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  1. UnfortunateSon

    ISO Digicom MDT-870 manual

    Did you ever find this? I am building an LAPD car and have the MDT, but looking for info on it, and a correct mount.
  2. UnfortunateSon

    Help with NYPD Dodge Diplomat Highway Restoration

    Hello all, I am looking for assistance with replicating the interior setup on a 1988 Dodge Diplomat which I am restoring as NYPD Highway Patrol. I am looking for information on how the switches that controlled the lights would have been mounted in the dash, and what type of switches were used...
  3. UnfortunateSon

    Wanted Smart siren SS2000SM

    I have a SmartSiren for sale. Also, I see your Caprice and I could use some help, I am working on an NYPD restoration myself and have a couple questions for you. Send me a message if possible, is really appreciate the help. Thanks!
  4. UnfortunateSon

    Wanted NYPD PA300

    QUOTE="jdh, post: 661759, member: 12518"] I might have one or two PA300. Im not sure if it is from NYPD. What markings should I look for? Thanks JDH It should have a label on it somewhere with the serial and model number, usually on the bottom, it should have NY, NYC or NYPD in the model number.
  5. UnfortunateSon

    Wanted NYPD PA300

    I am in search of two NYPD spec PA300 sirens for vehicle restorations. Would prefer working order but I’ll take a look at whatever you have. I’d be willing to trade for other equipment (I have new and vintage) or purchase. Let me know!
  6. UnfortunateSon

    Wanted LAPD AeroDynic, Other Parts for 1996 Crown Victoria Restoration

    Hello, I have recently acquired a 1996 Ford Crown Victoria which I would like to restore as an LAPD car. Already white, with spotless blue interior, dual spotlights (very rare option in my area, especially on Aeros), and it only has 62,xxx original miles on it! I am in need of the LAPD spec...
  7. UnfortunateSon

    Wanted General Electric Powercall Siren

    I am in the market for a vintage Powercall siren for a restoration I am working on. If anyone has one please let me know. Thank you.
  8. UnfortunateSon

    Signal Stat Dual-Comm Clear domes

    Did you end up picking up this bar? What are your plans for it?
  9. UnfortunateSon

    Another valor great price

    Says the link is unavailable. Did it sell already?
  10. UnfortunateSon

    For Sale Signal-Stat dual comm lightbar

    I just talked to the guy, it's sold already.
  11. UnfortunateSon

    Big Haul This Weekend, With NYPD Goodies

    The red and white light is a Federal Signal SML2. The Slik Stik is a shorter version than what was common, and this one has four flasher heads in it instead of oscillators. I can get measurements tomorrow for you.
  12. UnfortunateSon

    Big Haul This Weekend, With NYPD Goodies

    The Twinsonic fired right up! No burnt bulbs and the motor sounds great! i washed it down and all the chrome came out beautiful, as did the blue dome. Luckily I had a red dome laying around that's also pretty nice, so I got that installed real quick and it looks good as new. I'll be putting a...
  13. UnfortunateSon

    Big Haul This Weekend, With NYPD Goodies

    The Twinsonic works great and I already have a new red lens on it. I'll try to get more pictures or video of stuff working as I start testing more this week.
  14. UnfortunateSon

    Big Haul This Weekend, With NYPD Goodies

    A great haul from this weekend's adventure: My favorite piece is definitely the NYC Transit PD AdvantEdge
  15. UnfortunateSon

    Wanted NYPD SP/Signal Stat Mk7 Sirens

    I would definitely be interested, even if you can't find the harness. I'll send you a PM.
  16. UnfortunateSon

    For Sale Custom Whelen Messenger!

    Looking for anything for trade, or partial trade plus cash?
  17. UnfortunateSon

    Feniex Apollo F12: RW, BW

    Do the RW and BW modules have the white steady?
  18. UnfortunateSon

    Wanted NYPD SP/Signal Stat Mk7 Sirens

    In urgent need of working or non-working NYPD sirens from the 80s and 90s, primarily the Scientific Prototypes Mk VII or Signal Stat "Stat 7". Any condition will be considered, also need parts like harnesses and PA mics that will fit. Thank you.

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