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  1. Bobcat753

    New Tech Inc. Nighthawk

    It’s crazy how far off road lightning has progressed. From bricks like these to the new technology of today that can change beam patterns or color.
  2. Bobcat753

    Strobe Wire for LED Retrofit

    Haha, yes I meant to say voltage.
  3. Bobcat753

    Strobe Wire for LED Retrofit

    If it’s on an older piece of apparatus then I’d probably change it out and run 2 wire. The strobes run at some high currents and the current wire could be towards the end of its life.
  4. Bobcat753

    For Sale Whelen 23" Century - R/W

    What interior LEDs are you looking for?
  5. Bobcat753

    The Arges, anyone have opinions?

    The Arges is a truly amazing light. So many different things can be done with it and the light output is really good too. As for comparing to a unity I believe they are very different in output. The unity is just a spot light and only has a spot beam, the Arges is both a flood and spot light.
  6. Bobcat753

    For Sale I'm just a halogen guy in a LED world . . .

    Is that a federal signal Q Siren front cover I see?!
  7. Bobcat753

    Whelen Edge Controller

    The trigger wires control different functions of the bar, one may be for patterns, one for the corner strobes, one for the sign, one for the front strobes, etc. That Land Rover is cool too, always fun to find out what a lightbar was originally mounted to.
  8. Bobcat753

    Whelen Edge Controller

    Those little colored wires are all trigger wires. Apply 12v to the main harness and the touch the little wires to 12V+. No special controller necessary for that bar.
  9. Bobcat753

    Wanted Whelen Liberty 1 Stop/ Turn/Tail

    Looking for a stop/turn/tail kit for the Liberty 1. Used is ok just need to have all the wires for it.
  10. Bobcat753

    Upfitters in my area?

    Haha, sounds good! It definitely is cold now!
  11. Bobcat753

    Upfitters in my area?

    I don’t mind lending a hand if you’ve got a place to do it at. Do you have all the necessary wire? I’m in Londonderry so not to far for me
  12. Bobcat753

    Upfitters in my area?

    NEVO does emergency vehicles and any kind of lightning. I believe it is a bit on the pricy side. I enjoy doing installs on the side too, where in southern NH are you?
  13. Bobcat753

    New controller has a name... Feniex 5200 / Feniex One

    A Whelen Core system is basically the same price if not cheaper depending on what expansion parts you get
  14. Bobcat753

    New controller has a name... Feniex 5200 / Feniex One

    I like the future availability to daisy chain the quad products, would make wiring a vehicle a little easier. The price isn’t the best though. I was thinking it would be around 650-800.
  15. Bobcat753

    For Sale Whelen 54” Amber Liberty Lightbar

    Whelen 54” Amber Liberty Lightbar. I have completely gone through this to make it like new. All LEDs were rebuilt by Wilson on here. Like new Amber Lenses too. Looking To get $900 OBO for it and strongly prefer Local Pick Up. I’m located in Londonderry,NH but willing to meet up. Will also...
  16. Bobcat753

    StreetHawk model S-I series A

    Those are just simple clips that pull off. Take a pair of needle nose pliers grab the front part of the metal clip and pull horizontally away from the bulb. They will come right off then you can pull the bulb out.
  17. Bobcat753

    2015 Chevy 2500HD Install

    I have considered a mini bar, either a custom mini Liberty or mini freedom. The only issue is I don’t want mounting holes in the roof. The other option is magnets but I don’t like that idea either.
  18. Bobcat753

    2015 Chevy 2500HD Install

    Definitely going with slower patterns for the lighting. All of the lights I already have. I may get some Feniex T3’s for on my running boards to add some lower level side warning.
  19. Bobcat753

    2015 Chevy 2500HD Install

    Thank you for the pointer on this. On this year I don't think GM used those spots for sensors. But I will confirm it before mounting the 700's there. Thank you for the link to the bracket too, have been trying to find that exact one for a while.
  20. Bobcat753

    2015 Chevy 2500HD Install

    Wow, some very educated people here. Yes the liberty is a very bright lightbar but only at certain distances and axis'. Sitting up high in the proper mounting location on my truck it becomes non effective when vehicles get close to the truck making the other lighting necessary. Also a TLF is a...
  21. Bobcat753

    2015 Chevy 2500HD Install

    Figured I’d start a thread on my 2015 Chevy 2500HD. The will be an all amber install. I’ll be controlling everything through a Feniex 4200 Mini. FRONT: Lower Level - Whelen 700 Series Beside Trans Cooler Intake Grille - SNM Photons In Upper Grille Headlights - Whelen Vertex x4 in turn signals...
  22. Bobcat753

    For Sale Free Federal Signal Vector and Signal Master

    Lightbar is spoken for. Mods Please Lock and Close
  23. Bobcat753

    For Sale Free Federal Signal Vector and Signal Master

    Free Federal Signal Vector plus a Signal master with controller. Both have been in storage for a long time. Must pick up in New Hampshire. I live in the Kingston area.
  24. Bobcat753

    What do they go to??

    They look like Whelen guardian rotators.
  25. Bobcat753

    Suggestions for lighting Equipment for unmarked/POV 2018 Chevy Silverado

    I have a 2015 2500 and interested to see what you do. I have a 54” Liberty that I plan on putting on my truck.
  26. Bobcat753

    New version chevy colorado lightbar mount

    Whelen recommends that size so it sits on the correct place on the roof, meaning right near/on the structural frame of the roof. However you can use a 50 inch lightbar without issue. The straps will work fine you will just need some longer bolts to go from the strap to the lightbar.
  27. Bobcat753

    For Sale New lights

    Ok,I was thinking they were complete bars. Not a problem though.

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