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  1. Constable5c20

    Needing some help with Pseled06 wiring

    It does... if I remember correctly I had to give power to the red, each bank, and the flasher worked. However what I still can't figure out is how to change the patterns, so I'm stuck in the "display" pattern mode. These things have like 40 or 50 different flash patterns if I remember correctly...
  2. Constable5c20

    Needing some help with Pseled06 wiring

    Hey all, I have searched through the forums and threads, searched the internet, and even contacted code 3 for help. If someone could provide me with some type of wiring diagram for a pseled06 it would be greatly appreciated. I have had these guys wired up and they do work on each bank, I don't...
  3. Constable5c20

    Wiring diagram

    Hey guys, I have searched through here, looked through Google, contacted both code 3 and sound off, and I can not find a wiring diagram for this flasher anywhere. These came out of a code 3 2100 lightbar. It of course shows red to 12v, black to ground, and a color for each bank. The problem I'm...

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