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  1. bluestinger90

    Positive positive buy from LenH

    - LenH - purchased 4 whelen vertex - shipping and communication was good - would do business with again
  2. bluestinger90

    Negative octoberguy77

    Back in July, seller octoberguy77 agreed to sell me 2 whelen linz6s. user: thread: Payment was sent July 2. August 2nd, first follow up with...
  3. bluestinger90

    Feniex f12 external flasher?

    Are the feniex f12 led light heads compatible with external flashers? I can't find any threads specific to the 12 led, dual color models.
  4. bluestinger90

    Wanted want to buy; clear domes for code3 550 / federal signal sentry beacons

    Looking for clear domes for either the code3 550 / federal signal sentry beacons. New or used is ok. Shipping to 90503, payment through paypal. Post if you have any for sale! Thanks!
  5. bluestinger90

    Tomar Rect-16

    2 extra leds! TOMAR | RECT-16LS They have new vertical optics for vertical mounting, but that's about it. lists it for $80. The rect13/14 comes in at $50, and $65 on sirennet. I wonder if they fixed the problem with RF interference? I personally like the rect14 lights...
  6. bluestinger90

    Whelen Justice linear 6 modules vs Whelen Liberty linear 6 modules?

    Has anyone ever seen both and could comment on them? I understand the Justice is considered a lower cost bar, and I was wondering if Whelen uses leds that are not as bright to lower the overall cost of the bar. Are Whelen Justice linear 6 modules as bright as the Whelen Liberty linear 6...
  7. bluestinger90

    Do ground switched/activated led lights make noise when switched/activated?

    Does anyone here own a Tomar 200-6/8 stick? From what I understand, most flasher sticks are ground switched/activated. I am running mine through a regulated 12v power supply, and whenever I apply ground, the lights make a strange noise. They turn on, but the noise they make sounds like...
  8. bluestinger90

    What kind of steady burn does the Whelen Vertex use?

    Could someone please tell me what kind of steady burn the Whelen Vertex uses? Some led lights do steady burn right, and some do it wrong. - Starts out full brightness (relative brightness compared to the other normal flash patterns), then dims after a few seconds? - Starts out at a reduced...
  9. bluestinger90

    Are newer Whelen 2 wire Con3 light heads powered by 12 volts?

    Are newer Whelen 2 wire Con3 light heads powered by 12 volts? Example pictured below.
  10. bluestinger90

    Do the feniex t4 and t6 have the same flash patterns?

    I can't find any literature for the t4 indicating what flash patterns it has. I really liked the flashed patterns the feniex t4 had, and I wonder if they carried over all of them to the t6. Do the feniex t4 and t6 have the same flash patterns? Could I use a python 100 flasher unit on a t6...
  11. bluestinger90

    Do Whelen Dominators use 2 wire tir3 light heads?

    Do Whelen Dominators use 2 wire tir3 light heads? I would like to use a tir3, but only with steady burn capability since I don't trust the flasher to keep the pattern.
  12. bluestinger90

    Whelen tir3, difference between metal and plastic base versions?

    I am currently looking at some steady burn tir3 in amber, and I noticed there is a choice of either metal base tir3, or plastic base tir3. Is there any difference between the two? Is one version supposed to be newer? Part numbers; Metal base; 01-02637552-12A Plastic base; 01-0264451-12A
  13. bluestinger90

    Passive identification on Whelen 500 series leds

    Could someone confirm if these are passive, or require a ballast? The seller says they tested and they work on 12volt, and therefore are passive. However a seller here, selling the same light head, has a sticker clearly identifying the lighting to be passive. The one I am inquiring into...
  14. bluestinger90

    Confusion/questions regarding light heads

    I decided to research some Whelen, Soundoff, and FS light heads, however I have a few questions. What is the difference between a 500 series lin6, a raider, an avenger, and a linz6 light head? I know the avenger has 9 leds, and the linz6 is smaller, but what light heads use newer or brighter...
  15. bluestinger90

    TIR/Linear beam pattern pictures?

    I use LED's for various hobbies, and I've been naturally following this forum for a long time. I find the LEO leds tend to have better designs overall, especially with heat dissipation, and mounting options. However I've noticed an interesting pattern amongst LED light head makers to not mention...

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