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  1. Bobcat753

    Wanted Whelen Liberty 1 Stop/ Turn/Tail

    Looking for a stop/turn/tail kit for the Liberty 1. Used is ok just need to have all the wires for it.
  2. Bobcat753

    For Sale Whelen 54” Amber Liberty Lightbar

    Whelen 54” Amber Liberty Lightbar. I have completely gone through this to make it like new. All LEDs were rebuilt by Wilson on here. Like new Amber Lenses too. Looking To get $900 OBO for it and strongly prefer Local Pick Up. I’m located in Londonderry,NH but willing to meet up. Will also...
  3. Bobcat753

    2015 Chevy 2500HD Install

    Figured I’d start a thread on my 2015 Chevy 2500HD. The will be an all amber install. I’ll be controlling everything through a Feniex 4200 Mini. FRONT: Lower Level - Whelen 700 Series Beside Trans Cooler Intake Grille - SNM Photons In Upper Grille Headlights - Whelen Vertex x4 in turn signals...
  4. Bobcat753

    For Sale Free Federal Signal Vector and Signal Master

    Free Federal Signal Vector plus a Signal master with controller. Both have been in storage for a long time. Must pick up in New Hampshire. I live in the Kingston area.
  5. Bobcat753

    Positive Positive Purchase From Code352

    Bought some Liberty lenses from him. Extremely good packaging and great communication. Can’t wait to put them on my Liberty!
  6. Bobcat753

    For Sale Code 3 XP 9501 Amber DOT Pods

    Code 3 XP 9501 Amber DOT Pods Comes With Backrack Brackets Like New, On my personal truck for less than one year. Price $950 For The Pair Shipping Depends On Location
  7. Bobcat753

    For Sale Feniex Geo 600 Amber/Clear Sticks QTY 2

    Feniex Geo 600 Amber/Clear Sticks Like new, only on my personal truck for less than one year. Comes With L Brackets Price $150 Each Shipping Cost Depends On Location
  8. Bobcat753

    Wanted Whelen Liberty LED Spacers

    Looking for 2 of the pictured part. They are the metal spacers that go between the LINZ6 and LINZ12 corner modules inside the bar. EDIT : Parts Needed have been FOUND
  9. Bobcat753

    Recent Craigslist Score

    Was doing the usual Craigslist search for Whelen and came across one guy with the following. 2 - 72" Whelen Advantedges with 3M Opticoms 2 - Matching Mini Advantedges 2 - 60" Whelen Edges, One With Piercer, One With Spot For Opticom 1 - 48" Whelen Edge LFL With Red Lenses, Needs Some Strobe...
  10. Bobcat753

    Back After A Long Hiatus

    Well its been a few years but I'm back. Lots of changes in my life but still somehow buying lights and collecting them! Good to see some of the old faces still around. Have lots to post from old lights and new lights!
  11. Bobcat753

    For Sale Code 3 MX7000 RED/BLUE Cali Spec?

    Code 3 MX7000 in what appears to be a Cali spec In 7/10 Condition Overall 48" Length, No Feet LONG Cord Features: 4 Rotators/ Diamond Mirrors Take Downs Red/Blue Steady Burns Rear Blue/Amber Flashers Sweeps Alleys Looking To Get $300 Local Pick Up Perfered But Can Ship Will Trade For...
  12. Bobcat753

    Whelen Mini Edge 9M Loaded!

    Whelen Mini Edge 9M - 28" Red Lenses In 8/10 Condition Has Flashing Take Downs, Corner Strobes, Rear Strobes, Alley Lights Long Cord Comes With Stud Mounts And Plastic Feet Bar Is Like New With Little Use Price $300 plus Shipping Or Trade For LED Amber Mini Bar.
  13. Bobcat753

    For Sale Trade- Red Whelen Edge Lenses For Amber

    Have a set of red lenses off of my 28.50" Whelen Mini Edge. Lenses Are As Follows: 2- 5" Segments 4- 6.50" Segments 2- Red With Clear Alley Section All are 7.5/10 with light scuffs. I'm looking to trade for the exact same but in Amber! Will Also Include The Whelen Feet
  14. Bobcat753

    Brand New Black And Plain Aluminum FS Dynamax Speakers 100W

    2 Brand New Federal Signal Dynamax 100W Speakers One Black, One Plain Aluminum Both are Aluminum Construction Price $160 Shipped EACH I Accept USPS Money Order Or Cash
  15. Bobcat753

    For Sale Brand New Short Strobe Cables $50 Shipped

    Approx 15 Strobe Cables The ones in bags are 3ft. The others are from 3-8ft All are Brand New Never Used Price - $50 Shipped I Take USPS Money Order Or Cash.
  16. Bobcat753

