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    continuity testing

    can anyone run me through on how to conduct a proper continuity test on coaxial cable and mobile Radio antenna using multimeter believe I know but want to verify have to rule out cable and antenna as being the problem for this radio thank you
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    plastic wedge

    looking for thick plastic that is easy to cut for forming wedges to mount lights. (ie. fill gaps, create angles to lower or rise light for proper function) I have a tap plastics have to look what it is again but is not easy to cut at all.
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    sold Cannon 120 R,B,W

    All brand new in bag. Have 6 Feniex Cannon 120's. 2 blue, 2 red, 2 white. One of the blue bags is opened but everything there. Asking $60 plus shipping each. Or buy all six for $55 each plus shipping. Accept paypal
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    2016 charger trunk button, lights

    looking for quick tide bit info for upcoming install. has anyone used the passive trunk button on a charger to turn on lights? seen sirennet use it to turn on a steady burn for rear lighting, looking to do this but haven't messed with it and didn't know if anyone could give run down quick...
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    Wanted gun rack

    looking for a gun rack for either shotgun or rifle. needs to have electronic open as well as handcuff key manual override. will be mounting to rear divider in dodge charger, but mount not mandatory as I can fabricate to fit.
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    Wanted Pentax printer arm rest

    I'm looking for some Pentax printer arm rests. type doesn't matter as I plan on fabricating it to mount a particular way. just needs to be in fair shape nothing spectacular, with that price must be fair too!!! let me know what you have. thank you.
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    Sealing Lightbar Holes

    What has everyone found that works best for them for filling hole where lightbar harness goes? As in what type of sealant? silicone or what? I've used a couple of different things but looking for something better. Would like something that comes in white, clear and black colors. AND GO!!!!
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    For Sale SOLD 2007+ silverado console jotto desk

    Have a 2007 and up Chevy Silverado stand-up center console from jotto desk. All parts should be present. Does not include any faceplates. Asking $100 plus shipping paypal:
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    For Sale Price reduced. Whelen CSP 660 strobe kit

    Have a Whelen CSP 660 strobe kit. 60watt strobe, Comes complete with the power supply and 4 wiring harnesses. 2 harnesses have been extended to run the length of a pickup. Can hook up 6 harnesses to it. two harnesses look a little rough from being ran underside of vehicle but all still...
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    SOLD Price reduced. Galls ST160 Street Thunder Siren complete

    Have a Galls st160 street thunder siren. This is a full functioning siren and comes with the pa which also works. Wiring harness is in good shape and lot of wiring left on it. Tones include wail, yelp, thunder. Also will throw in a 100W speaker for the siren. Speaker has a chip on the...
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    For Sale Galls switch box

    Have a Galls 9 function switch box. Has 3 level progressive switch, haw 6 other backlit rocker switches, one acts as a switch and momentary. Don't have any of the legends anymore. $50 plus shipping paypal preferred:
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    For Sale Mini Phantom R/B

    Have Mini Phantom R/B split color. Used, in good condition. Comes with mirror mount. Cigarette plug was cut off to be hardwired but i may still have it and may still have suction cup mount as well, will have to check. Comes with flashback shield. Pattern select button on back of light. $50...
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    Lightbar light cutout

    How is everyone doing the cutout (shut off) of individual lights when a particular door opens. Example: drivers door opens and lights on left side of car and corner lights of lightbar shut off until door closes? There a special trick or is everyone using plug and plays like intermotive vehicle...
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    Digital ally trouble shoot

    I have a couple of digital ally DVM 800 in-car cameras that were installed recently. Since they have been in, the vehicle batteries have been draining over a course of a couple of days. Camera is hooked up to spec. Everything in on an ignition wire except the main power and power for body mic...

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