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  1. Edmontonsecurity

    Wanted Ford Interceptor sedan Partition

    Iso: 2013+ Ford Interceptor Sedan Partition or K-9 Cage, preference on regular Partition. Willing to ship to Canada required, this will likely need to be shipped freight. Looking for some cheaper options than buying new. Thanks in Advance
  2. Edmontonsecurity

    2013 Ford Interceptor Sedan - Ignition Power

    Hoping someone here can help. Preferably with a picture of the wire I'm looking for under the drivers side kick plate. Looking for the ignition power wire, so that I am able to tap in and get the requiredr ignition power for new camera system that is being installed. Thank you in advance
  3. Edmontonsecurity

    L3 Flashback HD Basic Viewer - Help - Need CD

    Hopefully someone here is able to help, trying to get a copy of the L3 communications basic Viewer software for reviewing in car video. If you have a digital copy great, if not we can pay for shipping to us. ‐---------- I reached out to L3 yesterday and they stated I had to to through their...
  4. Edmontonsecurity

    2013 Ford Interceptor Sedan Taurus - Unmarked Fire Vehicle slick top

    Finally Finished - 2013 Ford Interceptor Sedan Taurus - Unmarked Fire Vehicle slick top This is a POV vehicle for Industrial Response (Oil and Gas Emergencies), this is not for a municipality, and meets the requirements set forth by the oversight body. Amber's are utilized on the side of the...
  5. Edmontonsecurity

    Wanted Whelen 600 series Rota Beam Surface Mount

    Looking for 2 Whelen 600 series surface mount rota beams. Not looking for new, looking for used to replace 2 other heads. Preference in Red
  6. Edmontonsecurity

    Wanted FPIS Whelen Inner Edge

    Looking for a whelen Inner Edge prefer. Red for a FPIS
  7. Edmontonsecurity

    Help - Wiring Rigid Lights to Flash

    I want to know if this is possible. Along with how to do it. I have two Rigid Industries Q series Lights, 2 feniex cannon flashers and 5 40 amp automotive relays. Essentially what I want to do is the following Switch 1 - Steady Burn On Switch 2 - slow wig wag Switch 3 - hyper wig wag...
  8. Edmontonsecurity

    Wanted FPIS Front Inner Edge

    ISO: Whelen Front Inner Edge, and/or equivalent lightbar. Colors Primarily Red Would also go with 2 Soundoff Signal MPowers with window Shrouds In Red Amber or Red Amber White. Pref. Used may take new though given right price.
  9. Edmontonsecurity

    Positive Bought from Roaddawg7 - inner edge

    Roaddawg7 was selling a Whelen Inner Edge on the forums. Seeing as it was vehicle specific to a new vehicle I just bought it spiked my interest. He was originally asking for quite a bit more, but the more it sat on the forums I finally broke down and shot him a Email. I offered him less on a...
  10. Edmontonsecurity

    Wanted Whelen Lights, FPIS vehicle specific

    Alright a small list of equipment that I'd like to pick up, of course pending price. Based upon need first: 1.Whelen Alpha or Equivalent w/ whelen speaker 2. Whelen Mirror Beams for 2013+ Ford Interceptor Sedan (Red or R/A) 3. Whelen Side Kick Red or Amber Lights (2013+ ford interceptor sedan)...
  11. Edmontonsecurity

    Custom Arrowstick - *Help*

    Alright, So I just bid on a 2013 Chevy Suburban (2500) and will be upfitting it when I win it. I personally prefer DARK tint on the windows but unfortunately DARK tint does work well with lights. So I would like to mount 6-8 dual color IONs or MPowers on the outside like a rear inner edge under...
  12. Edmontonsecurity

    For Sale *price drop* Whelen Liberty 54" Red Lightbar - W/ Amber Beacon

    54" FL Liberty Series Lightbars All RED with amber whelen beacon on top Quantity Available: 6 MOD: Varies - most are around the 5-6 year mark Wire length - 6 Feet on a couple and around 12 feet on the rest Condition: These bars have some life on them. Vehicle's were used on gravel forestry...
  13. Edmontonsecurity

    Wanted Stop Sticks - without the stop sticks !

