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  1. Rpill95

    For Sale Aerodynic 24EAH

    Up for sale is a clean unrestored 24EAH. Everything on the bar works. Domes are not new but are very clear with only a few small imperfections. There is a small whine when the rotators are going, not sure what exactly is causing it. My best guess is the belt. The rotator bulbs on the passenger...
  2. Rpill95

    For Sale 911EP Galaxy Parts Lot

    Up for sale is a lot of 911EP Galaxy parts. I have 2 frames with control harnesses. 1 pair of nice ready to go corner assemblies R/B. A handful of NOS amber and a few Red inner modules. 1 pair of mounting feet. Also some brand new bulbs for the takedowns/alleys. Then there is a bunch of takedown...
  3. Rpill95

    For Sale Code 3 NOS Model 550 Dome

    Up for sale is a NOS Code 3 Model 550 Dome. Has some minor shelf ware but is in good shape otherwise. Feel free to make me an offer, not sure what its worth. Thanks for looking.
  4. Rpill95

    For Sale Whelen Edge series Lenses/other parts

    Up for sale I have a bunch of Whelen edge series lenses. I also have a bunch of blackout plates, some lens dividers and the plastic mounting tabs for the 500 series modules. There are some very useable sections here with a few looking almost new. I figured it would be worth posting here to see...
  5. Rpill95

    Positive Positive Sale to toon80

    Sold a Aero to toon80. He paid quick and was great at communication. Very easy to deal with and would recommend to anyone. Also would have no issues doing business again with. Thanks again, Ryan
  6. Rpill95

    For Sale Whelen Edge 9004-AK

    Up for sale is a nice Whelen Edge model 9004-AK. This bar has a Lopro speaker as well. Features 4 strobes, front and rear flashers, flashing take-downs with steady override, alley lights, cruise lights and a piercer 2 strobe unit. The piercer 2 unit was NOS when I installed it. The 4 corner...
  7. Rpill95

    For Sale Federal Signal CJ184

    Up for sale is a really nice CJ184. It does have a speaker in it and it has the correct F3 dome. All and all the beacon is very clean. Runs smooth with no issues. Asking $425.00 Shipped Lower 48. Feel free to ask questions and thanks for looking.
  8. Rpill95

    For Sale Federal Signal MS51317-4 Mil Spec Beacon

    Up for sale is a clean Fed Sig Mil Spec Beacon. It has a NOS Plastic amber dome. Beacon runs smooth no issues. Asking $350 Shipped lower 48. Feel free to ask any questions and like always thanks for looking.
  9. Rpill95

    For Sale Boston Metro Aerodynic Model 24EAH-T

    Up for sale is another extremely clean Aerodynic. The bar has New domes. This bar is clean inside and out. The bar also has a NOS TS100 speaker I installed. This is also from my collection, and one of my favorite Aero configurations. It is definitely an eye catcher. Asking $1200 Shipped lower...
  10. Rpill95

    For Sale NYPD Aerodynic Model 24RMVF-2Z

    Up for sale is an extremely clean NYPD Aerodynic. The domes are New but do have some imperfections or shelf wear. The bar is very quiet. Probably one of the most quiet Aeros I have in my collection. The only downsides to this bar is there is no speaker in the center and the cord is pretty tired...
  11. Rpill95

    For Sale Mars 888

    Up for sale is a clean Mars 888 light. The light is in good working order. The lens is glass. I have a reproduction Model tag that is stamped with the same serial number as the original. The original tag is still on the light. I even have a brand new base gasket ill throw in the sale. This is...
  12. Rpill95

    For Sale Roto Ray 200W

    Up for sale is a nice condition 200W Roto Ray. I do have it mounted up to a bracket I made so you can bolt it to a shelf or table. When bolted down it is strong enough to run the Light no issues. This is from my personal collection and is a really nice piece. Asking $1200 Shipped lower 48...
  13. Rpill95

    For Sale NOS Dietz 7-502 RR Pair

    Up for sale is a pair of Dietz Lollipop lights New in Box. One light is still Factory sealed the other seal was only broken to take pictures. These are from my collection I am thinning out. Asking $500.00 Shipped lower 48. Feel free to ask questions and thanks for looking.
  14. Rpill95

    For Sale Federal Signal SML1 Pair

    Up for sale is a nice pair of SML1 Signal master lights. Both have decent cords and bail brackets. Asking $125.00 Shipped lower 48. Feel free to ask questions and thanks for looking.
  15. Rpill95