    For Sale Lot of Soundoff,Others- BRAND NEW Flashers - $750 Shipped

    18 Total Flashers As Follows: 12 SoundOff ETQBSS 2 SoundOff ETFBSS 2 Code 3 711 1 SoundOff Alternating Flasher 8Amp 1 Sho-Me 03.3126 2 "Special Diode Pack" All Are Brand New - Most Are Still Sealed Price $750 Shipped I Accept USPS Money Order Or Cash As Payment
  17. Bobcat753

    Traded Positive > Txfire

    Traded 2 Whelen LINZ6's for 2 Whelen TIR3's and 2 SNM TIR3's. Excellent transaction. LEDs arrived and there were no problems! Thanks Again!
  18. Bobcat753

    Whelen And SoundOff Strobe Package - $140 Shipped

    Whelen And SoundOff Strobe Package! *Dual Dashmiser Traded Away!* Includes, - 2 Whelen Single Dashmiser In Red, Full Z Brackets without suction cups, Powered By Power Supply, Long Wires, One Is Aluminum Housing, Other Is Plastic - SoundOff Signal Galileo Power Supply, Never Installed Only...
  19. Bobcat753

    Whelen LINZ6's Red/Clear Surface Mount $125 Shipped

    2 Whelen LINZ6 in Red/Clear Date Code Of 11/12 Good Condition, was used very little on a Vollys POV Comes With Gaskets Works 100% Wires are Approx. 7" Price - $125 Shipped Or Trade For Amber Lighting Payment Can Be Made Via USPS Money Order OR Cash
  20. Bobcat753

    Star Signal Red Mini Lightbar $70 Shipped

    Star Signal Mini Lightbar In Red Has Magnets on Bottom Short Cord - 8" approx Works 100% Price - $70 Shipped Or Trade For Amber Lighting Payment Can Be Made Via USPS Money Order Or Cash
  21. Bobcat753

    Traded Positive >Tsquale

    Traded a Whelen RotaBeam For a Code 3 As3 he had. Excellent transaction! Packing was very good. I am more than happy with the light I received! Thanks Again Tony!
  22. Bobcat753

    Whelen Edge Parts!

    Looking for the following - 2 - Dark Amber Endcaps Cruise Light Set up (Need One Side) 4 - Corner Strobe, Takedown, Curly Strobe Modules ( Pic Attached soon) I Have a Pair of Whelen Red/Clear LINZ6 LEDs ( surface mount) in nice shape to Trade For The Above.
  23. Bobcat753

    Whelen RotaBeam Garage Sale Find

    Found this at a garage sale while out fly fishing this morning. It's in nice shape and has the Whelen Branch guard. It works nice and this is my first RotaBeam.
  24. Bobcat753

    NOS Dietz Blue Beacon- Sealed Beam- New Hampshire

    Looks nice and a good price. Hopefully someone here gets it.
  25. Bobcat753

    Full Size Turbobeam And Mini TurboBeam - New Hampshire

    Looks like a decent full size Turbobeam and Mini. Also has a star signal mini bar.
  26. Bobcat753

    Federal Signal Mini JetStream Or Full Size JetStream

    Well I miss my mini jet and want one for my truck. Looking for an amber domed one. I'd like it to have the mounting feet but I can make some if need be. Will also consider full size jet streams and jet strobes. Don't have much cash but have plenty of trades.
  27. Bobcat753

    Halogen Traffic Advisor - Amber

    Looking for a Halogen Traffic Advisor ( 8 Head) in Amber. Looking to spend around $100. Will consider other T/As. Must Have A Control Box and At Least 5' Of Wire. Also this will be interior mounted
  28. Bobcat753

    Federal Signal FireBall - 3 Domes!

    Federal Signal FireBall - Brass Gear Model FBH11 - Odd Because That's For The Newer Friction Drive. In Really Nice Condition, Although Has Older Replacement Cord/Plug Works Excellent Comes With F7 Blue,Amber And Red Domes And EyeShield Pic 4 Shows 2 Light Cracks in The Red Dome, Doesn't...
  29. Bobcat753

    Positive Purchase From StampedValkyrie

    Purchased a Ecco Sealed Beam Beacon from him. Awesome communication and no problems. Packaging was top notch and USPS wasn't able to eat this beacon!
  30. Bobcat753

    Whelen And SOS Solid State Flashers 30 Total

    20 Whelen SSF-5150A and I think one or two SSF-2150 All are used and I DO NOT know if they work.(Can't test them) Also Have 10 SoundOff Signal Flashback S.S. They are in good shape but don't know if they work.(Can't test them either) I'd Like To Move Them As A Lot. I'm Open To Trading...

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