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  1. Wailer

    Wanted Early Smith & Wesson Magnum sirens

    I'm looking for early Smith & Wesson Magnum series electronic sirens with the large pushbuttons and slow rising wail tone. I already have the Magnum IV and I'm looking for a Magnum III (compact version with no PA), Magnum V (with hi-lo tone), and Magnum VI (with light control switches).
  2. Wailer

    Fire engine videos

    Is there anyone here who likes to watch fire engine videos on YouTube? I could sit and watch them for hours, although I prefer to watch them with the sound turned off. There are some light bars that I’ve never seen before, and the newer trucks have some interesting lighting patterns.
  3. Wailer

    Federal Director and Interceptor sirens

    If you're curious about the different versions of the brown face Federal Director and blue face Interceptor sirens, click on the video link below.
  4. Wailer

    Jacksonville paramedic video 1972

    Check out this YouTube video.  Beacon Ray 17 series lights, Federal mechanical Q sirens, and late 1960s Federal electronic sirens with low-pitched tones.  Also an interesting description of what EMS was like before paramedics came along.
  5. Wailer

    Old Federal electronic siren web site gone

    Well, I just found out that my internet service provider is no longer offering web hosting with my internet account, so all my hobby web sites have vanished. So that means my Old Federal Electronic Sirens web page is gone. The page had a lot of visitors and I got quite a few e-mail messages...
  6. Wailer

    Light terminology from Car and Driver

    Back in the late 1970s my oldest brother and his friends liked to read car magazines. Some of the titles included Car and Driver, Road Test, Motor Trend, and Road & Track. My brother had an issue of Car and Driver that had an article how to spot US state police highway patrol cars. I think...
  7. Wailer

    How not to do a siren demo video

    I've watched quite a few electronic siren demonstration videos on YouTube, and I find it frustrating when the demonstrators push the manual button while the siren is in wail or yelp mode. I have no idea what the siren really sounds like when they do that. If it were me doing the demo, I'd...
  8. Wailer

    Rate the sirens

    I've been listening to sirens for over 40 years, and as I've been listening I've heard the good and the bad. So I ask you, which sirens sound best or worst to your ears? They can be mechanical or electronic, new or old, North American or foreign, but they must be emergency vehicle sirens. And...
  9. Wailer

    The future of electronic siren design

    As of late I've been thinking of how electronic siren technology is evolving. At the moment, it looks as though computer and cell phone technology has influenced electronic siren design. The keypad controller (e.g. Federal Smart Siren and Whelen Cencom) vaguely resembles a computer keyboard...
  10. Wailer

    If I collected lights...

    ...I'd collect the lights I remember seeing while I was growing up. Beacons: Two Dominion Auto bubble top beacons (like Beacon Ray 17), one with an amber dome and one with a dark blue dome Three Dominion Auto flat top beacons , one red four beam, one blue four beam, and one amber two beam...

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