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  1. Jarred J.

    The new code 3 (uhhhh sound off) megaflex

    Yawn... It'll be a mega flop...
  2. Jarred J.

    new fusions?

    will every light head need a convertor now or will theyll be stand alones? are they at least 3 mode now? LOL
  3. Jarred J.

    Wanted red/amber V2 40 degree fusions.

    i have exhausted my usual suspects so tell me whatcha got. no V3s
  4. Jarred J.

    Compatibility of different lightheads.

    I don't remember where I saw it but somebody had a list of what the quads would sync with version 3 of most lightheads? Also version 1 anything won't sync with version 2 and 2 won't sync with 3 etc? Maybe someone could post it? I've got 2 version 2 fusions synced with 2 version 2 cannons...
  5. Jarred J.

    Responder PSE

    who knows about them? made an order in april. got an email saying the item i purchased is not an item kept in stock and could take 5 weeks to obtain and cant be drop shipped from HAVIS still waiting on my item... checked their site today "business under new...
  6. Jarred J.

    So now Feniex is trying to compete with Fenix

    lawsuit anyone?
  7. Jarred J.

    Wanted havis dealer inquiry/ possible purchase...

    is a must.. CM93051 is the inquiry CUP2-1001 depending on if its a direct replacement for c - cup - 2 as i think it is as they both require 4 inches in a console..
  8. Jarred J.

    remember the alleged "half am900 beacon"

    while browsing for pics for another topic this popped up.. and the "original" am 900
  9. Jarred J.

    Any night time, recessed white fusion shots?

    Since I upgraded my grill lights I now have a spare set of fusions. Thought of recess mounting in the bumper as aux back up lights... Any pics..all the photos I've seen on the site are blue in the daytime and no you tube vid search results... Let's see whatcha got.
  10. Jarred J.

    Code 3 outliner

  11. Jarred J.

    Any streamlight dealers here?

    without having to buy a $36 kit i dont need i'm looking for the 2 charging screws for my Strion HP Anybody can help with just the 2 screws? I wouldnt even know how to dissemble the upper part to replace the parts i...
  12. Jarred J.

    Cops theme christmas lights

  13. Jarred J.

    And with this post i bequeath 11K

    reaching the highest number amount of posts in ELB history.. ill go hide now since im destroying the site.. lol
  14. Jarred J.

    Jazz dad caught on video.... Enjoying retirement.

    Notice the Uber rare trail blazer off road lightbar
  15. Jarred J.

    Whelen ARGES

    Looks pretty neat...
  16. Jarred J.

    The " Torch" is here..

  17. Jarred J.

    Do you carry a tourniquet every day? (even not in uniform?)

    Im thinking of starting to carry one "on" me because i need something else on my belt.. LOL.. due to possibilities of the place i work, being the current environment and "never knowing" just curious about your opinions. do you carry one every where? why? i keep one in my vehicle with other...
  18. Jarred J.

    Huntsville Hamfest anyone?

    I had a few people every year that i let know i'm in the area for the weekend.. but i cant seem to find them right off the bat.. one of them had a killer install on a tahoe i think? Anyways Huntsville Hamfest is this weekend in Huntsville AL Von Braun center. saturday and sunday starting at 8...
  19. Jarred J.

    New controller has a name... Feniex 5200 / Feniex One

    in the video in other thread i just posted he called it the "F1" control panel...
  20. Jarred J.

    Virtual tour of Feneix headquarters..

    They have a RoBoCop statue.. so thats a plus!
  21. Jarred J.

    who makes the led sign boards that say "police scene ahead"..

    or the likes.. a big town up from us has this in almost every suv. i have tried my google foo to the best of my ability but cannot find a manufacturer... I am assuming they are customizable to like "lane closed ahead" or the like... they all are blue and and have like 5mm leds Id like one in...
  22. Jarred J.

    Support "push" notifications... oddity?

    So i have them enabled.. iit is a great feature. my question is.. after i check the email or the alert on my phone on the weekend... i come to work monday (or any other time i already checked it on my phone) and the same notification (no matter how "old" is showing up as new on the PC.. can...
  23. Jarred J.

    new code 3 CD5051 Series "Directional LED"

    Seems like a nice new product from Fene uhh i mean Code 3 dual mode, syncs with other code 3 products modes are not color dependant...
  24. Jarred J.

    Support "latest listings"

    is there a way to put it back at the bottom or make it user selectable.... i dont like having to scroll through all that on mobile before i go to what i want to look at. peas and carrots?:)
  25. Jarred J.

    Another Project Box: warning and spot light in a box

    So i cant find the thread now, and dont remember the website some one posted a few months back but it was essentially a pelican case with a "spotlight" and some brands warning light on it... They wanted around $300 for it.. I decided i would build one for S&Gs and see how low i could get the...
  26. Jarred J.

    Fusion dillusion confusion...

    So I have a new set of fusions that have replaced my water logged pink appolos. I have them installed but the patterns are starting to tick me off... I have mode one set as red white. Mode 2 is slow alternating red Anytime I swap between modes it's wipes one mode memory... I set mode 2...
  27. Jarred J.

    The Puck

    Coming soon and is tri color I see 5 wires so 2 modes plus some sort of overide...
  28. Jarred J.

    For our folks overseas.. maybe you can help with this?

    So "name brand siren company " has posted a list of tones on their new innovative siren... I have no clue what these are.... 23) Italian Police (Policia Vibrato) 24) Italian Ambulance 25) Gendarmerie 26) Pompiers 27) UMH 13) 28) Police 29) ASA searching for them on Youtube yeilds...

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