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    Whelen TACTLD1

    Excellent condition, this is the controller needed for Whelen Traffic Advisors that use negative switching, i.e. the ones that do NOT have built-in flash patterns. Please know the difference between this box (the TACTLD1) and the controller for the Dominators which is the TADCTL1. I purchased...
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    Whelen 295HFSM1 Mic

    Beyond mad at myself, my Toughbook slipped out of my hand and landed right on my PA mic that was in the HUB and tore the hang up button off the back of the mic. What is the fix here? Can the mic be removed from the siren (easily) and replaced? Can a new back be ordered for the mic body? Only...
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    For Sale Cradlepoint IBR600LE-VZ For anyone looking to put a Verizon WiFi hotspot in their vehicle. I bought two, don't need two.
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    Wanted TADCTL1

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    Whelen speaker and dominator

    Looking for 1 or 2 100w Whelen siren speakers *****Found, probably going to just stick with the one I got until I get used to it and decide I want another 100w, ha. also looking for an *amber* LED Dominator D8, or any similar 8 head lightbar that I can control with the Whelen TACTLD1 that I...
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    Wanted Whelen 3" R/W Round LED Compartment Lights

    Have an '07 Expedition SSV, thinking I need 2 for trunk and 2 for interior of tailgate (facing down when the trunk is open) as sort of command post lighting. Let me know what you have. Part# 3SRCCDCR Thanks

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