic that has been sitting in an old guys garage that I know. I knew it had some value but more than I was expecting I guess I have to help him get a value and sell it. Any takers? I’d love to keep it but he needs the money and I...

    diagnostic wiring with traffic advisor

    does anyone have the pinout wiring to go from the pcds-9 to the traffic advisor, both are ethernet (rj45) jacks, i cant get any pinouts to either buy or make the cable, thanks

    patriot wiring on i/o board

    anyone know what the 3 3 prong plugs do on the i/o board, i cant find any info, and wanna know!

    old edge 9000 serial questions

    hey guys, I just picked up 4 edge bars, 2 of them are around 1997 era and are the older serial connections. I want to build these bars but cant seem to find any manuals to put these boards together. there is a MC4 serial receiver P/N 01-0268036-00C And an 8 head traffic advisor P/N...

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