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  1. EMT-BLS

    RESOLVED: Fake Profiles in PM

    Not that I don't love free sex...
  2. EMT-BLS

    For Sale Older Style Fed Sig Smart Siren

    Early edition of the Federal Signal SS2000-SS Smart Siren. Tested, works well, comes with harness and data plug. Runs 1x 58 watt speaker, or 1/2 100 watt speakers. Price: $265 Shipping: $10 anywhere in the US
  3. EMT-BLS

    For Sale Whelen CenCom + Feniex Triton

    Whelen CenCom siren system, includes all harnesses and fully functional. Includes a Feniex Triton siren speaker, with L bracket. Price: $260 Shipping: $12 anywhere in the US
  4. EMT-BLS

    For Sale Fed Sig 44" Valor - Red/Blue

    Federal Signal Valor lightbar, 44" across. Front is red (driver) and blue (passenger), with override white for flood mode, and the rear is red (driver) and blue (passenger), with amber override for traffic arrow. As shown in the pic, there is one blue/white module out. Otherwise fully...
  5. EMT-BLS

    For Sale Feniex Quad 2X Dash Light

    Selling a barely used Feniex Quad 2X dash light, with suction cup and permanent mount accessories. It comes with a cig plug with multiple mode switches. For those not familiar with Quad, it's got Red, Blue, Amber, and White in each module, and users can enable/disable 1, 2, or 3 colors as...
  6. EMT-BLS

    For Sale Whelen 295SLSA1 Siren

    Excellent condition Whelen 295SLSA1 siren system. Includes PA mic and harness for installation. Works perfectly. Has the classic and new style Whelen siren tones. One in stock. Price: $200 Shipping: $12 anywhere in the US
  7. EMT-BLS

    Positive Positive with tuckerm

    Bought a Fusion 600 lightstick - Good negotiation, good communication, reasonable pricing and shipping timeline. A+
  8. EMT-BLS

    Support RESOLVED: Email Alerts Not Working

    I'm not getting emails for messages or replies to watched threads. Is this a me issue, or site-wide?
  9. EMT-BLS

    Wanted ISO: Fed Sig XStream RBW, 2 Head

    Looking for a new XStream, RBW, 2 head, hardwire, NEW ONLY.
  10. EMT-BLS

    For Sale Whelen Liberty WeCan Lightbar

    Selling a custom Liberty, 49", WeCan model. Pics answer most questions, but feel free to PM if something isn't clear or visible. Price: $300 Shipping: Varies by location, but estimated ~$50. Bar is located in CT, if you're nearby and want to meet up.
  11. EMT-BLS

    For Sale Whelen Freedom Modules

    Moving out some parts - this is a handful of Whelen Freedom modules, see below for colors, quantities and pricing. 3x White - $35 apiece 1x Red - $35 apiece 2x Amber - $35 apiece 1x Blue (Corner) - $70 apiece Buy them all, pay $275, and get FREE shipping.
  12. EMT-BLS

    For Sale Federal Signal Pathfinder PF200

    Excellent condition Federal Signal Pathfinder PF200. Got new firmware in it, comes with PA mic and harnesses. Features Convergence Network control, built in Rumbler amp, and tons of functions in the programming (free on Fed Sig site). $495. Shipping: $10 anywhere in the US
  13. EMT-BLS

    For Sale Whelen HHS2200 Handheld Siren

    Preowned Whelen HHS2200 handheld siren/light controller. 100 watt siren, programmable, comes with all harnesses for install. Price: $215. Shipping: $10 anywhere in the US
  14. EMT-BLS

    For Sale Fed Sig Vision SLR Red Lenses

    I've got 3 red lenses for the Fed Sig Vision SLR. They're used, some scuffs and scratches, but are completely watertight, clear, and work perfectly well. Asking $100 shipped for the lot.
  15. EMT-BLS

    For Sale Pair - Abrams LIN3 Green Grille Lights

    Selling a pair of brand new Abrams LIN3 grille lights, both solid green. Both lights are brand new, comes with flanges and gaskets, and has a 5 year warranty. Also includes screws and installation manual. Asking $50 for the pair, $8 shipping anywhere in the US. PM for international shipping...
  16. EMT-BLS

    For Sale Pair of Whelen Dual Talons B/B

    Pair of good condition Whelen Dual Talons, both blue/blue. Both lights work well, with cut cords. Price is $100 for the pair, and $12 shipping.
  17. EMT-BLS

