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    vintage lightbar parts site

    A lot of you guys probably know about this site already. I stumbled across it today while searching for a wiring diagram thought I would pass it along to others like me who had not heard of it before Take Care, Be Safe Bob
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    Whelen Flash Pattern demonstration ??

    Hey guys, is there something online or something that can help me identify Whelen flash patterns with their names? In other words, I would like to learn which patterns are called what? does that make sense? Bob
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    Positive Positive feedback for tuckerm

    Purchased two Whelen Ions from Tuckwerm this week. very prompt, courteous responses. Quickly shipped the products to me with tracking information within 24 hours of payment. I'm very pleased, would recommend him to anyone Bob
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    what causes strobes to become dim over time?

    One of our backup engines is equipped with Whelen strobes (2 siren speakers with 700 series strobes on the front and two strobe beacons on the rear). This engine has a few years on it however very little hours and looks almost new. The strobe lens and domes look pretty good, but they just...
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    Dual Color Cannon wiring question

    Hello all I purchased a set of red/white combo cannons from a fellow member here. my first experience. I would like to use them in 3 modes: Solid white mode for reverse. Solid red for brake/turn. Flashing red for warning. So I connect black to ground, and one of any of these colors...
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    Wanted Wanted Red Traditional syle helmet, Cairns 1044 or similar

    Looking for a good condition Cairns, Chieftain, or similar traditional style helmet in Red. would prefer it to have a face shield already, but that's optional. Bob
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    For Sale Feniex Typhoon Handheld trade for fixed mount

    I have a Feniex Handheld, I really thought I would like it. After running a few calls, it turns out that I really am not in love with the handheld controller. I think I would prefer the fixed mount controls. I was wondering if any of you might have a fixed mount control head (only) that...
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    starting my own collection display

    You guys have inspired me to start a display of my own Everything here came from my family or from my grandfather's station and storeroom. Bob
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    Fed Sig Pulsator Siren for sale - not mine I would jump on this in a second if it were nearby. Thought someone here might want to check it out -Bob
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    Current draw question on Edge Strobe bar

    Hello. Can anyone tell me the approximate amp draw on a Whelen Edge bar: Four corner strobes Four strobe heads facing forward Front Populated only, nothing to the rear Halogen "piercer" oscillating lights to the front in the center section This is on a tanker truck. The switch in the...
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    I realize I am really asking for it but here goes

    Ok, here it is. Our service truck is getting pretty long in the tooth, but it actually has very little use. It came with an Edge 9000 halogen/strobe bar, and has dual Whelen 700 series halogen flashers (They are actually the siren speaker with the 700 lighthead together) Also has several 700...
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    feniex typhoon programming question

    I have acquired a Feniex Typhoon handheld. I have gotten the buttons set with the tones I want. The Mechanical tone works OK, but I want to know if there is a way to make the Mech tone "wind up" while the button is pressed, and "wind down" or coast down when the button is released. currently...
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    need opinion of AWL Venom Interior Bar

    I am considering buying an Advanced Warning Lights Venom bar for my F-250 (aluminum cab so no roof-mounted magnetic bar). Can you guys give me your opinions on this product? This will be used for emergency response in a urban and rural area, moderate traffic. Fire/Rescue, color will be...
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    Federal Model 17 help

    Hey folks. I have a rally good condition Model 17 that i am ready to restore. The chrome skirt is in great condition, it has a red (plastic) dome that i think will restore nicely, etc. it has been disassembled, but it comes from a trusted source who states that everything is there. he...
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    Unitrol 80k question

    Hello I have a Unitrol 80k currently installed using a 3 position toggle switch to operate Wail-Off-Yelp. I am about to move to a new vehicle, and will be relocating my warning lights/siren. I purchased a really cool wireless remote control box from Amazon for $20. It has four relay...
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    Wanted Single Talon Flashback Shields

    i am looking for two, single flashback shields. Please let me know if you have any Bob
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    For Sale Whelen Century 23 inch Red/White

    bpollard submitted a new listing: Whelen Century 23 inch Red/White - Like New Red/White 23 inch Century magnetic mount Read more about this listing...
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    Wanted wanted Clear lens kit for Whelen liberty bar 49 inch

    need to replace the lenses on a 49 inch Liberty bar. Clear lens and endcaps. Doesn't have to be new, but if used i want them to be really good shape. let me know what you have Bob
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    Wanted Wanted - Red LED minibar

    looking for a good RED mini bar. Want something similar to a Feniex, Whelen or Federal. thanks for your time Bob
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    Beacon Ray Jr -- updated, videos added

    It's not terribly unusual or anything. But I have had my eyes on this one for a long time. Tell me what you think. After a mild cleaning with soap and water, glass cleaner and an SOS pad on the chrome. Had to hook it up, and walla! She works just fine. I have never really restored...
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    For Sale anyone near Jackson, MN? nice lightbar lot

    not mine, Govdeals auction bob
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    Connecting phone audio to siren experiment

    So I got bored last night and tried something I have been wanting to do for a while. I took an audio patch cable like used to connect your phone or MP3 player to an aux input on a stereo. Cut one end off, and ohmed out the connections. then soldered up a pigtail wire big enough to work with...
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    Federal Model 28 help

    Can anyone provide advice or instructions on how to disassemble a Model 28? I have one that came off my grandfather's chief car, it is very hard to turn. Feels like bearing issues. I think I need to take everything apart and either clean up and regrease bearings, or replace them. Any advice...
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    FOUND - Wanted Single Talon flashback shroud

    Let me know if you have one, Thanks Bob
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    For Sale really nice looking Code 3 Bar (not mine)

    [Broken External Image]:
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    Wanted Red Single Talon

    Red Single Talon with shroud. Used is fine, as long as it works Bob
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    2016 Chev Malibu HLF and TLF

    I have a new 2016 Malibu on the way. Is there a plug-and-play HLF and/or TLF available for the Malibu? Will it make the computer go crazy? Thanks for your response. SoundOff makes good stuff, I have been a loyal customer for many years.
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    For Sale Target Tech Red/Clear on Govdeals
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    CPS Authority Lightbars -- Anyone use them?

    I am thinking of a roof bar.    Has anyone any experience with these?: Yes I know they are imports.Please keep in mind that not everyone can afford a 500 or more lightbar for their POV. Bob
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    Firebeam Help

    i just bought a used Firebeam.  It is single speed, fast rotator. Does anyone know how to slow it down?   The circuit board looks like it has the resistor already on it, but where the speed switch normally is located, there is just a block of jumpers there.    I am wondering if I remove that...

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