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  1. CatBacker88

    Positive Positive buy from tsquale

    A couple of good purchases and a bunch of practical help with restoring a S&W 8884. This stuff is hard to find. Thanks, Tony!
  2. CatBacker88

    Federal Signal Switch Box Mystery (to me, anyway)

    Can anyone tell me what these switch boxes are for? Can't find anything about them on Federal's reference pages. I swiped these pics off eBay, but I have two identical units I came up with a couple of years ago and I'm not too proud to ask for some help here!
  3. CatBacker88

    Wanted Twinsonic Lens, Red or Blue

    I got a decent deal on a Twinsonic last year with one red and one clear dome. I thought I'd get used to it, but it's not happening, so I'm looking for either red or blue. I have the clear one to offer in trade if that would help any. Thanks!
  4. CatBacker88

    Streethawk Rotators: Is there a "correct" way to orient them?

    I hope someone here has the answer, I've a nagging OCD issue here. Is there a correct or best way to orient the motors on Streethawk rotators when installing them? I'm assembling an all-light Streethawk from nothing but parts. Everything is cleaned up and ready to go. I've worked on several...
  5. CatBacker88

    Wanted Alley Lights for Smith and Wesson 8884

    I am looking for a pair of alley lights for a Smith and Wesson Model 8884.
  6. CatBacker88

    Wanted Federal Signal Vista Parts

    Looking for a couple of the black plastic "trays" that fit into the front and rear of the center section of a Vista. They function as a platform for a center rotator. Also looking for some red and blue lenses for the small lower flashers. Anyone have any for sale?
  7. CatBacker88

    TwinSonic Model 12 Diagrams

    I've come into possession of a Model 12 TwinSonic that seems to be "all there" but I'm not sure it's quite right. I've searched high and low on the web and can't come up with a simple diagram of how all the components are correctly installed, specifically the cascade mirrors and the motor. I...

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