    Building a show car and looking for stop sticks vehicle mount case. Similar to the included picture link:
  14. Edmontonsecurity

    Wanted Looking for ALPR non functional cameras

    Building a show car and looking for ALPR cameras that are non functional to attached to a car show vehicle. Don't need anything other then the camera and vehicle mount. Message me with whatever you got !
  15. Edmontonsecurity

    Positive Sold to TactMedic

    I recently sold a Watchgaurd DV-1 system to TactMedic via the Buy and Sell Pages. He was an absolute pleasure to sell to, he sent payment right away was willing to pay shipping through what I would imagine a company account. We had a little bit of a mess up on my end (i printed the wrong label...
  16. Edmontonsecurity

    WatchGuard Digital In-Car Video - P71 - Complete Unit - No Longer Available

    WatchGuard Digital In-Car Video - P71 - Complete Unit Price Include's shipping - Price Is Firm -- Do not use Panjo - PM Me Please I purchased this from another seller on the page a while ago, and disputed the purchase with no prevail. The original seller stated it came with everything...
  17. Edmontonsecurity

    Negative EMT1033 Watchguard DV-1 System

    Firstly to start, I ABSOLUTELY HATE doing this and I debated a Neutral/Negative review for a significate amount of time before I took to starting this review. December 16th I spoke with Michael in regards to a DV-1 Watchgaurd system that he had listed in the forums. Michael was extremely...
  18. Edmontonsecurity

    Wanted Amber white lights.

    Hey guys ! Hopefully you can help us out. Located British Columbia Canada Budget varies per vehicle Vehicles being upfitted: 2008-2012 chevy suburban 2013+ ford f350 2008-2011 crown victoria Lighting Requirements: Whelen or Sound Off signal Color: Amber White Preferred Slick top stuff...
  19. Edmontonsecurity

    Whelen 8 Head Dominator as turn signals?

    So guys and gals I have a question. I have a whelen 8 head dominator that is just sitting around. I was wondering if it would be possible to take 3 LEDs from each side and wire them into my turn signals. Each of the light heads are isolated so in theory it should work. Any suggestions, is this...
  20. Edmontonsecurity

    For Sale (Price Edit) Rigid Industries Q Series Diffused Lights

    Up for grabs is 6 Pairs of Rigid Industries Q Series Diffused Lens Lightheads. All of these lights have maybe 10 Hours of Runtime.  PRICE DROP Description:  Diffusion Lens - Perfect for scene or area lighting, our diffusion lens was specifically engineered to project light at a 60º flood...
  21. Edmontonsecurity

    For Sale Whelen 10 Head TIR3 Arrow Stick (Red Independent End Flashers)

    Up for grabs recently pulled from decommissioned vehicle is a Whelen 10 Head TIR3 Arrow Stick. This does not come with a controller and has approx 2 feet of wire still attached. It comes with mounting brackets as seen in the picture.  Was benchtested before being removed from vehicle. The arrow...
  22. Edmontonsecurity

    2008 Crown Victoria P71 POV

    Any Recommendations or Suggestions and complaints are highly appreciated. Comment Below ! So plans didn't work go to plan with the new company vehicle and their solution as to increase our driving allowance. Nobody is happy but that was my decision to get a cheap, easily equipable vehicle. With...
  23. Edmontonsecurity

    2008 Tahoe Lighting Ideas/Help

    Excited!!  Our company has been given the go ahead to have a designated emergency response vehicle. So to the drawing tables! We will be purchasing a 2007-2011 PPV Tahoe in the next coming weeks and we need to outfit it. I have been given the task of picking the emergency equipment that will...
  24. Edmontonsecurity

    GIVING AWAY AT THIS PRICE MSA SCBA FireHawk M7XT - W/Mask (Almost New!)

    2000 Plus Shipping  You will not get one in this great of shape for less. Maybe willing to go 50/50 on shipping depending cost. Just want this thing gone guys Looking to sell my newly purchased MSA SCBA FireHawk M7XT - W/Mask This item has Never been used on a actual call out, training or...
  25. Edmontonsecurity

    Positive Feedback for CanadaPatrol

    What a great seller! Not only was his prices fricken awesome, clear communication, fast shipping and super easy to work with. This seller did everything to make me satisfied with the purchase. A local outfitting company wanted to charge me 3.5 Times more then this seller did for the same...
  26. Edmontonsecurity

    2007 Dodge Magnum - POV

    Figured I would show off my POV. This car is used primary as a On Scene Vehicle, I work two jobs but use this for my main one. I work for a Telecommunications Company as one of the Technical Tower Rescue Guys. Currently due to provincial acts I cannot run Red's without authorization from the...
  27. Edmontonsecurity

    Price Drop - Wiith Video Canada Whelen Amber Lighting Package - Slicktop

    What is a reasonable price for this equipment, I am now opening it up to what you guys think this stuff is worth. I wanna hear, I have another project that I wanna do and this is standing in the way. Let me know, I want this stuff gone!  Price Drop --- 550 Shipped to Canadian Majors! Get it...

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