    For Sale Fed Sig SSP3000 Smart Siren Platinum

    Selling a preowned, excellent condition Federal Signal Smart Siren Platinum, SSP3000. This is a complete set up - keypad, brain/amp, mic, data cable, and harnesses. Open and ready for programming, works perfectly. Asking: $450. Shipping: $15 or less anywhere in the US
  18. EMT-BLS

    For Sale Fed Sig Smart Siren Platinum SSP3000

    Fully functional preowned SSP3000, complete set - brain, keypad, mic, harnesses, and data cable. Asking $450 plus shipping.
  19. EMT-BLS

    For Sale Whelen Dual Spitfire LED Dash Light

    Great condition Whelen Dual Spitfire dash light. Light works perfectly, super bright, has built in flashback shield. I have one blue/blue and one red/red. Price: $70 per light. Shipping: $10, for one or both.
  20. EMT-BLS

    For Sale Whelen Smart 500 Grille Light - Pair

    I've got 14 Whelen 500 modules. All smart (have flashers built in), with mounting bezels, all solid blue. All are tested and fully functional. $60 for a pair, price negotiable for 2 pairs or more. Shipping is $10 anywhere in the US, no matter how many you get.
  21. EMT-BLS

    Wanted HHS2200 Power Harness

    I need a power harness for the Whelen HHS2200. This is the 4 pin, 3 red/1 black plug, with large gauge wiring. Used preferred, new is okay if it's discounted.
  22. EMT-BLS

    For Sale Carson SA-430 200 Watt Siren

    Preowned Carson SA-430 200 watt siren, remote head style. The siren has standard Wail, Yelp, Phaser, Air Horn, as well as HiLo and Powercall tones. It also has a PA mic. Price is $160. Shipping is $10 anywhere in the US.
  23. EMT-BLS

    For Sale Whelen HHS2200 Handheld Siren System

    Preowned Whelen HHS2200 handheld siren/light system. PC programmable, built in PA mic, comes with all harnesses. Works perfectly. Price: $250. Shipping: $10 anywhere in the US
  24. EMT-BLS

    For Sale Whelen 295SLSA6 Controller System

    Preowned, excellent condition Whelen 295SLSA6 siren system. Can drive 2 100 watt speakers, 6 light control buttons, slide switch, and programmable siren tones. Price: $175 **FIRM** Shipping: $10 anywhere in the US, or pickup in Waterbury, CT.
  25. EMT-BLS

    For Sale Abrams 4" LED Beacon - Red

    Preowned Abrams StarEye LED beacon, 4" model, with rubber-coated magnet for rooftop mounting. Hardwire, sync-capable with other Abrams products, has flashing and "rotating" patterns. Asking $80. Shipping is $10 anywhere in the US.
  26. EMT-BLS

    For Sale Feniex Typhoon System - Handheld

    Preowned Feniex Typhoon 100 watt siren, handheld model. Siren has normal tones plus Q, Powercall, Fast Powercall, and more. Also has 6 buttons for controlling lighting. Includes data cable and remote holder. Price: $175 Shipping: $10 anywhere in the US
  27. EMT-BLS

    For Sale Federal Signal XStream Trio Dash Light

    Brand new 2 head XStream, tri color - red/blue/white. Hardwire model, with sync. Comes with 3 flashback shields and 2 mounting options. Asking $180 plus shipping. Can knock a few bucks off if you take 2 or more. Sales tax ONLY if you're in CT. Located in Waterbury CT.
  28. EMT-BLS

    For Sale Moto XPR7550 UHF

    Preowned Motorola XPR7550 covering UHF 403-527. It's capable of digital DMR and analog, holds 1,000 channels, and comes with the highest capacity battery (PMNN4488), along with the vibrating clip. The radio has some professional engraving on the port side. Asking price: $395
  29. EMT-BLS

    For Sale Feniex GPL 49" Red/White-Red/Bar Lightbar

    This listing is for a brand new Feniex GPL lightbar, measuring 49". It's a single color bar, built with red and white modules for the front and sides, and red and blue modules for the rear. It can be wired using standard triggers, or with the DL (Direct Link) plug when used with a Feniex 4200-DL...
  30. EMT-BLS

    For Sale Carson SC-1022 Remote Handheld Siren

    Preowned excellent condition Carson SC-1022 100 watt siren - $180 Also has 2 light control buttons, Q siren, and airhorn tones Shipping: $12 anywhere in the US

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