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  1. mcpd2025

    Hella HERO hideaway OE bulb replacement. Whelen HALO Reincarnated!

    And what do you mean by SIREN USE ONLY? Unless I am mistaken, a siren makes the audible noise projected from a speaker. While usually used in conjunction with lights, they are two distinct and different things... Are these still going to be made "vehicle specific" rather than bulb size...
  2. mcpd2025

    For Sale Lin3 red/blue $50

    Pair of Whelen Lin3 lights. One red, one blue. The blue has a little corrosion in the side, but doesn't appear to affect light output. Wires about 5" long. $50 shipped
  3. mcpd2025

    For Sale Sound Off Universal Undercover LAW, red/blue $65

    Pair of SOS universal undercover hideaway LEDs. One red, one blue. Has built in driver with flash patterns. Full, uncut wires. I have all 3 lens covers for each light, plus mounting screws. I only have 1 rubber gasket though. $65 shipped
  4. mcpd2025

    For Sale Blue Sound Off Ghost, pair $65

    Pair of blue SOS Ghost lights with mounts and a little headliner bracket I used. Lights have about a foot of wire. These have mostly been used inside the vehicle. $65 shipped
  5. mcpd2025

    Wanted Surface mount bezel, Sound Off Universal Undercovers

    Looking for a pair of black surface mount bezels for the SOS Universal Undercover LAWs. Used is fine, this is a project that may or may not work out anyways. Thanks.
  6. mcpd2025

    Police Interceptor Sedan Hideaways in reverse lights

    Ha, I told them that I wanted a 2021 Tahoe. They laughed as they handed me keys to the Taurus. No real complaints, I'm happy to be out of a marked car again. It was quite the bummer to trade in a brand new Hemi Charger with 3400 miles for a naturally aspirated small V6 Taurus though!
  7. mcpd2025

    Police Interceptor Sedan Hideaways in reverse lights

    Appreciate the suggestion, but that cannot happen for several reasons. I am still looking for a way to install HAWs in the reverse lights please.
  8. mcpd2025

    Police Interceptor Sedan Hideaways in reverse lights

    They are taking away my marked 2019 AWD Hemi Charger ;( and giving me an unmarked non-turbo 2018 Interceptor Sedan. The rear lighting is woefully inadequate and I want to install some hideaway LEDs in the reverse lights (not the empty pocket above the reverse lights). Can anyone help a brother...
  9. mcpd2025

    Spectralux Viper S2 pattern won't hold

    Sure, here is the light.
  10. mcpd2025

    Spectralux Viper S2 pattern won't hold

    I've got a hardwired S2 mounted in the rear of my cruiser with a push button pattern selector. I can change the pattern and get it to hold the new pattern (both sides shining the same color at a time), but when I turn my lights off, it reverts back to the old pattern (one side red, one side...
  11. mcpd2025

    Looking for a new duty flashlight

    I've been researching flashlights for a while now and this is what I ultimately decided to do. Just purchased a Li-ion stinger battery that should last longer and have a longer life. I've got my dept issued halogen Maglite as a backup. I appreciate everyone's responses. I've looked at each...
  12. mcpd2025

    Looking for a new duty flashlight

    I've been carrying a Stinger DS LED since about 2005 when I worked midnights. I've replaced the battery a couple times, bought a couple new chargers, etc. Battery is dying again after about 2 years. Won't hold a charge through lite use over the work week. I think this flashlight has given me...
  13. mcpd2025

    Code 3 wingman

    What do you mean "upgradeable"? I know they use standard Optix modules and can be swapped out.
  14. mcpd2025

    Changing the pattern on the Valor lightbar?

    Smartsiren Platinum
  15. mcpd2025

    Changing the pattern on the Valor lightbar?

