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  1. IndianWells

    Need help on a Whelen BL627

    Hi.... Is it possible to operate a Whelen Siren Amplifier BL627 without the original control unit ? Maybe with simply push buttons ??
  2. IndianWells

    Unknown Can Light

    Does anyone know the manufacturer and the type of this can light ? I have just one of these lights. To know which one it is, will make the search for a fitting twin much easier. My search:
  3. IndianWells

    V.H. & H. CT Police

    Maybe I'm in the wrong forum. If so, sorry about that. Does anyone know what V.H. & H. on the CT Police Patch means ?
  4. IndianWells

    Wanted Dome for Signal Stat 376

    I'm looking for a dome for a Signal Stat 376 beacon. I do not care about the color.
  5. IndianWells

    FedSig Strobe Bulbs <> Whelen Strobe Units

    Hi ! Would FedSig Strobe Bulbs operate with Whelen Strobe Units ? And means A = 1 B = 2 C = 3
  6. IndianWells

    Dome for Federal Sign & Signal MS51317

    Which is the correct dome for a Federal Signal MS51317. Will a Model 17 dome fits ?
  7. IndianWells

    Clear dome for FedSig 184

    I like to add a Federal Signal 184 clear dome to my search list.....
  8. IndianWells

    Dual Tone Siren with mechanical Simulation

    Want for my collection a used Dual Tone Siren with mechanical tones. Such as Carson SA-441M MagForce or similar.
  9. IndianWells

    Wanted Can light

    I already have a single can light. Does anyone have a fitting extra and would sell it ?
  10. IndianWells

    Wanted Traffic Clearing Light - Cogwheel wanted

    I'm looking for a TCL cogwheel. Click on image >
  11. IndianWells

    Wanted Grote mounting plate for Sealed Beams

      Does anyone have such (upper) mounting plates for Sealed Beams left over ? Regardless Grote or any other manufacturer. I need 2, better 4 of them.  
  12. IndianWells

    MPC01 - Assistance for the operation

    I have a siren Amplifier BL627 connected to the MPC01 and would like to use the MPC01 function control for a analog lightbar. But I even don't know where there signals or functions goes out of the MPC01? The only output contacts are orange and yellow on the J16 AUX plug. Who's got this...
  13. IndianWells

    Clear dome for Grote 7622/7620 (Part No 90371)

    It is almost imposible to get a original clear lens for the 7620/7622. Which other brand could fit on this beacon ?
  14. IndianWells

    Dutch AeroDynic Lightbar and Siren - wiring assistance wanted

    Does someone own the Dutch AeroDynic Politie lightbar and can give me some hints to reconnect the FedSig PA200E (also Dutch) with it. Siren works already, but the the rotators running as soon as I give power to the main cable - switch position is ignored. Also the "STOP POLITIE" works only...
  15. IndianWells

    Wanted Dome and nameplate for Action Light Beacon

    Dome and manufacturers plate for a Action Light Beacon wanted. A clear Dome would be my favorite. Otherwise red or blue would also be possible.... I'm talking about this type: [Broken External Image]:

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