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  1. bluestinger90

    Louis is looking rough...

    He's looking like his usual self - minus his hair being combed. Software patches coming for issues SNM found after the product was released.... now that's looking rough.
  2. bluestinger90

    Code3 Ecco sold

    What does code3 have more of? Optics or owners? LOL....
  3. bluestinger90

    What is a true manufacturing company? Is it Tomar?

    There's only so many ways you can build led lights - look a like pieces are inevitable.
  4. bluestinger90

    What is a true manufacturing company? Is it Tomar?

    I disagree - Tomar sucks on brightness too. When they first released the scorpion lightbar, I couldn't believe how dim their 6 led modules were. They've made improvements, including 3 website redesigns in the past 2 years, but it still surprises me they are still in business. Their products...
  5. bluestinger90

    Identify this lighthead...

    Those sure look like optix modules. Then again, it's code3, KING OF NEW OPTICS EVERYWEEK! I think what you have is just a variation of the optix module for lightbars. It could be torus modules, but those were too new for a mx7000...
  6. bluestinger90

    Tecniq D21 Rocker Panel

    I picked up a set to play around with a few months ago and I was kind of disappointed with it. The light intensity and beam pattern is very directional - it's most intense head on and that's it. There is no off axis. This limits the applications you can use this for and it you plan on using...
  7. bluestinger90

    What is a true manufacturing company? Is it Tomar?

    It's an interesting design. Giant twin i beam main bar makes it stupid heavy, but a great heatsink for the led light heads. The lightheads are interchangeable from incandescent/strobe/led. The led optics are uniquely tomar. And best of all, it completely ignores providing angled...
  8. bluestinger90

    What is a true manufacturing company? Is it Whelen Engineering?

    I think whelen and (possibly soundoff signal) are the only 2 companies that have been shown on camera to be nearly 100% vertically integrated (products are manufactured from scratch). From time to time, I like to check out their website, click on "new products" and see if they're still...
  9. bluestinger90

    What is a true manufacturing company? Is it Tomar?

    I've always been fascinated by their products and their bizarre design choices (exterior lightbar stick, completely open to the elements, with the expectation water will "drain" out the gaps in the front lens holder, while the electronics are completely unsealed and exposed to the elements)...
  10. bluestinger90

    What is a true manufacturing company? Is it SoundOff Signal?

    Quite a bit of their stuff is imported. Everything here for example is from China: I've used some of those products and they are off exceptional quality and design. I don't think there's anything wrong with filling your product bench with...
  11. bluestinger90

    What is a true manufacturing company? Is it JDI?

    Does the Illumis come with a dim mode for night and more than 1 flash pattern? That bar has yet to flash even one time.
  12. bluestinger90

    What is a true manufacturing company? Is it Feniex Industries?

    I am legit surprised to see the opinion on elightbars do a complete 180. It sounds like the folks who were saying feniex was nothing more than a speedtechlight rebrand advertising experiment were on the right track. I like their products, but it always seemed like they were an assembly/import...
  13. bluestinger90

    Nova TIR microthin wiring halp

    ECCO carries the nova line now. Check out their site and see if they have an instructional manual for your product.
  14. bluestinger90

    Ecco 5280 - disassemble?

    I think you might be confusing it with the single head version. The single head version has a removable cover. Version 1 had a cover that wasn't removable. Version 2 had a twist off cover... that was also damn near impossible to remove.
  15. bluestinger90

    Ecco 5280 - disassemble?

    I just went and took a look at mine. The lens must be glued on. Have you tried contacting ecco directly? The product page mentions "service free life". I interpret that as meaning the light can't be opened to fix anything, which is a real shame...
  16. bluestinger90

    Positive positive buy from LenH

    - LenH - purchased 4 whelen vertex - shipping and communication was good - would do business with again
  17. bluestinger90

    HELP - from our electronics gurus

    It forces the electrical current to travel only one way in a circuit. Not having it there will lead to other electrical problems - it's a GM. Who knows what else this circuit controls. You should definitely replace it.
  18. bluestinger90

    Help identifying model of these bars

    Ecco purchased code3 a while ago. They go from owner to owner - code3 is like the child nobody wants.
  19. bluestinger90

    Sold 4 amber whelen vertex hide aways-nearly new

    FYI, I have sent payment for this. Thanks. Transaction ID7CP32988X7459551J
  20. bluestinger90

    2019 Product Release...

    Yet again, Soundoff Signal got copied with the mirror idea. It's strange how they don't patent all of their ideas. Feniex's version is near identical in design, unlike code3, federal signal, and whelen's take on it.
  21. bluestinger90

    Ecco 7660 dome help

    Looks like that ebay listing is for a second gen model that has a removable lens. The threading doesn't suggest clock or counter clock wise... maybe just up?
  22. bluestinger90

    New Guy!

    I see you too, are experiencing technical difficulties.
  23. bluestinger90

    Negative octoberguy77

    Yes, paypal ruled in my favor and I received a full refund.
  24. bluestinger90

    Joe Dorgan and ebay item

    The listing is full of irony. "No sales to Tucson just in case" " Bulb and motor good. Belts slip and reflector turns slow. Paypal only. I've been scammed once with a hot check and bad IOU's by you know who. Bids from the Arizona Attorney General Fraud Squad welcome. "
  25. bluestinger90

    Amber lights galore!

    I thought this was a typo, but it is not. Why is it so damn expensive????
  26. bluestinger90

    Amber LED heads for fog lights

    I wouldn't use it. What happens if it accidentally changes to a flashing pattern? It would be hard to notice in the daytime. For the price of the Whelen ION's, you're better off getting something from feniex industries like Feniex Fusion 100 Light Stick - this light has a decent size metal...
  27. bluestinger90

    Anyone else having horrible luck with LifetimeLED?

    I assume you're talking about led headlight bulbs? I've researched various LED bulbs and there's nothing better than HIDS when you factor in cost and performance. HID bulbs last longer, and if properly wired up, HID ballasts will last forever, provided it's a decent ballast to begin with. In...
  28. bluestinger90

    Federal Signal FSX visor light

    States have different colors for police and fire/ambulance. This helps people from out of state know who to pull over for and who to move over for.
  29. bluestinger90

    Negative octoberguy77

    Back in July, seller octoberguy77 agreed to sell me 2 whelen linz6s. user: thread: Payment was sent July 2. August 2nd, first follow up with...

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