    For Sale Whelen Flat Lighter

    Up for sale is a nice Whelen Flat Lighter. Works as it should. Has short cable. Asking $55.00 Shipped lower 48. Feel free to ask questions and thanks for looking.
  16. Rpill95

    For Sale Whelen DMP2H Dashmiser

    Up for sale is a nice Whelen Dashmiser. This is a self contained alternating flashing Halogen unit. I also have a spare light module I am including so you can make it red/red. Has a decent length cord with bare ends. Both mounting feet are also present. This is another piece from my collection...
  17. Rpill95

    For Sale Model 14 with Extra Domes

    Up for sale is a very clean Model 14 with a NOS Green F2 dome. I am also including 2 other F2 domes, one amber and one red. The red dome has some minor imperfections but is overall in good shape. The amber dome has some scuffs but would make a good backup dome. I also have a mounting kit for the...
  18. Rpill95

    For Sale Whelen Amber Freedom

    Up for sale is a very clean Freedom. Rear is all amber, front is 4 amber modules and 2 amber/white split modules. Bar has Led Alley lights. Good length cord. The bar also has brand new lenses all the way around including new lens dividers. No mounting feet but I do have a pair of stud mounts I...
  19. Rpill95

    For Sale Code 3 MX7000 With Speaker

    Up for sale is a very clean MX7000. Bar has NOS Green upper domes. Speaker is present as well. Has a decent length cable. Only downfall is the bar doesnt have any mounting feet. This bar is also from my collection and is very nice. Code 3 MX7000 GG with Speaker - YouTube video of bar in action...
  20. Rpill95

    For Sale Whelen WeCAN Liberty

    Up for sale is a very clean Red/Blue Split WeCAN Liberty. The bar has a brand new set of newer style lenses. LED reflectors are all in great shape. Wecan Module is also included. Bar is from my collection that I am thinning out some. Whelen WeCAN Liberty RB Split - YouTube Video of bar in...
  21. Rpill95

    Positive Positive Sale to Adry M

    Had great communication from Adry and fast payment. Thanks for a quick and painless transaction. -Ryan
  22. Rpill95

    Wanted Whelen Edge NOS Full Clear Sticks

    Hello, I am working on a project and am in need of 4 NOS full sticks of clear lens for an edge 9m. Only looking for genuine Whelen lens. Let me know what you may have. Edit: I could use 4 NOS 12" sections of clear instead of full sticks as well. Thanks, Ryan.
  23. Rpill95

    Positive Sale to tsquale

    Sold a bar to @tsquale. Great communication, quick to pay and was very fair when making an offer. Would do business with again anytime. Thanks, Ryan.
  24. Rpill95

    Positive Sale to cowboyflyer

    Sold a Mini Edge to Mr. Lee. Great communication, and no issues with payment. Was a very pleasant transaction and would do business again! Thanks, Ryan
  25. Rpill95

    For Sale Whelen Edge Mini With Cruise lights

    Up for sale is a very clean Whelen Edge Mini. Bar has 4 corner strobes and cruise lights. The cruise lights have led bulbs in them. Lenses are almost NOS quality with only some minor imperfections. The corner strobes are the removable tube type. Bar is from my personal collection that I am...
  26. Rpill95

    For Sale Whelen Edge Wrecker Bar

    Up for sale is a very clean Whelen Edge Wrecker bar. Bar has 4 corner strobes, 2 linear strobes in the center (front+rear), 4 flashers front, work lights, alley lights, STT lights and cruise lights. All new Lenses and long cords. Bar is from my personal collection that I'm thinning out some...
  27. Rpill95

    For Sale NOS 911EP TD-WL24A

    Up for sale is a NOS 911EP TD-WL24A. Unit is all amber and has both traffic patterns and warning patterns. Even has the original User's Guide. Asking $250 Shipped lower 48. Feel free to ask questions and thanks for looking.
  28. Rpill95

    For Sale NOS Whelen TACTRL1A TA Controller

    Up for sale is a NOS Whelen TA Controller. Bail bracket and wiring plugs/pigtails included. Asking $175 Shipped lower 48. Feel free to ask questions and thanks for looking.
  29. Rpill95

    For Sale 911EP Galaxy RAB With all NOS Leds

    Up for sale is all NOS Galaxy with the exception of the main center upper and lower frame. All Leds and the brains/ballasts are NOS. Everything functions as it should, has a long cord and mounting feet. This bar is from my personal collection. Video of bar in action: Asking $285.00 Shipped...
  30. Rpill95

    Positive Positive trade to Eng17Lad46

    Had a positive trade with Eng17Lad46. Shipped quick and well packaged. Quick to respond to messaged as well. Would do business again. Thanks!

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