    I got assigned a marked car with the Valor lightbar on it. Fantastic lightbar, worlds apart from my first cruiser with a Code 3 LP6000 lightbar! The flash pattern that is on all of our cruisers is rather seizure inducing. I'd like to change the pattern on mine, but I cannot figure out how in...
  16. mcpd2025

    For Sale NIB Federal Signal Viper S2 Blue/Blue

    Any more available? I'm back to a marked car and might be interested.
  17. mcpd2025

    Wanted Ford Interceptor sedan side "vents"

    Holy crap those things are EXPENSIVE if you can't find a throwaway set. I was planning on installing a hideaway LED in mine, but when I priced out a replacement set it was ridiculous! Mine is a county car, so I can't damage any of their property. Any thing I drill into, I have to be able to...
  18. mcpd2025

    Ford Police Responder Hybrid Sedan

    I have a 2016 Sedan as an unmarked detectives vehicle and I LOVE this thing. a reasonably priced hybrid would be a great option, in my opinion. I'm 6-04 and don't think I would like to be in one of these things with a gunbelt on... but that's not a problem I have to contend with at the moment...
  19. mcpd2025

    Vintage NYPD lights (signal stat)

    As much light as the new LED bars put out... I miss the cool old fashioned lights like this. My department had crappy Code 3 rotators when I started... ugly and ineffective. Looking at those old time bars, I have to imagine they were impressive lights at the time. Those 2 red can lights up...
  20. mcpd2025

    For Sale Dual Avenger Red/Blue - No Longer Available

    Dual Avenger Red/Blue Used dual Whelen Avenger in Red/Blue. Small notch was cut into flashback shield when installed in my Impala. New cruiser, don't need this light either. Please PM, don't buy through Panjo List Date: 3/31/2017 For more info, click here to view the original...
  21. mcpd2025

    For Sale Soundoff Signal Universal Undercover LED's Red/Blue - No Longer Available

    Soundoff Signal Universal Undercover LED's Red/Blue Set of used SOS Universal Undercover LED's in red/blue with the 3 sets of interchangeable lenses. No longer use with my new cruiser. $120 shipped, send me PM please, don't buy through Panjo List Date: 3/31/2017 For more info, click...
  22. mcpd2025


    Yea, I'm not a fan of it. One of the benefits of the old board was an easy way to conduct transactions with other members for fair prices on both sides. Now this new way takes a big chunk of the sale from the seller. Either the seller needs to charge more (less of a deal for the buyer) or the...
  23. mcpd2025

    FDNY EMS EMT Yadira Arroyo

    God bless her service and sacrifice. For those that didn't hear, Arroyo was killed when her bus was stolen and she was intentionally run over by the suspect. The suspect was drunk and riding on the back of her bus, then apparently attacked a random citizen. Arroyo stopped and tried to help the...
  24. mcpd2025

    Which grille lights... Ion, Fedsig MPS1200 or Brooking ST26

    Why do you want to move on from the Ion's, just curious?
  25. mcpd2025

    LAW install, reverse light 2016 Interceptor Sedan?

    Thats a shame. A purpose built vehicle... a clear section in the lights with reflector... and no easy way to install a light there. I guess I'll just look at some Whelen Micron's to tuck in the lower corners of the rear window for some additional warning.
  26. mcpd2025

    LAW install, reverse light 2016 Interceptor Sedan?

    I was just issued a 2016 PIS. Rear warning is a FS deck light and the brake/reverse light flasher... that's it. The PIS has 2 clear sections of lens, the bottom section is the reverse light, the top section is completely unused but has a reflector in it. Has anyone installed LAW's or...
  27. mcpd2025

    Usually LEOs use their guns to stop criminals......

    Its a small world... Rapiejko and I worked together as student police aides at University of Maryland in the late 90's.  Great use of force, I don't have a problem with it.
  28. mcpd2025

    Society is at an all time low...

    As much as I hate Jersey, Maryland is already a liberal cesspool of ignorance.  They like criminals so much down here, we could easily throw some walls around it and make it a prison. We would just have to get 98% of the Jersey people outta there and we could make it a decent state...

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